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Welcome to – the largest and most comprehensive search engine in the professional lighting industry. With, users can quickly find, select and specify architectural lighting products, build lighting schedules, create specification packages, and communicate with agents. Be able to search, specify, and connect. All in one platform.

  • Introduction to
    Get familiar with all the possibilities offer, learn how to optimize the search functions, compare products from different manufacturers or print out spec. sheets in seconds.
  • How to build a product SKU
    This video focus on how the innovative SKU configurator saves users valuable time creating SKU numbers. In addition, the video touches the built-in communication tool between users and reps/colleagues/clients etc.
  • Create a project in
    Learn the framework of how to build a project on, its easy and fast and with one click you can have a lighting schedule on excel, or a spec. package with all the PDF’s ready to print, save or send.
With you will experience:

  • Advanced search engine: Try our 20+ search parameters
  • Intelligent configurator: Build your preferred product SKU with ease
  • 3-name spec: Create a 3-name spec in seconds
  • Manage projects: Build and create a spec package, export to Excel and more
  • Share: Share information with clients, colleagues and agents instantly
  • Easy comparison: Select and compare luminaries instantly
  • Save: Save favorite products for easy re-use
  • Project Gallery: Find inspiration from all over the world
  • New products: Explore new products from leading manufacturers
  • Events and trends: Stay updated on professional events and rising trends

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Do you sell any product?
We do not sell any products. is a search portal that allows you to quickly find LED luminaire and connect with manufacturers or sales representative agencies.

Can you help me with product technicalities or design questions?
We do not provide any consulting or product support services. Please contact the manufacturer or representative agency for information.

I'm finding information that is not correct.
We are striving to provide the most current and correct information available. If you find incorrect information, please send your comments at

I found a photo that was published without my permission.
Most of the Project photos are provided to us by manufacturers or designers. If you would like us to remove a picture, product or project, please contact us via Please provide proof of your rights as well as your contact information and full name. If we find your claim to be valid, we will contact you before taking any action.

I was searching for 2,000 Lm fixture that can be dimmed with 0-10v dimmer to 0.1%, but the description for the filtered fixture has 500 - 4,000 Lm. and also other dimming options. Is it a mistake?
This is the correct result. The description of the fixture will always show a full range of luminaire options, but the search result will only be based on available combinations of parameters.

I have a suggestion or comment on how to improve your search and website.
We appreciate any meaningful suggestions or comments. Please send your comments to

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We would be glad to have you on board. Please visit Advertisement Opportunities for details. Please submit your advertisement proposal to

We are an architectural firm and we would like to publish some finished projects on Is it possible to publish our projects with links to our company website?
Yes, we would be glad to add your projects to our Projects Library. All projects are subject to our review, which could take up to 2 weeks to process. We reserve the right to reject any project that we will find not suitable for Please submit your subject to



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