• Arancia Lighting MJ EVO
    Next generation linear lighting system that can be taken anywhere in the room thanks to its straight and curved modular sections. This powerful and bright direct and indirect luminaire is offered in a variety of lengths and radiuses.
  • Arancia Lighting BUBBLES PENDANT
    Tiny pendant that packs a punch with bubble lenses. Made of machined aluminum with 3 small lenses with beam options.
  • Arancia Lighting VORTEX
    Cone like aluminum shade pendant with two openings showing the inside color. Comes standard with 60” field adjustable suspension cables. Compatible with Triac and 0-10V dimmers.
  • Eureka Tangram New
    Eureka, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced the introduction of three new architectural luminaires to its Tangram family. Tangram-Cut, Tangram-Essential, and Tangram-Tact are each available as a surface-mount or a pendant mounting type. All Tangram pendants are defined by bold four-inch-wide straps, which can be configured into a variety of geometries using spacers that pull in or push out the straps to create striking shapes. A flat power cable is fully concealed inside each strap. Available in five decorative colors, creating a monochromatic fixture or a more eclectic multi-color luminaire is possible. Designers are empowered to invent a visual language for modern environments such as conference and executive areas, hospitality applications, or reception spaces. The surface mount version of the products enables the visual language to be carried through spaces where installing pendants is challenging. Precision machining from a block of solid glass gives the Tangram-Cut pendant its striking, jewel-like feel. Internal frosting and a distinctive concave bottom help to diffuse light from the 8-inch diameter luminaire. The unique aesthetic is suited to luxurious environments such as high-end hospitality settings. Designers can choose a clear or frosted finish and a range of outputs; depending on the selected combination, Tangram-Cut delivers from 1,216 to 2,500 lumens. Tangram-Essential features a honeycomb or prismatic lens. The 8-inch cylinder provides great visual impact at the base of the bold four-inch-wide straps, which can be configured and suspended in multiple ways. Tangram-Essential brings geometric interest to lobbies and informal lounges or meeting areas. Dependent on output option and honeycomb color selected, output ranges from 496 to 2,690 delivered lumens. Low, regular, and high output choices for the prismatic lens deliver from 1,857 to 3,977 lumens. Warm, soft curves define Tangram-Tact. A COB light source, deeply recessed within the 12-inch diameter housing, reduces glare and increases user comfort. Precision light control can be used to highlight specific areas such as seating areas, pathways, or corridors. Designers can choose a 25-degree or 60-degree beam angle, and optical accessories include a honeycomb louver or a clear glass lens option. Low, regular, and high output options range from 1,537 to 3,318 delivered lumens. The new Tangram forms complete a family that was first introduced in November 2022, with Tangram-Trace. Tangram-Trace is a linear luminaire available in 2-foot, 4-foot and 6-foot lengths, suspended with the same distinctive straps. All Tangram configurations are compatible with the nLight® AIR or nLight® Wired network control system. These systems manage lighting throughout indoor spaces, helping to reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort.
    Punctuate expectation Hyphen is a collection of discrete luminaires delivering exceptional comfort and control across multiple environments. Design With Precision Embodied in discrete 10" or 20" forms with an ultra-narrow, linear aesthetic, Hyphen delineates a dashed path. Available in recessed and surface, and fixed and adjustable versions, Hyphen transcends traditional general area illumination and downlighting with its unique options and exceptional visual comfort. Continuity Connects Used on its own or coordinated, Hyphen is the complementary continuation of the ultra-narrow 0.71" optical aesthetic of our Portal and Lines fixtures. Together, these luminaire families present an even more comprehensive collection of aesthetically aligned Fluxwerx solutions to achieve your design vision. Precision, Comfort, Control, Choice Proprietary optics transcend typical point source applications with exceptional uniformity, lower energy densities and efficacies exceeding 125 lm/w. Multiple Distribution Options Precise control and extraction features shape the light into high performance distributions with maximum visual comfort. Options not adders - Narrow, medium and narrow ellipse beam spreads - 80 CRI | 90 CRI - 2700K | 3000K | 3500K | 4000K - Trim and trimless - 3 standard colors: white, silver and black - 6 wattages - Drywall, grid and structure ceiling integration Hyphen Is Also Outstanding Combine Hyphen Surface with Hyphen Recessed to suit the needs of the space and people in the environment. Realize your vision for all of your general area illumination needs and design without compromise.
  • Color Kinetics BurstScape
    It’s Rugged, Round, and in the Ground! That’s a perfect description for Color Kinetics BurstScape, the newest member of our Burst family of floodlighting luminaires. Looking to uplight foliage and tree canopies or wash light on façades and pillars? BurstScape provides you with high-quality in-grade lighting for a wide range of landscape and architectural applications. But - it takes a tough luminaire to excel in the ground, where there is moisture, extreme cold or heat, vehicles drive over it, and crowds walk on it. BurstScape’s advanced design solves this challenge, performing flawlessly in the most demanding conditions for years and years, with minimal maintenance. If you need the flexibility of a highly reliable in-ground fixture that delivers exceptional white or color-changing light, Color Kinetics Burscape is the right choice, either alone or seamlessly integrated with other Color Kinetics luminaires, controllers, power/data supplies and Interact Landmark. Here are just some of the key features that make BurstScape such a high-performance, durable, and reliable in-ground luminaire: Beautiful light from the ground up - Best-in-class optical system provides bright illumination and meticulous beam control, delivering uniformity and color consistency for seamless integration with other luminaires. - Greater saturated color control, as well as accuracy and precision for precise color control targeting and fixture-to-fixture color matching. - Stunning results. Easily networked and controlled - ready for the most demanding synchronized color-changing effects. The ultimate in reliability and maintenance-free operation - Extreme durability - surrounded by a hermetically sealed, corrosion-resistant housing, BurstScape can withstand walk-over and slow-moving drive-over traffic of up to 4,200 kg (9260 lb). - Meets rigorous IP67 standard for areas with have temporary flooding. - Innovative desiccant drying system solves the challenge of moisture ingress and build-up that plague other in-ground luminaires. - 6KV surge protection. Just set it and forget it - Speeds installation with a special in-ground pour kit that enables a shallow mounting depth and eliminates installation workarounds. - Easy adjustments with rotation and tilt of the luminaire—and connection with power and data—without opening the fully sealed luminaire. - Simplifies all aspects of operation, including commissioning, programming, and remote management.
  • Targetti IVY
    IVY is a new generation of lighting for outdoor spaces. The common denominator between Architecture, Light, and Nature. IVY transforms outdoor spaces day or night: they become relaxing, functional, and bring warmth to any space. Designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors, IVY is the first 24V smart system for outdoor spaces that seamlessly integrates within architecture and green spaces in a natural and flexible way. IVY adapts to fit any environment or public space. A linear, minimal element that integrates discreetly concealing a highly technological system that combines lighting fixtures and accessories, such as audio and wireless sensors. The versatility of system combinations create a seamless flow between interior design and exterior environments, bringing sleek indoor aesthetics to outdoor spaces. The combination of diffused and adjustable precision optics combined with the flexibility, allow for dynamic outdoor spaces. It is the perfect solution for illuminating private terraces, pergolas, outside dining spaces, and porticos. Its flexibility and adaptability make it ideal for installation within existing buildings and structures or new construction.
  • Lumenwerx FLAIR CYLINDER
    The Flair Cylinder family is a series of pendant, surface, and wall mounted decorative luminaires featuring refined proportions, attention to detail, and minimalist versatility. It consists of the Flair Sleeve, Flair Diffuser, and Flair Glow Ring. The Flair Diffuser is available in 2" or 3" diameters, while the Flair Sleeve and Flair Glow Ring are available in 3" diameters only.
  • Prudential Lighting Pru1
    We present Pru1 — sleek, minimal illumination. No power cord, nearly invisible mounting hardware options, an elegant linear luminaire at a petite 1.5˝ diameter. Ceiling Wash for wider spacing between luminaires, Flat and Focal Glow Wall Washes for layers of light, Prudential Lighting is always pressing the boundaries to create superior performance. More than sixty-five years since our first fixture, we are beginning again with Pru1. Ceiling Wash Vs. Symmetric Indirect illumination is often too bright directly above luminaires. Our Symmetric distribution is best utilized for open ceilings or mounting distance of at least 24 inches. Our Ceiling Wash gently washes ceilings with more even illumination. Why two Wall Washes? Flat Wall Wash Bathes walls in soft, even floor-to-ceiling light to create a monolithic accent wall. Fixture placement (setback) is critical. Too close to the surface being lit, and the evenness is compromised. Too far, and the floor will be lit. We aim for max intensity at 20 degrees, so for a 8 to 9-foot mounting the fixture is placed 36 inches away. Focal Glow Wall Wash Bathes walls in soft, even floor-to-ceiling light to create a monolithic accent wall. Fixture placement (setback) is critical. Too close to the surface being lit, and the evenness is compromised. Too far, and the floor will be lit. We aim for max intensity at 20 degrees, so for a 8 to 9-foot mounting the fixture is placed 36 inches away. Designed to highlight artwork or add drama to a vertical surface, the max intensity angle is raised to about 40 degrees – creating a sweeping curve with a highlight at eye level falling off smoothly above and below. Here too, placement is essential for desired effect. Too close and the highlight area intensifies, moving too high up the wall, place it too far away and the dynamic quality gets muted. 36 inches is typically the proper distance, again dependent upon mounting height.
  • Visa Lighting Sanibel
    Sanibel is minimalist and modern, with a unique curved body and indirect uplight that creates a subtle bit of illumination without drawing attention to itself. Depending on the finish color chosen, Sanibel can blend into the wall for a clean, quiet effect.
  • Axis Lighting ELLE
    A simple sleek line of soft glowing light With ELLETM Pendant, innovative fluid forms meet visually pleasing illumination, resulting in easy-to-integrate lighting solutions that complement interior design. What first strikes you are Elle pendant’s clean lines and smooth, wide-open curve, matching the architectural style of other Elle luminaires. Then, it’s the controlled, low glare softness of the lens-lightguide assembly. The lens is the light for Elle Pendant, delivering even direct light through the curved CLS Optic™. Available in direct and direct/indirect versions.
  • Louis Poulsen AJ OXFORD TABLE LAMP
    This table lamp emits a pleasant downward directed light, which harmoniously illuminates the surface below it through the soft transparency of the three-layered mouth-blown opal glass. The variant without the top metal shade, the milky opal glass shade provides further glow to form an alluring halo around the fixture.
  • Lumenwerx FOLIA ACOUSTIX
    The luminaires of the Folia Acoustix product line—Folia Bellis, Folia Calla, Folia Calla Shallow, and Folia Dahlia—were designed to deliver quality illumination, reduce sound reverberation, and serve as decorative elements in interior settings. Composed of numerous layers of sound-absorbing felt created from recycled bottles, the multi-dimensional voluminous fixtures are graced with an esthetic inspired by the shapes and forms of the botanical world. Unlit during the day, they appear as visually rich sculptural mobiles, but come nighttime, the dynamic luminaires transform into glowing celestial bodies.
  • Lumenwerx ARQ ACOUSTIX
    Our Arq Acoustix product line is composed of the Arq Globe, Arq Flair, and Arq Aera pendant lights. These acoustic luminaires have an arc-shaped shade made of sound-absorbing felt created from recycled bottles, a feature that not only reduces noise and landfill pollution, but also imbues the gracefully proportioned fixtures with a soft, tactile quality. Each Arq Acoustix model represents a variation on the arc-shaped acoustic theme: Arq Globe exudes vintage vibes with its exposed bulbous Globe light; Arq Flair incorporates a cylindrical diffuser for a contemporary look and feel; and Arq Aera combines Aera downlight performance with acoustic pendant esthetics.
  • Focal Point Seem® 1 Acoustic Louver Direct/Indirect
    DESIGN Narrow sound absorbing 1.5" aperture suspended indirect LED luminaire. Available with fully illuminated 90° corners. Louvers are available in Narrow to Wide Flood beam spread options, from 20° to 67°, and Louver Mixing Chamber at 68°. Diversity of louver finishes to tailor how the light is perceived and experienced. Uses AirCore®: patented, eco-friendly technology to maximize sound absorption and reduce ecological impact. Acoustic housing is available in a wide color palette, ranging from neutral to bold, to provide design flexibility and personalization for any project. PERFORMANCE Linear LED boards create seamless lines of light without pixels or shadows. Independently specify and control Louvered and Indirect illumination to achieve precise lighting scenes and optimal illumination levels on ceiling and work planes. Acoustic housing material is made of 100% polyester containing up to 50% of recycled plastic bottles (PET). ASTM E-84 Class A / CAN ULC S102 fire rating and moisture resistant. Unlit, sound-absorbing acoustic companion available to achieve the desired reverberation levels with a coordinated look. APPLICATION Supports diverse applications with individual units and linear runs up to 208' lengths in 6" increments with 8", 12" or 16" housing heights. Make an exceptional aesthetic statement and achieve desired reverberation levels in conference rooms, offices, reception areas and other open commercial spaces.
  • Insight Lighting Expressway Powered By Lifted
    The EXPRESSWAY is a super light, high performance full spectrum LED grow light. Available in 90w (1 bar), 330 watt (4 bars), 650 watt(8 bars) and 1000 Watts (10 bars) versions. The Express way combines 3000 Kelvin, 6500 Kelvin and high performance 660nm RED Osram and Samsung LEDs for the perfect spectrum. 0-10v control is optional allowing growers the ability to fine tune the PPFD for each type of plant at each stage.
  • Lithonia Lighting D-Series
    Your best choice for wider pole spacings, superior uniformity and unmatched corner and backlight cutoff control near property lines. The D-Series family has been a favorite of industry professionals for use on exterior lighting projects. Now, the fully redesigned D-Series, is once again changing the game and bringing area lighting to a new level of excellence and performance. With 15 state-of-the-art optics to choose from, lighting designers have all the tools they need to effectively illuminate even the most challenging sites.
  • Luminis CLERMONT
    Clermont blurs the lines between outdoor and indoor luminaires. A curb to cube family approach puts the focus on a variety of mounting options to cover a range of exterior and interior lighting needs. From roadways to pathways, public parks to university campuses, parking lots to lobbies, Clermont has you covered. Mix and match lighting requirements with a consistent design aesthetic – outdoors and in. ICONIC BY DESIGN Clermont’s beveled silhouette has broad appeal and is right at home in public spaces. Choose glare-managing comfort optics for exterior applications when pedestrian needs are the priority, or to ensure occupant comfort in interior spaces. A high-output option is available for enhanced street and area illumination. EXPLORE THE COMFORT VISUAL Clermont’s beveled silhouette has broad appeal and is right at home in public spaces. Choose glare-managing comfort optics for exterior applications when pedestrian needs are the priority, or to ensure occupant comfort in interior spaces. A high-output option is available for enhanced street and area illumination. AN INVITATION INDOORS Carrying the design aesthetic indoors, Clermont luminaires beckon everyone to come inside, whether it’s a reception area, hotel lobby, or office. The inviting illumination envelops, transforming big spaces with a welcoming ambiance that encourages people to connect. CURB TO CUBE Choose from a variety of mounting options to cover a range of exterior and interior lighting needs and carry a common design intent from curb to cube.
    BOLD STROKES Make a striking design statement with Tangram-Trace. Define space with strong geometric lines suspended at angles you choose. All seamlessly connected with straps flowing into fixtures as one. Tangram empowers designers to invent their own visual language and express it throughout a space with uniquely assertive lighting arrays. TANGRAM-TRACE With Tangram-Trace, construction details are muted, so the visual flow from strap through fixture is smooth and effortless, even when viewed from above. The look is pure modern sophistication that confidently defines a space. Available in 2’, 4’ and 6’ lengths. PRISMATIC LENS The premium prismatic lens relates texturally to the strap material, providing luxuriously diffuse light. With a 1.1-inch profile, Tangram-Trace offers a rich illumination, a quality not often found in luminaires so thin. Low, regular, and high output options range from 670 to 1,027 delivered lumens per foot. GAME PIECE With Tangram the canopy is not something you hide, it’s a design tool you can play with. Straps can be made to appear to flow discreetly out of the ceiling, or canopy elements can mirror and amplify the geometry suspended below. It’s your play. BOLD MOVES Spacers deflect the path of the strap between fixture and canopy. Pull straps in, push them out or create a parallelogram. Creating visual movement is just one design strategy. DARE TO PLAY Choose from 12 preconfigured options. Define a single parameter – overall arrangement height – to complement the space. Or customize your own configurations for infinite possibilities. Our production team is here to discuss your ideas. ALL IN THE DETAILS Construction details matter, especially for delivering a seamless, clean look. Tangram-Trace’s 4-inch straps flow effortlessly into light fixtures while connections with the canopy are clean and unobtrusive. With no visible fasteners and a neatly finished top of fixture, Tangram can be used in spaces where it is be seen from above. COLOR FLOW Straps come in 5 decorative colors that make your design plans even bigger and bolder. Pantone color match and suggested complementary RAL and felt colors are available on spec sheet.
  • a Light WINGS
    Wings is a four-foot pendant with a virtually weightless appearance. Its proprietary lightweight base material, new to architectural lighting, reduces glare and creates a more comfortable and collaborative environment. A top reflector with engineered perforations delivers an indirect batwing distribution for exceptional ceiling uniformity. Sustainability is at the forefront of Wings’ design. Shipping with only a few components and collapsible features, Wings is 60% lighter than a typical 4-foot linear fixture. The overall shipping impact is estimated to be reduced by as much as 66%. With a focus on a more circular economy and end-of-life waste management, all of Wings’ materials are 100% recyclable. Wings is also Declare label listed, which enhances transparency and simplifies material tracking. The Declare label identifies Wings' components, including red list-free, non-harmful chemicals such as the electrical wiring.
  • a Light STITCH
    Stitch is a four-foot linear fixture shaped by a translucent material with an organic feel. The distressed texture of the non-woven fabric enhances a soft glow, which gives the luminaire a distinctive and natural appearance. Lightweight material gently diffuses light across a large surface, providing even, comfortable, high-performance distribution with more than 4,300 delivered lumens. And this unique lighting distribution better renders facial features, smoothening skin, decreasing contrast in the eyes, and reducing shadows and dark spots for an overall softer appearance. Stitch was developed with a focus on sustainability. All unnecessary components have been stripped away, and non-recyclable materials have been reduced. Its non-woven fabric works as a diffuser, requiring fewer materials; eliminating the need for traditional polymer lenses means less plastic waste is destined for landfills and oceans. Stitch is also Declare label listed, which enhances transparency and simplifies material tracking. The Declare label identifies Stitch’s components, including red list-free, non-harmful chemicals such as the electrical wiring.
  • Zumtobel AMBITUS
    THE UNION OF OPPOSITES - AMBITUS HAS IT ALL A celestial body - Harmonious light, inspired by the sun - Gentle presence in space - Maximum light, minimal glare - Diffused indirect light, precise direct light - Slim aluminum body, 24" diameter and 1" deep - Tunable White - Invisible power supply
    Neo’s fully luminous shade provides visual presence with soft, uniform illumination, and optimal 60/40 distribution Its curved, attractive optical design supplies outstanding efficacy and visual comfort with minimal glare. The concept for Neo was born from the notion of rethinking what a general illumination decorative pendant could or should be. We also mimicked the same shape and sizes as our existing popular Nova series, but in a fully luminous shade. THE DESIGN STORY Neo’s refined bell-shaped diffuser is soft and supple, designed to feel at home in a multitude of spaces and settings. The surface of the shade is fully luminous with a subtle and graceful gradient that helps define the soft form and curves. Ideal for decorative or general illumination, Neo can be used to light the entire room from a single source, with extremely low surface luminous intensity. This approach that where possible, eliminates the added cost and environmental impact of supplemental lighting. Neo is also suitable for damp locations, and can be the core luminaire in mid-door or transitional applications where windows, doors, walls can be opened to the exterior. FEATURES - Fully luminous shade provides visual presence with soft, uniform illumination, and optimal 60/40 distribution - Up to 111+ lumens per watt - Three sizes – 18”, 24”, and 36” – provide visual scale to fit numerous applications - Offered with a wide range of CCTs 2700K-3000K-3500K-4000K [80+ CRI] or [90+ CRI & R9 > 50] - The surface luminance is maintained across the series for consistency in appearance in mixed use applications, but also is dramatically lower than WELL and LEED specifications at < 1600 cd m/2 - Minimal glare (UGR – see spec sheet for details) - Easily cleanable and wipeable outer surface - LED arrays and drivers are easily accessible and maintainable - Shapes and sizes identical to OCL’s popular Nova series which allows seamless usage of both products in a single space - ETL listed to UL Standards for damp location (ULD option) - Meets ROHS v3 CONSTRUCTION - The shade is a fully enclosed, seamless, one-piece molded acrylic that is durable and designed to last for generations - The fixture is fully sealed to eliminate dust and debris from getting inside - Impact resistant – rugged and robust diffuser construction withstands bumps, hits, and strikes that traditional acrylic or glass may not - The upper covers are die-cast aluminum - High density, mid-power LED arrays scaled for each size shade - Field adjustable suspension lengths simplify ordering and installation APPLICATION & USAGE Neo is at home in a vast array of building verticals, room shapes, and aesthetic styles – education, healthcare, office, multi-family, retail… You get the point – it can be used almost anywhere, in any application, decorative or general. Expand it’s usage in mid-door & transitional settings where spaces can be opened to bring the inside, outside. At end of life the diffuser could even be used as an outside planter or stool. Get creative!
  • a Light LEAN
    Lean is a 2’ x 2’ patent-pending acoustic lay-in luminaire that becomes part of an architectural ceiling tile while increasing sound absorption across ceiling planes. A Lambertian direct distribution delivers a soft, even illumination that suppresses glare and shadows. Designers can use the multi-functional fixture to turn project tiles into dynamic designs in applications such as office spaces. Sustainability is at the forefront of Lean’s design. Shipping with only three collapsible components, Lean is 80% lighter than a typical 2’ x 2’ fixture. It is estimated that the overall shipping impact is reduced by as much as 88%. Lean is also Declare label listed, which enhances transparency and simplifies material tracking. The Declare label will help to identify Lean’s components, including red list-free non-harmful chemicals such as the electrical wiring.
  • Zumtobel ARCOS ZF
    This ultra-precise lighting tool adapts easily to different ceiling heights and spatial configurations. Intuitive zoom and focus functions, similar to a camera lens. The special lens system enables variable light distribution as well as adjustable beam spreads and color temperatures. No stray light. No multiple shadows.
  • Insight Lighting The Co-Pilot Family
    A flexible linear for interior and exterior applications.
  • Lumenwerx CURVIA 2 PRISM
    Curvia 2 Prism luminaires with Diamond Prism Optic (DPO) are 2" wide and illuminate with a soft magnificence. Behind their warm glow, however, these luminaires pack a powerful punch with an unprecedented efficacy of up to 150 lm/W, an industry-leading UGR across all louver color options, and an efficient batwing distribution to top it all off.
  • LZF Sushi
    THE EDOMAE LIGHT Sushi, a suspension lamp designed by Ray Power, captures the essence of the traditional Japanese dish (Edomae sushi) in wood veneer. The unfussy, elongated lamp is wrapped in a narrow metal band—in the manner of rice wrapped in seaweed. As a lamp, Sushi reflects the Japanese aesthetic for simple, elegant, and functional designs made using wood. In designing Sushi, Power focuses attention on the natural beauty of wood veneer. The Sushi pendant lamp is available in all LZF wood veneer colours, and offers the possibility to combine two colours. The lamp’s metallic finishes are matt black, matt nickel, or gold.
  • Coronet NuWave
    A uniquely designed wave-form luminaire creates an impressive, eye-catching effect. Pendant stem mounted in 4ft lengths.
  • NERI Pictor
    Pictor, an urban lighting system developed by Neri, offers various solutions characterised by an essential and minimalist aesthetic that can fit perfectly into any context. The balance of forms and the extreme attention to construction quality add up to excellent lighting performance. The collection consists of a system of poles and bollards available in different sizes with LED engines that can be configured in terms of colour temperature, luminous flux and control protocols. Collection The collection consists of lighting bollards and a pole lighting system, which is available in three different heights and configurations: 4, 5 and 6 meters. The Pictor Lighting System The sober aesthetics of the Pictor system, characterised by discreet elegance, is enriched with aesthetic accessories that increase the possibilities of customisation. Decorative Light Module The light module is a further element designed to reinforce the character of the Pictor family by adding a decorative touch to an extremely technical product. Ambient light, signalling but also an element designed for customisation of the unit by the customer thanks to the possibility of using the silkscreen printing technique to have logos, drawings, etc. printed and backlit and other graphic elements. Finishes and cladding Cladding allows you to play with combinations of different materials and finishes to make the product a characterising element of the urban space in which it will be installed. Main features - The Pictor Collection comprises: pole-mounted lighting system and bollard systems - 3 pole system heights available: 400 cm, 500 cm and 600 cm - 3 heights of bollard system available: 60 cm, 90 cm and 250 cm - Pole system can be equipped with one or two lighting units - 7 photometric distributions - 4 control options 1. Pole height and number of light There is a choise of three heights. LED modukes can be arranged in single, double or staggered double configurations 2. Configuration lighting and control features You cab choose between transparent glass or prismatic, asymmetric and rotosymmetric distributions, standard colour temperatures 3.000k and 4.000K, and fluxes from 2.500lm to 13.500lm. The control options are: 1-10V + NCL; DALI + NCL; NVL6H + NCL; ON-OFF + NCL. 3. Pole finisches Six standard finishes: Neri Grey, Pure White (RAL9010), Deep Black (RAL9005), Moss Green (RAL6005), Bright Aluminium (RAL9006), Greyish Aluminium (RAL9007). 4. Accessories and decorative modules The Pictor system, in all its versions, allowe the installation of a decorative LED module and cladding in three different finishes.
    Yes… a sphere may be the most common and basic of geometric forms. Yet, Kwyet Sphere has been elevated, giving designers aesthetic versatility in both form and function where light meets sound in built environments. Inspired by nature and the deep-rooted human desire for natural and organic forms, the Kwyet Sphere is a visual masterstroke – beautifully refined from all viewing angles. The subtle glow from the fully lit cylinder gently grazes the fins’ numerous edges and surfaces creating an intriguing gradient of light and shadow. The unique fins are open in the center and curve out from the main body to allow the additional light to spill through. The negative space within the fins lends to a more elegant appearance by allowing natural light to spill through with peeks of its surrounding environment. PERFORMANCE LIGHTING POWERED BY TUBIE Not just acoustic performance. Not just downlight. Powered by our recently revamped Tubie 3 cylinder as the light engine, Kwyet Sphere has a subtle omni-directional illumination for fully lighting the fixture’s acoustic fins. This volumetric light distribution delivers soft, general illumination at up to 105 lumens per watt. The optional dual-circuited performance downlight provides another tool for layering of light and focused task illumination with 1525 lumens at 25 degree Narrow Flood and 1496 lumens at 60 degree Wide Flood. SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT A palette of 25 acoustic colors lets the imagination play with a designer’s eye toward acoustic lighting solutions. Utilize bold colors to evoke sunshine, new spring grass, blooming flowers, or open blue sky as a decorative statement. Or choose a more neutral pallet, creating the effect of fluffy clouds, sand, stone, or wood tones that effortlessly blend into the background of the space. Kwyet Sphere’s 21″ diameter features over 15 square feet of acoustic surface area in a minimal footprint. The 33″ diameter has a substantial 35 square feet of acoustic surface area - still in a relatively small footprint. OCL’s 9mm acoustic fins are comprised of up to 50% post-consumer recycled PET. The acoustic fins are fully recyclable. New or replacement fins [shapes or colors] can be easily swapped into installed fixtures at any time. The fins are flat packed to minimize packaging and shipping. Yet, the fins are quickly and easily field installed. Kwyet Sphere is exceptionally durable and maintainable. Field replaceable components are easy to access and straightforward to service. WELL BUILDING: OCL +BIOS The Kwyet Sphere acoustic pendant combined with BIOS technology can contribute to features L03, L04, L07, L08 and S04 of the WELL Building Standard V2. BIOS SkyBlue™ is available in Kwyet Sphere, to meet the needs of any WELL Building application and maximize the health impact of the lighting. UNMUTE THE WORKPLACE OR EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT Acoustic lighting solutions offer integrated lighting and acoustic systems that provide optimal illumination while also controlling noise levels in large and open, multi-purpose environments, or smaller, more intimate spaces. While Kwyet is a great solution for mitigating sound in almost any space, we developed the new Sphere with both open office spaces and education spaces in mind. According to a study within the Harvard Business Review, a lack of sound privacy is the biggest drain on employee morale. Additionally, the American Society of Interior Designers reported that 70% of workers say that they would be more productive in a less noisy work environment. In schools, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 35 decibels as the limit for background noise in classrooms, so students find it easier to distinguish speech and communicate. LARGE SCALE SPACES Make a major design statement in large scale space with ambitious, sweeping clusters and installations. Kwyet Sphere’s lighting and acoustic color options create unlimited possibilities for uniquely spectacular lighting arrays. SMALL SCALE SPACES Smaller, more intimate setting. Control sound reverberation in private offices, small conference rooms, sitting areas, phone booths, meeting pods, or even walkways.
  • Insight Lighting Adobe Mini
    Adobe, a linear suspended direct indirect luminaire by Insight Lighting. Adobe offers direct/indirect or direct only light output, available in 6 lengths ranging from 34″ up to 92″. Adobe’s elegant curved, simple form and high-quality luxe materials afford true flexibility in design that blends into many architectural interiors. Adobe delivers high-quality, uniform illumination creating a striking architectural look with a visually comfortable form.
  • Lumenpulse Lumenblade New
    Lumenpulse Expands Lumenblade Product Line LED leader launches a Bollard, Column, and Nano Formats to the Already Successful Family Lumenpulse, a leading pure-play, specification-grade LED lighting solutions provider, has extended their successful Lumenblade product line. The Lumenblade Bollard, Column, and Nano luminaires share the same aesthetics as the Lumenblade Small and Medium to create a fully sustainable family of classic rectilinear area, urban, and professional landscape luminaires that provide continuous lines of quality light. Lumenblade luminaires are built around Lumenpulse's Lumencentro light engine. The rectilinear form of the Lumenblade luminaires create a continuous line of light that supports the geometric language of poles and accessories, as well as a multitude of contemporary and heritage architectures and environments. "We have centred our design on being life-centric, with an eye towards a sustainable quality of light and a low impact on the environment," said Samuel Landry, Area Lighting Product Design Manager. "These new additions to the Lumenblade family put the right amount of light where you most need it, while also preserving surrounding natural elements. " With configurations that achieve a perfect 0 BUG rating using well-integrated options such as backlight shields, louvers, and low outputs, these options, grouped with Lumenblade's cohesive design, produces a reduced visual presence that doesn't compromise quality of light.Lumenblade luminaires are tuned to the world around them, their innate sustainability is concerned with protecting the natural world while also making urban areas more inviting and livable. True to the Lumenpulse vision, the Lumenblade family is not just a gorgeous design; it lets the world be seen the way it was meant to be seen. With the option of CRI 90+, Lumenblade fixtures enhance contrasts and greatly increase object identification so that the world can show its true colours. Adding the Bollard, Column, and Nano formats gives users even more tools to create paths of light without compromising efficacy and control. With the option of Lumentalk, users can send control signals along existing line-voltage wires and save on construction costs, unattractive conduit installations, and protect landscapes from unnecessary re-trenching. Lumentalk enabled Lumenblade luminaires allow granular lighting control that is unprecedented in the field of outdoor lighting. The Lumenblade family also has phenomenal outputs starting as low as 200 lumens all the way up to 20,000 lumens, allowing the right amount of light to be chosen for any multitude of sites and environments with minimal impact to the natural surroundings.
  • iGuzzini Crystal
    Crystal delivers preciousness to the ceiling and throughout any space. The minimal linear form combines with the rich finish to create a magical play of light reflections, even when not in use. The new patented Opti Diamond optic is the result of a careful study of materials and engineering that optimize the catadioptric principle, producing an extraordinary brilliance, visual comfort and high efficiency.
  • JLC-Tech Sorella
    JLC-Tech is proud to introduce T-BAR LED's sister, Sorella. A modular integrated lighting solution for gypsum ceilings, Sorella is available in various lengths with the entire suite of T-BAR LED® performance optics. Expand your JLC-Tech lighting design beyond grid ceiling systems!
  • LZF Omma
    Omma, leaves of light. Omma is an inventive lamp, like a tree with fluttering leaves full of light. In Eli Gutierrez’s prepossessing design, it is almost possible to imagine the lamp’s movable wood veneer, artfully edged with metal, flapping in a gentle breeze. Omma is available as a suspension lamp (with two, three and four leaves), a table lamp (with either one or two leaves), a floor lamp (with a single leaf), and a wall lamp (with a single leaf). Individual leaves will rotate up to 180º, allowing the user to create a range of lighting moods. The Omma family of lights are available in several wood veneer colours: Natural White, Natural Beech, and Natural Cherry. The lamp’s metal finishes (used to create the spine and edge of the wood veneer modules) include Matt Black, Matt Ivory, and Gold.
  • Visa Lighting Sail
    The Sail LED pendant light is a clean, modern disc pendant featuring EdgeGlideTM Optics with extraordinary illumination. Unlike other ring style pendants, Sail offers a brilliant halo of light surrounding a 1/2" thin, solid center which can be customized with the application of our powder coat paint colors from our updated palette. A Galaxy of Light For an eye-catching and impressive effect, mount a grouping of Sail pendants together, in a variety of sizes and at varying heights and angles, to produce a true galaxy of light. With its adjustable mounting angles and 20+ eco-friendly finish options, Sail is versatile enough for any application. Imagine these pendants uniformly spaced in larger rooms, or grouped in clusters for a stunning statement. These configurations are perfect for any large venue space with open, high ceilings like an atrium, lobby, large conference room, or cafeteria. Or use the smaller diameter pendants for suspension over conference tables, in waiting rooms, general office spaces, or other intimate settings. "Sail can be a statement piece, especially with a cluster or arrangement – but can also be very minimalist and defer to the architecture in the right space.” - Ryan Oldenburg, Executive VP With simple elegance, Sail makes a bold statement and will work with a wide range of applications such as hospitality, corporate workplace, healthcare, and education. High-Performance EdgeGlideTM Optics Despite its remarkable modern style, Sail is not a just a decorative light fixture. Sail's efficient, high-quality LED array provides outstanding performance with unexpected lumen output delivered from our own EdgeGlide optic technology. EdgeGlide produces incredibly efficient ambient illumination at the profile's edge without producing any awkward shadows or excessive glare. Visa Lighting's designers and engineers worked closely together to develop the optics that would achieve the desired lumen output. Ultimately, our team was able to achieve Sail's significant output by expertly dialing in the perfect amount of acrylic with the precise LED configuration, creating the intentional, luminous outline with usable direct-indirect illumination. Dimmable LEDs are offered in 30K, 35K and 40K color temperatures available in low or high output levels ranging from 1550 to 5700 delivered lumens depending on fixture size, while maintaining consistent luminance across the range of diameters. A Beautiful Handcrafted Pendant Every Sail disk pendant is proudly made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Visa Lighting's own skilled craftspeople. Our high-standard manufacturing process, combined with the EdgeGlide LED optics ensure that these minimalist pendants are engineered to create a beautiful combination of performance, craft, and unique aesthetics.
  • Litecontrol Nelo™ Family
    NELO is the culmination of Litecontrol’s five decades of architectural slot experience and superior optical capabilities coupled with a modern, open design architecture. Two sizes, two distributions, two endcaps, nearly infinite light intensities.
  • Focal Point Lights Seem 1 Louver
    DISCOVER A NEW LIGHT SOURCE AND A NEW SOURCE OF CREATIVITY Quiet or bold, focused or ambient, always sophisticated, Seem 1 Louver with ID+ technology enables the creation of precise lighting scenes with a combination of lensed and louvered illumination. The perfect match between linear luminaires and downlights, it offers a variety of optics and finishes to deliver broad, ambient lighting or highly focused, task lighting using the same superior technology found in the ID+ Downlights. ID+ TECHNOLOGY Louver cells leverage ID+ technology used in the ID+ family of downlights and cylinders to deliver precise and powerful illumination with consistent light quality. This opens up new design possibilities when using within the same environment. HIGH-PERFORMANCE LIGHT SOURCES A wide choice of output levels, as well as direct, indirect, and louver cells light distributions, combined with color temperatures from 2700K to 4000K at CRI 80 or 90 support a variety of applications in multiple settings, including corporate offices, conference rooms, corridors, recreational, educational, or healthcare facilities, as well as retail or hospitality environments. A FLEXIBLE SYSTEM The highly configurable Seem 1 Louver with ID+ technology enables the specification of unique suspended, surface mount, or recessed luminaires tailored for each application. Louver cells, lenses, and solid faceplates can be combined in multiple configurations, resulting in individual luminaires, runs, or patterns with independently controlled light sources – indirect lensed, direct lensed, and direct louvered. Entirely louvered luminaires are also available. DIVERSE MOUNTING OPTIONS The sleek linear luminaire is suitable for various ceiling conditions, including grid, drywall, hard surface, wood, and open ceilings. Individual luminaires, runs, and patterns can be suspended, recessed, or surface mounted. SEEM® 1 The Seem 1 portfolio is a broad family of nominal 1.5" aperture linear luminaires that provide flexibility to impart a glowing linear elegance and deliver a range of illumination solutions to bring harmony to any interior space. Go beyond illumination with Seem 1 Acoustic luminaires and AirCore Bridge™, integrated luminaire and sound-absorbing baffle systems that leverage the narrow aperture and advanced light engine of Seem 1 while improving human comfort and mitigating reverberation issues in open spaces.
  • Louis Poulsen LP Slim
    With the Slim series, Louis Poulsen has designed modern, yet classic looking lamps that accommodate the need for great working light as well as an overall soft illumination, creating both a comfortable and aesthetic pleasing milieu. Carefully conceived in every detail The slim, rectangular housing frames a high-efficient light unit. Emitting a primarily downward directed light the fixture also has an indirect light component ensuring illumination of ceilings. The light egress emphasises design details in the housing, while the fixture is also available as a double length unit creating further possibilities for splendid illumination in a vast range of environments. Refined on several levels At Louis Poulsen, we are aware of the challenge that lies in maintaining the same visual identity in a building with many different rooms and functions. Therefore we created LP Slim Round. LP Slim Round is a new family of fixtures which was designed and developed by Louis Poulsen. With a broad palette of product variants, it offers the opportunity to work with one aesthetic look across different functional needs. The design is sleek and distinct, and makes it possible to give each room its own sense of identity while at the same time preserving a unified look. LP Slim Round is available in three different sizes, three colours and four mounting options, and is an ideal choice for open-plan offices, reception areas and meeting rooms. Or just for rooms where aesthetics and simplicity are paramount.
  • Zumtobel SCENO
    The new SCENO luminaire by Zumtobel is as flexible as two luminaires and as compact as one. The rotatable luminaire with its individually swivelling wings is extremely versatile and, thanks to its countless application options, gives retailers a free hand in shop design and product presentation. As the design of a shop changes, so does the lighting. Zumtobel’s new SCENO luminaire adapts to any shop-floor challenge – the rotatable luminaire and swivelling wings in which the lighting modules are integrated can be adjusted independently of each other. Whether shelves are moved, aisle widths changed or special sales areas created, SCENO ensures uniform surface lighting. Understated design and brilliant light The luminaire’s understated design lets the merchandise take centre stage and draws customers’ attention to the products. It also has an attractive, timeless exterior and straight lines. SCENO creates both uniform and brilliant light, which is provided by the specially developed lens technology. Instead of a large light source, Zumtobel relies on a series of miniaturised lighting chambers. Whether fitted with seven LEDs or 14, whether fitted on one or two sides, the combination of lenses and anti-glare honeycombs guarantee the best light quality and effective glare control with a high level of visual comfort. Retailers can use SCENO to create a stimulating atmosphere and thus turn the purely functional task of shopping into an emotional experience. Design freedom thanks to four variants and countless application options In addition to the fixed central section, the SCENO has independent wings in which the light honeycombs are integrated. With tilt angles of between -10 and 90 degrees, both wings can be separately adjusted and positioned in the store. The entire luminaire is also rotatable by 355 degrees. Whether adding promotional items, supplementing seasonal ranges or reorganising stocks – SCENO shows shelves and other presentation areas in the retail sector in their best light at all times. SCENO is available in four different design variants to meet different needs: in a design with one or two wings, and with seven or 14 honeycombs per side. While the small size (1 x 7 or 2 x 7 LEDs) is perfect for installation up to a mounting height of 3.5 metres, the large size (1 x 14 or 2 x 14 LEDs) is ideal for mounting at greater heights of 4.5 to 6 metres. Depending on the version, the light output varies from 3500, 7000, 8000 or 14000 lumens. Individually customisable Available in three housing colours — black, white and silver — SCENO blends discreetly into the sales room. Specially designed for supermarkets and retail spaces, it takes human perspective into consideration. The various optics deliver light exactly where it is needed: the shelves and other presentation areas. Depending on the desired lighting effect, an asymmetrical, symmetrical (55 or 75 degrees) or oval optic is available. The luminaire is also available in four different light colours (2700 Kelvin, 3000 Kelvin, 3500 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin) to highlight the colours and details of different goods. In addition, the special MEAT module for deli counters authentically accentuates the red tones of the food, does not distort colours and creates an impression of exceptional freshness. The colour rendering index is Ra > 80 or Ra > 90 (from autumn 2022). Efficient, easy-to-install and future-proof store lighting Overall efficiency is increased thanks to targeted light direction and highly efficient LEDs. Larger distances between luminaires are therefore possible and the number of luminaires used can be reduced. On the one hand, this means reduced installation time and costs. On the other hand, it frees up space for additional elements on the tracks, such as state-of-the-art motion sensors or beacon technology. The lighting infrastructure thus offers room for future digital applications such as store analytics, indoor navigation or geo-notifications. SCENO can be mounted on three-phase trunking or on the trunking of the TECTON continuous-row lighting system. It can be fully installed by just one person. In rooms with high ceilings, it can also be installed as a pendant luminaire. Flexible and future-proof Thanks to its flexibility, the SCENO can be readjusted at any time after initial installation and thus adapted to changed room and presentation areas. This makes it particularly future-proof – and guarantees elegant, sustainable and economical store lighting.
    Clean lines, subtle elegance and impressive versatility – these are the hallmarks of the new LANOS round luminaire from Zumtobel. The outer rim and the round interior of the LED panel form a visually seamless whole, but can be controlled and dimmed separately. The LANOS is extremely versatile thanks to the many colours, sizes and installation methods to choose from. LANOS means “beautiful flower” – the perfect name for the new decorative round luminaire from Zumtobel. The clean, geometrical lines; the patented halo effect; the light optics that can be adjusted as required; the time-saving installation process and the numerous design options – these are the characteristics that make the LANOS so timelessly elegant and eye-catching. The LANOS was designed by Stefan Ambrozus from STUDIO AMBROZUS together with Zumtobel. This architectural round luminaire provides both functional wide-area light and a light ring to create evocative scenarios. The outer rim and the round interior of the LED panel form a visually seamless whole, but can be controlled and dimmed separately. The outer light ring illuminates ceilings and walls and makes the round luminaire appear as if it is suspended. Thanks to this halo effect, the LANOS blends seamlessly into a wide range of lighting concepts – from hospitals and care homes or hotels and guesthouses to the hallways and stairwells of office buildings, schools and universities. High energy efficiency thanks to demand-based lighting In corridor mode, the narrow, individually controllable light ring functions as a nightlight. When the interior LED panel is switched off, the outer rim generates light at only 20 per cent power – enough light for people to orientate themselves in a room or find their way. When a user passes the luminaire, a microwave sensor detects the motion and activates the interior of the luminaire. A light output of 100 per cent then ensures perfect visibility. The sensor detects when the user has left the area and dims the interior LED panel or turns it off completely. This prevents the luminaire from remaining unnecessarily switched on all night. Instead, the LANOS is used intelligently and with maximum energy efficiency – only when it is really needed. Numerous variants of a single luminaire With LANOS, Zumtobel has focused on customisability as well as energy efficiency. The luminaire housing is available in colours from deep black to elegant white and will complement any design scheme. With its high-quality textured paint coating and high degree of protection against water and dust (IP54), it is sure to impress – and it is also impact-resistant (IK08). The round luminaire is available with a diameter of 320, 400 or 500 millimetres, so it can be perfectly matched to the space and architecture of the installation site. This is made even easier by the fact that it can be fitted as a pendant luminaire, ceiling luminaire or wall-mounted luminaire as desired. Depending on the application, LANOS is available with two different optics. The opal variant provides diffuse light and soft shadows, creating a cosy atmosphere with an inviting ambience. This works particularly well in stairwells, hallways and corridors, which can often have a sterile feel. When the luminaire is used in spaces such as meeting rooms and offices, the LRO optic ensures that the luminance is not too high, as this often creates reflections on screens. Instead, micro-prisms guide the light directly onto work surfaces to prevent glare. Balanced LED light spectrum The interaction of natural daylight and the human eye is unique. That's why Zumtobel uses SPECTRUM technology for LANOS. This harmonises the light spectrum, reduces the intensity of the blue wavelengths and can imitate natural light, leading to improved visual comfort and significantly relaxed vision. What’s more, LANOS also features high colour fidelity (CRI 90) and excellent glare control (UGR < 19). The light colour and intensity can be harmoniously combined using the innovative controls and tunableWhite technology. Users can adjust the lighting to their individual requirements with colour temperatures from warm white (2700 K) to daylight white (6500 K). The round luminaire can be controlled via DALI, with either the on/off or dimming function. Alternatively, it can be controlled via Bluetooth. Clever minimalism makes installation easy LANOS is also sure to impress when it comes to installation: it is simply separated into two pieces before mounting. First the device holder is mounted, then the luminaire is inserted and tightened. This ensures that installation is easy – even for a single electrician – saving time, effort and money and also making maintenance much simpler. During tricky installation work, such as the drilling of holes in the wall or ceiling, the delicate luminaire can be put to one side and protected. With its versatile options for design, application and installation, the new LANOS is the perfect luminaire to provide an elegant, functional and energy-efficient focal point in hallways, stairwells or corridors.
  • Arancia Lighting MINI MAX DOUBLE
    A minimal and compact double square aluminum profile that provides direct and indirect lighting. The Mini Max Double is the new addition to the growing Mini Max family.
  • Fluxwerx Line
    Forward. At every turn. A divergent and diminutive suspended system for the inspired. Deviate from linear and follow your design inspiration. Minimalism Meets Miniscule An optimal balance of diminutive design and performance, without compromise. Minimalist and miniscule at only 3” high and less than a finger-width wide, Line gives you unprecedented design flexibility. Not a line, a lineage Configurable into endless shapes and patterns, Line lets you tell your own story. Use it as part of a complex layout, or as a discrete element in short or longer runs with spacing up to 10 ft o.c. Precision. Comfort. Control. The convergence of Line's proprietary ultra narrow optics with miniscule aesthetic and diminutive architectural form delivers exemplary performance and visual comfort. Precise control and extraction features shape the light into high performance distributions with efficacies exceeding 140 lm/w. Inspiration Intersects Form a discrete expression in joinable sections of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 ft with multi-way pivoting intersections and wall mounts. Get started with available predefined shapes or create your own custom design. Connect. Create. Deviate. Single and multi-way pivots enable unprecedented flexibility to join, intersect, merge and diverge in line, shapes and patterns—open and closed. Ceiling or wall. Design without compromise Choose from a variety of aesthetic and performance options to match your design vision. Use Line on its own and together with any of the Fluxwerx families it complements—open yourself up to new opportunities.
  • Cyclone KANATA
    BRING HISTORY TO LIGHT While warmly capturing the look and feel of another time, Kanata delivers outstanding photometric performance. Its state-of-the-art light engine makes it suitable for lighting roadways or providing an added margin of safety in busy urban environments. CLASSIC AESTHETICS & MODERN TECHNOLOGY CLASSIC DESIGN With its modernized period aesthetics, Kanata replaces outdated luminaires but acknowledges the heritage of the historic environments where they are installed. Suitable for multiple street and roadway applications in urban settings. CONTEMPORARY PERFORMANCE The advanced Orion light engine, developed in-house to meet the rigorous demands of today’s street lighting, is the heart of the Kanata luminaire. It combines state-of-the-art optics, LEDs, and thermal management to deliver superior all-round performance. INTELLIGENCE BUILT IN The Kanata luminaire is designed to meet the standards of Cyclone’s rigorous manufacturing process and the philosophy that every luminaire should excel in quality, performance, and durability. Kanata has a traditional look, but its manufacturing process is anything but outdated, integrating today’s requirements for quality and durability, photometric performance and tool-free maintenance in a cost-effective package. ADVANCED OPTICS The Kanata luminaire employs an in-house designed, high performance Orion light engine. Fully sealed, it combines optically engineered injection molded acrylic lens modules and state-of-the-art thermal management for the most advanced lighting performance and exceptional durability. PHOTOMETRY IES DISTRIBUTION TYPES Kanata’s Orion light engine accommodates up to 11 IES Roadway distribution types, providing an added measure of flexibility every project can benefit from. Combined with a Holophane globe custom designed for the LED, the Orion greatly enhances Kanata’s overall lighting precision and efficiency. That means designers get the performance of a cobra head along with the ability to deliver light where it is needed in a classic decorative fixture, with no compromises.
  • BalancedCare Tranquility Series
    Introducing Tranquility Series, a collection of BalancedCare luminaires integrating a range of inspiring images enabling design freedom, promoting wellness, serenity and faster recovery times. Available products With Tranquility’s broad selection of appealing images and textured patterns – and wide choice of wall-mount and ceiling-mount luminaires and layout possibilities – you have the flexibility to meet the needs of any environment. Bring a sense of calm to your environment BalancedCare by Axis Lighting understands how biophilic design positively impacts a patient’s state of mind by bringing the outdoors in. In healthcare facilities, nature scenes and other imagery are known to lessen anxiety, improve mood and enable shorter hospital stays. There are opportunities for “positive distractions” by bringing in playful, colorful images to an otherwise stressful environment. Graphics Gallery Naturally, the lighting should enhance the space while providing a sense of calm or a boost of energy, depending on the mood you’re trying to create. There are opportunities for ‘positive distractions’ through color changing lighting, illuminated panels, and nature graphics. Select from the images on the following pages, or contact us for other options. Bring the outdoors in with complete design freedom.
    Introducing The Harmonic Collection – Modern Acoustic Lighting solutions to both visually and acoustically enhance your space! At ALW, our mission is not only to Illuminate the Soul, but to influence your environment by creating the highest quality visual and aural experience. The SERENE acoustic pendant is our new addition to the Harmonics collection that expands on our cylinder family. SERENE offers five shapes of acoustical fins shrouding the CORE 6 cylinder pendant. With an output of 500 – 6000lm and an efficacy of up to 147lm/W, the Serene pendant offers form and function for your downlight needs. Additionally, a 6” aperture cylinder and up to 70 square feet of acoustic material provides aesthetic versatility and performance to your project.
  • Targetti LUCERA
    The LUCERA range was developed to provide an extremely flexible solution for illumination of modern urban spaces that can flow through exterior environments providing safety, efficiency, and versatility. The LUCERA range is a fully customizable modular system in height, optical distribution, and adjustability. This minimal square form factor is available in 2 pole heights, 1 bollard, 6 head styles with both fixed and adjustable positions, 9 optical distributions including Types I­–V for path and street lighting illumination, 5 color temperatures including Tunable White and RGBW dynamic lighting, and 6 standard finishes.
  • Luminis BELLEVUE new
    ALL IN THE MIX The Bellevue family includes bollards, columns, and wall‑mount luminaires giving designers the latitude to bring lighting performance to where it is needed while unifying a project’s overall look. VERSATILITY FOR TODAY Bellevue bollards demonstrate the family’s end-to-end project versatility. Complementing columns in public spaces like parks, pathways and campuses or wall-mount luminaire around building facades. TRIPLE PLAY For projects requiring any combination of street and area lighting, pedestrian lighting and directional lighting, Bellevue columns deliver with a single, modern rectilinear design. LIGHTING’S ON THE WALL With the same aesthetic as Bellevue bollards and columns, wall-mount luminaires extend Bellevue’s possible applications. From curb to building facade, Bellevue luminaires make a unified design statement. LIGHT ON TARGET Offered in five standard IES distribution types depending on the model, Bellevue columns and bollards place light where it is need.
  • Led Linear ULTIMA-S
    ULTIMA represents a ground breaking step for lighting integration in the architecture. Its minimal design makes it blend in any building structure and disappear from sight. Ideal for furniture or architectural integration, showcase or display lighting, installation on grid ceilings or as surface mounted.
  • Louis Poulsen VL Studio Table/Floor
    Iconic Studio Lamp Returns from the Archives The studio lamp was named after its function outside the broadcasting studios in Radiohuset, where it indicated with a red or green light, whether the studio was recording. New life to any space The VL Studio Table lamps are perfect for interior décor experiments, as they look exquisite when combined with other Vilhelm Lauritzen designs, when grouped in islands of light, and even on their own, they give satisfying new life to any space. A cozy touch of elegant illumination The VL Studio Table lamps are available in Ø150, Ø250 and Ø320. All sizes come in matt black or in brushed brass. Perfect for any little corner It is perfect on tables in retail concepts, restaurant corners or windowsills, hotel rooms, corridors and boutique hotels, as well as in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and other locations that will benefit from a cozy touch of elegant illumination.
  • Edison Lighting Group SONIC TUBE+ (LS)
    - Architectural sound absorbing Eco Felt Acoustic panel. - Made from recyclable plastic material available in different thicknesses. - Class1 Fire rated with 0.7 Noise Reduction Coefficient/1” Acoustic. - Light source: COB LED. - High efficiency integral reflector combined with opal lens insert provides excellent lighting distribution. - Circular internal louver is available in a wide range of finishes. - Aluminum body of the luminaire comes with built-in-driver. - LED Spot is rated for 60,000hrs. L70 with +85 CRI. - Has a proven record in office, commercial and retail installations. - Custom modifications are available. - ED luminaires are certified to CSA and UL Standards.
  • Visa Lighting Harmony 2x4
    The Harmony 2x4 overbed light features a unique cove-like curved lens design. This recessed ceiling fixture distributes light inward from the perimeter of the concave lens. This unique design creates a comfortable gradient of light that provides healthcare patients and staff with soft and calming ambient illumination. Optimize patient room design with this streamlined overbed light. The Harmony 2x4 features multiple light modes for patient comfort and caregiver efficiency including soft ambient lighting, higher-intensity reading illumination, and directional exam lighting.
  • Vibia Plusminus
    Plusminus is a versatile lighting system that takes the concept of the light rail to a new level. The conductive textile ribbon at its core allows for free placement of the luminaires and the creation of unique light solutions on the spot. A belt in which you place all kinds of luminaires Equal parts easy and avant-garde, Plusminus harnesses the design of a belt in a groundbreaking lighting concept that merges materiality and light. Featuring a textural, fabric belt that conducts electricity, it enables light to flow through space. Plusminus provides professionals a powerful toolkit for creating personalised lighting effects and unique atmospheres with different luminaires.The toolkits feature multiple elements—component pieces, colours, textures—that can be freely adapted and combined to suit the characteristics and constraints of specific spaces. A powerful tool for unique creations, they present designers and architects with infinite possibilities for integrating light in an interior Designed by Diez Office
  • Lumenwerx HEMI
    Flexible in function and dynamic in design, Hemi is a line of hemisphere-shaped luminaires that reimagines lighting’s possibilities through a unique combination of innovative features. With rotational capabilities reaching 355 degrees, a tilt of up to 40 degrees from vertical, and a sleek aiming mechanism magnetically held in place, Hemi fixtures provide a vast range of precisely positioned solutions for both task and ambient requirements.
    Lighting with a Purpose Lighting professionals have an unprecedented opportunity to harness the power of UV light to help make people feel safer in a space. Gotham is introducing a new solution for inactivating viruses and bacteria** using Care222®, a 222nm filtered far-UVC disinfection* technology, in our legacy products.
  • Zumtobel INTEGRAL
    Because variety integrates perfectly into architecture. The defining feature of the entire product group is seamless linearity. This solution can be used for all types of lighting, from horizontal to vertical, from downlighting to accent lighting.
  • Spectrum Lighting CR2
    CR2, the ultimate cylindrical lighting instrument: small and powerful, visually striking yet unobtrusive and small enough to disappear into the architectural background. When fitted with decorative bezels and/or our luminous frosted accent acrylics the CR2 is also capable of being an architectural feature. Set the mood with warm dim LEDs or choose from five kelvin temperatures at 80 CRI or from four kelvin temperatures at 90 CRI.
  • Lumenwerx FORMA
    Timeless in appearance and flexible in function, the decorative Forma pendants embody the simple beauty of geometric design and the sophisticated power of innovative technology. The conical Caret, the truncated-cone-shaped Tote, and the hemisphere Cupola luminaires are each equipped with our Unity Pointed (UP) technology, which delivers lens brightness uniformity across all shapes and sizes within the same lumen output.
  • Edison Lighting Group ED ORBIT+
    Architectural luminaire with direct-indirect lighting distribution. Light source: LED Tape. Diffused illumination is provided by high efficiency frosted opal lens. Sleek body of the luminaire is made from curved aluminum profile. Suitable for suspended and surface mounted installations. Extruded aluminum body comes with white, black or grey finish. Remote driver is mounted in round ceiling canopy or optional rectangle enclosure. LED tape is rated for 50,000hrs. L80 with +85 CRI. Has a proven record in office, commercial and retail installations. Custom modifications are available. ED luminaires are certified to CSA and UL Standards.
  • Zumtobel CARDAN
    The architectural CARDAN evolution recessed luminaire blends exceptional flexibility with an unobtrusive look, setting new standards in cardanic accent lighting and raising retail experiences to a whole new level. In contrast to conventional cardanic solutions, CARDAN evolution cleverly manages to avoid illuminating itself. Combined with the subtle closed design, this results in a much calmer ceiling appearance with increased efficiency.
  • Traxon Technologies ARCHISHAPE® Dot 2.0
    The ARCHISHAPE® Dot 2.0 is a high-brightness, fully customizable media dot solution available in S, M or L sizes with Clear or Diffused Dome lens options to meet your project specifications. Each Dot is individually-addressable and is available with optional quick-addressing with e:cue controls, making ARCHISHAPE® Dot 2.0 a scalable solution for vivid accents, graphics and video playback. With its simple mounting and cable system, it easily integrates into any media application.
  • Linea Light NAVATA
    The Navata system allows a vast range of movements for lighting that is as versatile as possible, able to overcome the limitations due to installations in narrow or recessed spaces. Professional adjustable projector for indoor applications. Diecast finned body designed to optimize the passive thermal management, powder painted, available in matt black finish, matt white finish, stone grey and cor-ten.
  • Visa Lighting Rocket
    The Rocket LED pendant is a modern angular bell-shaped, shade pendant equipped with modern glare-free LED technology. The Rocket pendant is 12” x 16” and features an artfully sculpted tapered bell shape. This angular bell pendant depicts a more graphic industrial aesthetic, perfect for a more modern or casual environment. This high-performance shade pendant light is offered in a variety of LED color temperatures with a 90CRI option and an integral LED driver hidden within the canopy. Design and Craftsmanship “The goal with the Rocket was to achieve an industrial aesthetic in a playful but modern way,” says Product Designer Hans Nielson. These handmade bell-shaped housings are created with hand-rolled and spun aluminum, techniques that our Visa Lighting craftspeople have been perfecting for decades. We combine these with the latest LED technology and engineering to create a beautiful combination of performance and craft. Commercial Pendant Lighting with Optimized LEDs The Rocket provides high-output illumination without any hot-spot or uncomfortable glare often seen in bell pendant lights. Rather than exposed lamping, these bell pendant lights feature a flat, acrylic surface that evenly diffuses the LED light sources. This specialty LED diffuser was optimized to reduce glare and provide you with the most comfortable high-output light possible. This flat diffuser fits perfectly in a concave curved reflector design so these pendants look beautiful from every angle. This optimized LED diffuser allows the Rocket to provide light in a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way, enhancing your space with a more even ambient-style downlight. These shade pendants produce downlight exclusively, which lends itself well to both large, open spaces like lobbies, office workspaces, and retail floors, as well as cozy environments like dining areas, hospitality, conference rooms, and other intimate spaces. Small Pendants With a Large Color Offering The product design team paid close attention to Rockets profile and how designers might combine different finish colors on the outer shade and inner reflector to achieve their desired aesthetic. These small pendant lights pack a large visual punch with over 440 paint color combinations available. Easily get a customized look with these standard products. The inside and outside surfaces can be specified separately giving you a variety of different aesthetics.
  • Visa Lighting Brin
    The Brin LED pendant light is a classic bell-shaped, shade pendant equipped with modern low glare LED technology. Featuring a beautifully smooth 13” x 16” curved bell shape this simple silhouette emits classic elegance. Brin is offered in a variety of LED color temperatures with a 90CRI option and an integral LED driver hidden within the canopy. Small Pendant Large Color Offering This small pendant light packs a large visual punch with over 600 paint color combinations available. The inside and outside surfaces can be specified separately giving you a variety of different aesthetics. Select any of our 21 paint colors for the outside housing, then compliment with a secondary diffuser trim paint color to make the underside pop or fade away. With over 440 color possibilities, you can get a customized look with a standard product. Choose from our warm neutrals for your healthcare space, our eco-friendly alternative metal finishes for a modern feel, or mix and match one of our bold on-trend colors to create an interior vibe all your own. High-Performance Shade Pendant Rather than exposed lamping, the Brin pendant light features a flat, acrylic surface that evenly diffuses the LED light sources. This specialty LED diffuser was optimized to reduce glare and provide you with the most comfortable high-output light possible. This flat diffuser fits perfectly in a concave curved reflector design so these pendants look beautiful from every angle. This optimized LED diffuser allows the Brin to provide light in a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way, enhancing your space with a more even ambient-style downlight. These shade pendants produce downlight exclusively, which lends itself well to both large, open spaces like lobbies, office workspaces, and retail floors, as well as cozy environments like dining areas, hospitality, conference rooms, and other intimate spaces. A Beautiful Pendant Crafted by Hand These quality handmade shade pendants give your space a premier aesthetic that can’t be matched by mass-produced lighting products created overseas. This bell pendant light is handcrafted in Milwaukee, WI. Our craftspeople hand-roll and spin aluminum for the exterior dome and the concave curved reflector. We combine these handmade bell-shaped housings with the latest LED technology and engineering to create a beautiful combination of performance and craft.
  • Lumenwerx ELIA
    Volumetric light is redefined by Elia, a family of decorative luminaires that feature LED arrays illuminating both inward and outward simultaneously from housing offered in round, square, rectangle, oval, and multiple shapes. Elia fixtures create distinct luminous volumes, perfect for making a statement, enhancing a style, inserting a focal point, or adding character to any interior setting. For spaces that require a decorative lighting fixture, an element of design, and a work of art, Elia speaks volumes.
  • Verjure Pro Series LED
    The Verjure™ Pro Series LED is a High-Performance, Professional/Commercial Grade, Horticulture Lighting Solution. The Verjure™ Pro Series design is all about lighting performance, durability, and reliability. Built with "Tier" 1 quality components, independently tested and verified performance*. Developed using real, academic plant-based research**. Designed and produced in North America, by the leading lighting manufacturer in North America, Acuity Brands.
  • Karman Stant
    Wordplay… Inspired by the word Stante, the present participle of the Italian verb Stare. Stant represents what exists and remains while everything else changes and evolves. Minimalist shapes and sophisticated technology. Support beams mimics industrial structures of the past. Modular electronic constructions make way for illuminated components (blown glass globes and spotlights), which can be freely installed and arranged, Allowing for maximum freedom of expression.
  • Lumenwerx Pop and Aera EchoCore
    Lumenwerx EchoCoreTM technology empowers luminaires to absorb significantly more sound than traditional felt-fitted acoustic fixtures are capable of absorbing. Acoustic fixtures equipped with EchoCoreTM (Audia, Pop, and Aera) deliver exceptional illumination with a variety of circadian, tunable white, and RGB+W solutions, and help to define spaces with a choice of standard, premium, and custom options, as well as with a selection of patterns, shapes, and mounting possibilities. Pop goes the echo As if our Pop luminaires were not fun enough, those equipped with EchoCoreTM technology not only offer lens brightness uniformity enabled by our Unity Pointed (UP) technology, but they also reduce echo and reverberation in their immediate environment. Available in round and square models with pendant, surface, and recessed mounting options. A new era in sound dampening In addition to offering the same outstanding optical performance and maximal eye comfort provided by their non-acoustic Aera counterparts, Aera EchoCoreTM fixtures reduce echo and reverberation in their immediate environment. Available in round and square models with recessed mounting.
  • Eureka BILLIE
    Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of its Billie large-scale architectural luminaire. With its distinctive hollow center, Billie matches contemporary design with functionality to deliver illumination for a variety of contemporary and modern environments such as offices or educational settings. The internal geometry of the luminaire, including the top radius, is optimized to improve the light spread inside the shape. And a return around the bottom edge acts as a reflector, casting shadow-free light evenly onto the curved interior surface. As a result, Billie creates comfortable illumination for occupants below, regardless of mounting height. Billie luminaires are available in 24", 36", or 48" diameters to scale an aesthetic from room to room. The larger volume creates a statement; by contrast, the unexpectedly hollow interior of the spun aluminum shade contributes to the intimacy of a space. While all shades are matte white on the inside, designers can choose a lightly textured black or white finish for the exterior. RAL colors are also available. A side-entry power cord contributes to Billie's distinct look. Positioned in an elegant curve with strategically placed cable routing clips, it connects directly to the LEDs without disrupting the inner lit areas. Billie is offered with fully dimmable low, regular, or high output. The luminaire delivers a range from 1,214 to 10,508 lumens, dependent on the size and output selected. An optically clear lens protects the light source from dust and facilitates cleaning. All sizes of Billie can be selected with tunable white and are compatible with the nLight® AIR or nLight® Wired network control system. These systems manage lighting throughout indoor spaces, helping to reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort.
  • Visa Lighting Volare
    Volare stands out from other linear suspension lighting because of its beautiful glow, interesting curved shape, and its impressive light output. Volare appears to float in space with a beautiful translucent acrylic diffuser that gently curves around a thin LED lightbar. Most linear pendants provide only downlight. Volare provides usable surface downlight as well as uplight, providing ambient illumination to the entire space. The sleek design is also credited to the pared-down simplicity of elements used such as the cloth-covered powered suspension cables. Volare is available in 4’, 5’, and 7’ nominal lengths and LED sources are available in L30K, L35K and L40K LED color temperatures allowing this linear pendant to fit into a variety of commercial applications. This pendant light is easy to install with options for a flat canopy with a remote LED driver or with an LED driver integrated in the canopy. The LED light bar is available in over 20 powder coat paint finish options letting you get creative with how it fits into your space.
  • Lithonia Lighting VCVL LED Architectural Luminaire
    The VCVL and VCVL Ultimate (VCVLX) LEDs unite visual comfort, optical performance, and energy savings in one visually stunning package you can install anywhere. These luminaires minimize high angle glare and eliminate LED pixilation for maximum comfort. The dedicated up-light option eases contrast between the luminaire and the ceiling, creating a more visually comfortable environment. VCVL and VCVLX offer five distributions and seven lumen packages for the most complete, versatile luminaire package to illuminate the entryways, large open areas, and other common spaces in your lighting site plan. With our array of suspended and ceiling mounting options, you can illuminate any building style or architectural plan.
  • Focal Point Lights Mora
    Create a signature piece and increase occupants’ comfort with Mora Mora is an integrated acoustic ceiling and lighting system that adds movement and texture to the ceiling plane while optimizing the light levels and acoustics of interior environments. Specification is made easy with Mora Build, Mora Create and Mora Inspire, and the support of our dedicated team. Mora Build Mora Build literally offers the building blocks to your next acoustic ceiling. The two standard designs of Arch and Wave are available in nominal square modules from 4 to 8 feet, lit or unlit. Several modules can be combined over large surface areas, resulting in rhythmic and playful ceilings. Mora Create Mora Create gives you the freedom to design custom-sized arrays to fit the exact dimensions of your room using three designs: Ripple, Radiate, or Alpine. Each offers a singular visual aesthetic and allows for placement of the luminaires to fulfil the lighting requirements of the space. Mora Inspire Let your imagination run wild with the support of our design and engineering team. We will turn your inspiration into a showpiece ceiling.
  • Eureka CALDERA
    Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of its Caldera architectural luminaire. Caldera’s invisible light source, housed in a minimal, contemporary ring, creates a diffused glow. Caldera rings can be mounted in suspension, wall surface, or ceiling surface. For additional impact, surface applications can be selected with a flushmount, so there is no visible junction box plate. With a thin 2.7-inch profile, ceiling or wall mounted versions are appropriate for tighter spaces or low ceilings. The luminaires are also ADA compliant. The rings are offered in 28" or 46" diameters, in black or white. Designers can mix and match colors and sizes to create unique patterns across a wall or a bespoke chandelier arrangement in suspension. Caldera’s light source is hidden within the ring’s cavity. The conical-shaped shade redirects light downwards to create ambient, Lambertian illumination that is glare-free from any angle. Regular, high, or super high output options are available to meet specific lighting needs. The luminaire produces a range from 1960 to 6900 delivered lumens, dependent on the size and output selected. The suspended version of Caldera is tunable white and is compatible with the nLight® AIR or nLight® Wired network control system. These systems manage lighting throughout indoor spaces, helping to reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort. Caldera’s comfortable illumination, modern aesthetic, sizes, and mounting options make it a versatile luminaire. It can be used in multiple locations, such as meeting areas, hallways, lobbies, and co-working areas.
  • Artemide Vine Light
    Vine Light is a pure and balanced line that reaches maximum freedom of movement with only two joints, to perfectly illuminate the work surface but also create multiple light scenarios, leaving everyone free to shape their own light with a simple movement. An unbroken section measuring only 16 mm in diameter shapes the structure and houses all the opto-electronic and mechanical elements. Its minimalist presence creates a perfect balance between different materials, weights, light quality, precision of movement and functionality, revealing a deep know-how merged with technological innovation. What appears to be continuity is actually a succession of components with different functions and characteristics, which translate technological complexity into simplicity and freedom.
  • Prudential Lighting Gaze Soft & Hard Edge
    Introducing Gaze, an exercise in reductionism. Gaze promises smooth, even diffusion of light, and is available in a clean Hard Edge or a distinctively curved Soft Edge with an undeniably refined shape. Mix with Gaze acoustics for improved sound absorption. - 18˝ – 24˝ – 36˝ - Flush or ½˝ Stand-off Surface/Wall Mount (optional Top Glow) - Stylish cast aluminum canopies - Power over Aircraft Cable (PAC) eliminates power cord clutter - Mix direct and indirect light levels as desired - Hidden Wattstopper FM-105 Frequency Occupancy Sensor - Integral or Remote Emergency Battery - 18 Premium Colors, no set-up fees - Gaze Acoustics for improved sound absorption – in 20 vibrant colors.
  • Eureka BERRI
    Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of its Berri architectural luminaire. Berri is a classic ball and seamless tube design that is available in more than 35 configurations to create many moods and looks. The luminaires bring elegance and charm to various settings, including office and informal meeting spaces, lobbies and transitional spaces, and hospitality environments. Berri offers an extensive array of design possibilities. Luminaires scale from 36" to 120," and in multiple form factors include angular, linear horizontal, linear vertical, hexagonal, square, and rectangle. With a unique loop gripper, these shapes can be installed at angles up to 60-degrees. Three standard finishes are available, including black or white in a rich fine textured finish and a new soft gold that gives warmth to the luminaire and enables designers to create a room's statement piece. Designers can select regular output (682 delivered lumens) or high output (1,160 delivered lumens) for each head. And luminaires may be configured with two to 12 heads each. Therefore, the total output for a given fixture can range from 1,364 delivered lumens to 13,920 delivered lumens. Berri is also white tunable from 2700K to 5000K. Berri is compatible with the nLight® AIR or nLight® Wired network control system to manage lighting throughout indoor spaces, reduce energy costs, and improve occupant comfort.
  • a Light Absorb I
    Made for areas with hard surfaces, tall windows and high ceilings, Absorb I is an acoustic luminaire that delivers form, style and sound absorption to an environment. DIVERSIFYING DESIGN Add standalone suspended luminaires to a space or create unique shapes by connecting fixtures at different angles. MADE TO FIT Designed with thermoformed felt, Absorb I has a unique, flanged profile that gives a slim look to the shape. It’s available in two product lengths for design options. LIGHT DISTRIBUTIONS Absorb I is available with uplight, downlight, dual light or no light. Direct lighting provides reduced glare while indirect distributions allow for more controled light. CREATE YOUR OWN DESIGN Through collaboration with our Design Assist team, create your own pattern with non-standard joiner angles, ranging from 90° to 180°. ACOUSTIC FELT COLORS Available in 30 color options, Absorb I has thermoformed felt panels used to absorb sound. nLIGHT® ENABLED Absorb I is available with nLight® AIR and nLight® Wired lighting control solutions.
  • Axis Lighting StencilFlex
    A framework for limitless lighting design Based on the Stencil® form factor, StencilFlex is a simple, cost-effective pendant delivery system for the layers of light – and sound attenuation – you want, where you want them. StencilFlex incorporates all the benefits of F.L.E.X™ Technology, including cost-effective line-voltage lighting solutions at scale and trouble-free energy code compliance. A framework you build on The beauty of StencilFlex is in its design simplicity and freedom. Building-block design enables a true building-scale solution, as it allows several professionals to work on the project concurrently. And, unlike with low‑voltage lighting, F.L.E.X™ lighting systems are very energy‑efficient regardless of the layout, with low lighting power densities that ensure compliance with local energy codes based on ASHRAE/IESNA standards. Creating neighborhoods of light The StencilFlex design process begins with the framework, a cost-effective line‑voltage structure featuring patent‑pending IMW™ (Integral Modular Wiring) technology. Frameworks are built using prewired segment extrusions and Hubs to create different linear grids and repeatable patterns. Depending on lighting requirements and design intent, a StencilFlex layout can include several frameworks, each one a neighborhood light, or it can form a single, large-scale framework with multiple neighborhoods of light. Standard 0-10V zoning In its most basic form, StencilFlex™ lets you control lighting using a prewired framework with pre zoned inserts. StencilFlex is also compatible with all circuit-based wireless control systems. With a 0-10V wired system, lighting control is circuit-based. So you can control groupings of light in a specific area. Direct and Indirect Nomadic™ inserts are on different circuits. - Control area groupings of lighting inserts - Integral mini line-voltage driver in every Nomadic insert - Integral wiring throughout StencilFlex framework - Supports multiple fixed circuits with separate D/I control - Conceals cables for power drops with Stem Mount. Featuring Empower Developed by Axis, Empower is a worry‑free wireless platform that is easy to use. It leverages open‑standard design flexibility and individually controlled inserts, ensuring more freedom to create visually engaging lighting that is smart and connected. - Every insert features a mini driver and an Empower mini control module compatible with leading lighting control manufacturers. - Open protocols facilitate wireless programming through application software provided by qualified Empower partners. - Built-in intelligence means that wireless control is available in every insert, at all times… Move the insert, the control moves with it. Orchestrating layers of light Lighting inserts snap into framework segments and connect with IMW™ wiring harnesses. Inserts feature Nomadic™ technology to facilitate interchangeability (assistance of certified electrician required). Each insert is equipped with an IMW wire-in terminal and a hassle-free mini line‑voltage driver, eliminating the need to install remote drivers. - Linear Lighting Inserts (direct, indirect, direct-indirect, including MikroLite® downlighting and wall washing elements). - AxisTrak™ Inserts allowing for the integration of AxisTrak™ track lighting elements, Axis decorative pendants and third-party pendants anywhere along the rail. - Mini Power Inserts (MPIs) accepting Axis decorative pendants and third-party pendants. AxisTrak™ at a glance Newly developed by Axis, AxisTrak technology is a cost‑effective alternative to standard track lighting. AxisTrak Inserts combine the engineering value of StencilFlex line-voltage frameworks with the precise aiming and flexibility of low-voltage track lighting. This innovation translates into a price tag and installed cost that is far lower than for standard track systems. - AxisTrak lighting elements come prewired with AxisTrak on-track adaptors - Lightweight minimalist design with no remote drivers - AxisTrak inserts from 3’ to 8’ (to fit segments) - IMW™ connectability with StencilFlex segments - Integral constant-voltage driver (48V) - Multiple power levels (15 W/ft to 7.5 W/ft) to ensure code compliance. Expanding lighting design possibilities Axis has developed a new line of decorative pendants to coincide with the launch of StencilFlex. These prewired luminaires feature three mounting options: - In AxisTrak Inserts, with full adjustability along the low-voltage rail. - Directly in segments using cost-effective MPIs (Mini Power Inserts). - Standalone mounting directly on standard junction box (canopy provided; no need for remote drivers). The SoftZone® difference SoftZone provides unparalleled design flexibility for integrating acoustics in your StencilFlex layout. With SoftZone, you can create neighborhoods of intimacy where needed. SoftZone horizontal panels improve acoustics by trapping sound. The more sound absorption you need, the more SoftZone panels you use in the space. Features include a modular approach to meet evolving needs and 40 colors to choose from. Easy-to-clean SoftZone panels Made from polyester fill with natural anti-microbial properties - Periodic dusting with vacuum or dry cloth recommended. - For stain removal, use a small amount of soap or detergent on a wet cloth. - For added disinfection, use bleach solution (5 tablespoons per gallon of water), spray onto surface and gently wipe to spread all over.
  • Lumenwerx Rim
    Rim is available in over 13 shapes, some of which can be mounted as standalone pieces or combined to form new, unique luminaires. Certain shape (Round and Square) sizes can be reversed to have outward light. Also. certain shape (Round and Square) sizes can be mounted vertically. Multiples are composed of two or three sizes of the same shape. These standout pieces capture the imagination and leave a lasting impression as focal points or features of a particular site and/or the activities that populate it. Segments are partial shapes that can be used as discrete luminaires on their own or combined to form new shapes we call Systems. As with the rest of the Rim family, Rim Segments are decorative with a sleek profile suitable in any interior environment.
  • a Light RELAY
    Relay is a direct/indirect pendant system with 90° and 120° angles, enabling designers to configure diverse geometric patterns with a seamlessly lit shape. Relay luminaires are designed for high ceilings such as offices, libraries, high-end retail or food markets, and upscale gyms and recreational facilities such as yoga studios. High-performance TIR optics provide controled and efficient light. The luminaire can be specified with direct or indirect illumination, or a combination of both. Relay’s direct lighting offers reduced glare continuous illumination throughout the fixture, including corners. Indirect lighting features a batwing distribution, to highlight ceiling elements. Additional flexibility is available with a tunable white option or dim to warm, with a range from 2700K to 5000K, which can be configured with nLight® wireless lighting control solutions. Acoustic panels may be added to the fixture in four standard and 26 premium colors to complement or accentuate an aesthetic, while absorbing ambient sound in a space. Polyester felt panels, manufactured with recycled plastic bottles (PET), are 100% recyclable.
  • Edison Lighting Group SONIC DRUM+ (FS)
    Architectural sound absorbing Eco Felt Acoustic panel. Made from recyclable plastic material available in different thicknesses. Class1 Fire rated with 0.7 Noise Reduction Coefficient / 1” Acoustic. Light source: LED Board (5.5”/11”/22”/24”). Diffused illumination is provided by frosted opal lens. Extruded aluminum body comes with white, black or grey finish. Also available with custom colour options. LED Strips are rated for 60,000hrs. L80 with +85 CRI. Has a proven record in office, commercial and retail installations. Custom modifications are available. ED luminaires are certified to CSA and UL Standards.
  • Edison Lighting Group SUBSONIC TUBE+ (FS)
    Architectural sound absorbing Eco Felt Acoustic panel. Made from recyclable plastic material available in different thicknesses. Class1 Fire rated with 0.7 Noise Reduction Coefficient/1” Acoustic. Light source: COB LED. High efficiency integral reflector combined with opal lens insert provides excellent lighting distribution. Circular internal louver is available in a wide range of finishes. Aluminum body of the luminaire comes with built-in-driver. LED Spot is rated for 60,000hrs. L70 with +85 CRI. Has a proven record in office, commercial and retail installations. Custom modifications are available. ED luminaires are certified to CSA and UL Standards.
  • Eureka HENRI
    Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of its Henri architectural luminaire. Henri is a contemporary pendant offering a generous amount of direct illumination in a space. With its mix of curved lines and hard edges, Henri pendants can be utilized in various ways to accentuate modern work or hospitality environments. Individual pendants can illuminate an informal meeting space or serve as a centerpiece above dining room tables or reception seating. Designers can also group the fixtures in linear or organic arrays to create a unique effect in high-volume spaces such as halls and lobbies. Available in 11" and 17" diameters and in a black or white finish, Henri pendants can subtly integrate into a space or emerge as a bold design element. Cable or stem suspension options are available to create the desired effect. Installation and adjustments are simplified, with a discreet magnetic canopy hiding any hardware. High-performance LEDs offer superior performance, with up to 4200 delivered lumens. And a translucent diffuser provides uniform illumination. Different output levels may be specified to meet a diverse range of applications.
  • Lumenwerx Arro
    Visual interest and versatility come together in Arro, our new family of pendants easily recognizable by their triangular prism form. Offered in compact 2” and 4” widths, each Arro fixture is equipped with our proprietary HighEfficiency Lambertian Optic (HLO) providing Direct or Direct/Indirect light distribution at up to an impressive 119 lm/w. Arro’s design encourages play. Not only can Arro fixtures be installed as continuous linear runs, but they can also be joined to form patterns, thereby acting as both an architectural and a decorative element. Also fun are Arro’s preassembled triangle, rectangle, and square forms shipped directly from factory, custom sized shapes are also available. For noise control, our Arro 4 Acoustix luminaire is fitted with sound-absorbing material. Offered in a range of colors, Arro 4 Acoustix reinforces the family ’s appeal as good-looking and efficient lighting solutions. Adaptable to a wide variety of applications, Arro 4 Acoustix helps to dampen reverberation in a room.
    Light meets Acoustics – emotional, homely and smart. There has never been anything like the Lighting Pad Lounge. A timeless composition of style, acoustics and light. The upper part of the luminaire is made of high-quality shaped wood, which is set off by the acoustically effective embossed fleece used for the lower part. Together, a restrained statement emerges from the flowing, soft shape, the glare-free light, the warm materiality of the wood and the smart functionality. The sophisticated hybrid of luminaire and acoustic panel can be intuitively controlled via a sensor, Bluetooth® wireless technology or remote control and steplessly adjusted to the desired height on filigree steel cables by hand. With its homely, fine appearance, the Lighting Pad Lounge is predestined for foyers, restaurants and hotels, upscale retail and representative office and living areas.
  • Arancia Lighting YAA
    A minimal tube of light separated by four slender gaps forming an elegant circular array. Made of extruded and machine aluminum, this suspended luminaire provides a generous and wide spread of light.
  • Arancia Lighting Aster
    A unique suspended light fixture combining powerful LED lighting with 6 layers of acoustic felt. Ideal for noise reduction in open spaces, this product also stands out with its original flower shaped structure. Available in different shapes and color.
  • Arancia Lighting MJ Poly Double
    Minimal geometric lighting solution available in different shapes and sizes. This elegant luminaire compliments any space by it’s shape and diffuse adjustable lighting. Dimming version available.
  • Bover Valentina
    The concept of this lamp is based on a smooth head which draws a wavy shape on its perimeter, the clear contrast with the lamp inner part, that reminds us of the gentle and small oscillations that marine currents form on the Mediterranean coast.
  • Luminis SCENA
    Strength with style runs in the Scena family, allowing designers to achieve a total, unified effect across a landscape’s various lighting elements. Surface mounts and bollards lend a modern sophistication to a design. Clean simple lines hide the fact they are impact and tamper resistant and highly durable. LIGHT THE WAY Scena brings safety and security to outdoor environments with two versions, each accomplishing a specific lighting task. The Direct Light model offers a shielded light source providing an efficient light distribution with full cut-off. And the Diffused Light model offers a soft dispersed light distribution providing powerful general illumination. UNASSAILABLE STYLE Not just good looks. Clean modern elegance in a robust luminaire able to withstand the rigors of public spaces and high traffic pedestrian areas. HIGH OR LOW The Scena family gives specifiers the ability to mix and match a variety of models to satisfy their requirements. Round or square, designers can select a bollard best suited to its surroundings, then carry the aesthetic with complementary surface mount fixtures to nearby buildings. STANDARD FINISHES Offered in 10 standard colors to achieve a desired look. Custom finishes are available on request. ADDED ATTRACTION Achieve continuity of design with an amber version for turtle sensitive areas, and cross blades for a decorative touch with added protection. Our range of options let you bring variety to light.
  • Lumenwerx Pivot
    Lumenwerx announces Pivot, a next-level architectural 48V Magnetic Track System with integral drivers. Modular, compact at 1.55 inches in width, and expandable, it is composed of 10+ modules that can be mixed and matched to answer a wide variety of lighting applications. Pivot is offered in pendant and recessed options with direct or direct/indirect distributions and with infinite length possibilities. With our proprietary connectors, Pivot Linx, you can create any pattern or shape horizontally and vertically. Modular freedom The Pivot System provides novel solutions to lighting challenges that have increasingly emerged with the evolution of spaces as shared and multipurpose. It includes linear modules up to 8 feet, track heads, cylinders, and linear downlight modules, all of which are securely anchored to the magnetic track with our advanced V- Lock technology. Pivot is offered in 80, 90 and 95 CRI, Full Spectrum, as well as CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. Pivot Performance Pivot packs up to 1000 lm/ft for HLO and 1000 lm for track heads and cylinders. Pivot is offered in a variety of control options both wired and wireless. Changing it up… when you want to The Pivot System is able to take lighting schemes in different directions. The system is also very easy to change and re-change since modular installation and release is tool-free. Pivot broadens and brightens the horizon with an abundance of shapes and patterns for architectural applications, from high-end retail or sophisticated hospitality spaces to open-ceiling workplaces and lofty residential projects. With Pivot, the possibilities to stretch your creative boundaries are endless.
  • Lumenpulse Lumenquad Small and Medium
    Lumenquad has rounded yet another corner. The sleek and elegant Lumenquad, with its 3" profile and inconspicuous wiring or hardware, is one of the toughest luminaires on the market. With an IP66 rating and IK10 tempered glass, the Lumenquad can take what's out there and then some. The Lumenquad Advantage For every design there is an optic, for every architecture, a mounting option. For every installation, a control. For every ambiance, a colour temperature. For every height, an output. For every design there is a Lumenquad that can be personalised, whether it be dramatic accentuation or discreet floodlighting. Indoor or out, it's hip to be square. The fluid integration and ease of "in-the-field" installation is what makes Lumenquad's accessories noticeable yet natural. The improved pivot gives you accuracy and stability angled precisely to your application and vision. Why paint by numbers when you can make a quantum leap with Lumenquad?
  • Arancia Lighting Pola Box Recessed
    Recessed luminaire with independent heads designed so that no light is wasted in the trim even when pivoted to its maximum of 30° on each side. The optics can be adjusted separately; interchangeable reflectors, two snoot lengths, and high powered chip-on board LED sources are available. Compatible with Triac dimmers.
  • Visa Lighting Celest
    The Celest pendants with acoustic panels, provide modern lighting options for large high-traffic architectural spaces. Visa Lighting is excited to introduce the Celest collection. These large-venue pendant lights boast three modern designs in geometric shapes: triangle, rectangle, and hexagon. Each suspended pendant is offered in two sizes, ranging from 3 to 5 feet. Celest was designed with large, evenly-illuminated acrylic lenses to provide high lumen output in a comfortable, glare-free way. These bold architectural luminaires boast high lumen packages that allow them to be major light sources in large open spaces such as offices, lobbies, atriums, theaters, auditoriums, and conference halls. The geometric fixtures are available with color temperatures including 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with semi-direct or direct-indirect light distribution options. The Celest collection is available in our 20+ standard painted finishes, our exclusive eco-friendly alternative metal finishes, and new acoustic-dampening materials in a broad range of neutral and bright colors. Acoustic-dampening materials absorb sound, reducing noise levels in a room. Acoustic solutions are becoming more important as we look to healthy office designs and large interior spaces of the future. Some of the benefits of adding acoustic-dampening materials to your large venue space include: the reduction of echoes and background noise, improved sound quality for clear conversations, and an increased sense of peacefulness that can help reduce stress and improve well-being for those spending long periods within the space. Most acoustic-dampening light fixtures do not have enough surface area to make a real difference unless many fixtures are used. The Visa Lighting Celest pendants are large enough to provide significant acoustic effects without overloading a space. Acoustic panels are applied to the sides of the geometric shapes providing multiple, large flat surface areas of sound dampening material; it's also a fun way to add texture and color. The Noise Reduction Coefficient, or NRC, is a measure of how much sound a surface absorbs across the range of typical human speech. Sabins are a measure of the equivalent area of an object if it were made of 100 percent sound-absorbent material. Put in mathematical terms, sabins = real area x NRC. This formula is a key part of any acoustic calculation. The acoustic panels Visa Lighting employ on Celest offer between 5.4 ft2 to 21.7 ft2 sabins, depending on the model shape and size chosen. The bottom line is that if you add more surfaces in your space with high sabins values, it will decrease the sound reverberation time and create a quieter environment. Celest’s large, paneled sides also provide the perfect canvas for modification and custom opportunities. Logos, patterns, and other custom designs can easily be added. “When creating the Celest large-venue collection, our task was to create a modern luminaire as an alternative to the traditional large-venue bowl or dome lights,” says Visa Lighting Product Engineer Zach Perszyk. “We took this to the next level by thinking about the needs of large-venue spaces and addressing things like acoustics, reducing light glare, and adding output options for emphasizing indirect or direct lighting. Because we often process custom product requests, we also designed these fixtures to be canvas-like, serving as a blank slate for a designer’s ideas.” Another feature of the Celest products is their environmentally-friendly components. Our Celest collection is made from highly recyclable and lightweight aluminum. The acoustic dampening felt is 100 percent recyclable polyester material and can assist with LEED project points. To reduce transportation costs and packaging materials, these pendants are packed and shipped flat, and the panels can be easily attached on-site.
  • Modular Lighting Instruments Tetrix
    We had a bit of a game in mind when we designed our new recessed downlighter, Tetrix. Playing with pieces, fitting them together in all kinds of intricate ways. Tetrix invites you to give it your personal touch with design options and accessories. It’s versatile, fits everywhere, and is a breeze to install. It all fits together A cascade of design possibilities will keep coming. Compose your Tetrix with a choice of design, installation and accessory. Feel like trying another combination? Simply start again. All components can be clicked into one another interchangeably. Plenty of playful Tetrix offers you a choice of accessories, adding visual comfort, aesthetics, fun and individuality to each design. Try honeycomb and snoot, already part of our Qbini family, or our light cones in two sizes (Ø44, Ø64). Connected, easy install, everywhere Turn Tetrix (gear excluded) into a smart lighting solution by linking a remote driver of your choice with a Hue or Casambi module. Tetrix’s installation is easy peasy, with a recessed ring of adjustable height, or an installation ring with flange. An IP55 rating for all designs, including the adjustable version, truly makes Tetrix for everywhere.
  • Planlicht TRIFLECT
    TRIFLECT is our brand new profile luminaire with integrated LED downlights. It comes in two different sizes and is available as recessed, surface mounted or suspended version. And thanks to insets for PURE 3, TRIFLECT perfectly fits into the exclusive PLANLICHT profile system for profile lines of individual lengths. LET IT SHINE! Choose from two different reflector materials. Silver Matte reflectors provide a colour temperature of 4.000 K – perfect for every workplace! High-Gloss Gold makes TRIFLECT a glamorous highlight in any interior design and the golden reflectors create a slightly warmer lighting of 3.800 K. ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS & FEATURES Beyond different mounting types, sizes, colours and reflector materials, TRIFLECT is also available with a number of additional features and functionalities: Choose between different textile-covered power cables in various colours or add indirect lighting capabilities to your TRIFLECT suspended luminaire. Emergency lighting with integrated batteries is available on request.
  • Mark Architectural MARKLINE 101 & MARKCOVE 102
    KEEP A LOW PROFILE Gain superior design flexibility from a low profile. With cutting-edge optical performance that precisely places static or dynamic light, Markline 101 and Markcove 102 linear accent and cove lighting solutions create bold statements from minimal aperture. Complete with multiple mounting options and lengths at 12 inches and more. Greater design options come from less luminaire. UNMATCHED OPTICS Make a bold statement. A multi-diode emitter for tunable white and dynamic color enhances the blending of light, critical in near-field and tight beam applications. Choose from 7 precise distribution options ranging from 9° x 9° to 120° x 120° and asymmetric wall wash. DELIBERATELY DESIGNED FOR SMALL SPACES With horizontal surface, vertical surface, cove and cable-suspended mounting options, Markline 101 and Markcove 102 enable lighting designers to push the limits of lighting design. 12-inch lengths allow for curved configurations, while the 18-inch cove option allows for 6-inch increments. MORE ELEMENTS - 250 to 1000 lumens per foot - 120-277 onboard driver - Honeycomb and louver baffle options - Glare shield - Clear lens standard with frosted and partially frosted lens options
  • Gotham Incito™ 4" Direct-Indirect Cylinders
    Our new direct-indirect wall mount cylinder not only emits light in both direction, it lets you specify downlight and uplight optics independently. Whether it is grazing, creating contrast, or bringing depth to vertical surfaces, you can achieve your desired lighting effect. Incito™ high-center beam distributions produce a sharp contrast with crisp highlights and deep shadows. With twelve different optical distributions available, ranging from 10-degree beam angle to a 65-degree beam angle, allow designers to achieve a unique specifications for their project. Additionally, four accessory options are available to expand the illumination offering even further for a customizable finish. Wet location and IP66 options are available, ensuring the cylinders are suitable for outdoor applications within harsh climate conditions. Cylinders are also offered in over 19 vivid colors to give designers the freedom to maintain the design aesthetic.
  • Focal Point Lights Eave
    DESIGN A decorative acoustic pendant with a nominal 11" height and lengths from 3' to 6' in 1-foot increments. Real wood end caps and matching canopies made of rift sawn oak available in three colorations, black and white painted canopies also available. Uses AirCore™: patent pending, eco-friendly technology to maximize sound absorption and reduce ecological impact. Acoustic material is available in a wide color palette, ranging from neutral to bold, to provide design flexibility and personalization for any project. PERFORMANCE Lambertian or wide batwing indirect distribution, Lambertian direct distribution. Acoustic housing material is made of 100% polyester containing up to 50% of recycled plastic bottles (PET). Declare certified, LBC Red List Free. ASTM E-84 Class A / CAN ULC S102 fire rating and moisture resistant. APPLICATION Ideal for commercial offices: reception, teamwork and hospitality areas, conference rooms, as well as educational facilities. Companion to the Seem 1 Acoustic and Seem 1 Acoustic Trio products with a matching nominal baffle width and shared PET felt color palette.