• Landscape Forms Outline
    Outline reinterprets the familiar light column, communicating refinement and elegance with the robustness required for public space environments. A performance luminaire, a wayfinding element and an architectural detail, Outline is equally at home in the streetscape or on campus, beautifully defining space through form and light. The family includes luminaires at 10’, 12’, and 4’ heights, each with a selection of distribution options and lumen packages to tailor Outline’s visual experience. The 4’ bollard is also offered in an unlit version to provide further options in space delineation.
    While warmly capturing the look and feel of another time, Kanata delivers outstanding photometric performance. Its state-of-the-art light engine makes it suitable for lighting roadways or providing an added margin of safety in busy urban environments. The catenary mount is an interesting alternative when traditional lighting poles are not feasible or desired.
  • Stoane Lighting Mushroom
    Exterior rated “dark skies” friendly luminaire using downward light to illuminate shrubbery, landscapes and pathways. Desert spike, ground spike or mounting plate. Precision machined from 70 – 90% recycled aluminum. LED 95+ CRI, multiple CCTs available. 5 Year warranty.
  • Targetti CHIOBO WALL
    CHIOBO is available in new Wall version for surface applications. With two different emission styles in one fixture. An indirect emission that radiates diffused light on surfaces, creating two different luminous effects. The Flat version illuminates the surface with a soft halo effect and the Angled version with a 20° asymmetric for more suggestive effect. ADA compliant with an IP66 outdoor rating for applications that require pedestrian interaction within exterior environments..
  • Eureka LATTICE
    The Lattice family of luminaires seamlessly blends innovation and striking design features across three distinct shapes. ELEGANCE IN LAYERS Each Lattice luminaire holds one single, robust form with multiple elegantly intricate layers. Lattice is a masterpiece of metal 3D printing, offering not just a light source but a centerpiece that commands attention. SOFTENED SPACES Lattice’s layered complexity is not just aesthetic; it’s a deliberate design choice that lets light pass through delicately, creating a gentle, ambient glow. Lattice creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in a space. SHAPE OF SOPHISTICATION Whether sphere, cone, or cylinder, each Lattice luminaire is a statement of luxury and modernity. They are not just lighting fixtures; they are sculptural elements, ideal for those who appreciate the finer details.
  • Arancia IRIS
    Slim drum like fixture, Iris is a suspended luminaire that provides a generous and wide spread general lighting. The beveled conical baffle adds a unique touch to this cylindrical fixture. Available in heigths of 3in and 6in. The tall version enables the direct and indirect option.
  • Hydrel Hyline501 RGBW QT
    Hyline501 Quad Tech RGBW integrates the latest LED innovations and custom optics that deliver pure light, accurate color, and high lumen output. Quad Tech RGBW offers precise color matching and endless color selection. It is designed with advanced lenses that emit high-quality and high-output lighting, resulting in uniform landscapes and environments. The Hyline501 linear accent family offers a rigid construction and updated form that improves sealing properties and ensures no water intrusion. It offers superior optical performance and efficacy along with design flexibility in the smallest of profiles. - High-performance color mixing, with no color separation with Quad Tech RGBW - Make it close and personal with Quad Tech RGBW. Select soft pastels and bold, saturated colors with confidence, as Quad Tech RGBW prevents striations and color separation in wall grazing or wall-washing applications. - Grazing or wall washing lighting effects to highlight architectural features and facades - DMX with RDM option - Available in 2ft or 4ft lengths with wide-open distribution placing light where intended - 3G vibration rating per ANSI C136.31 - IP66 rated - Mounting accessories, extra shielding options avalable - Available in a range of finishes The Hyline501 linear accent family is complete with advanced dimming and dynamic features; such as Static White, Static Color, Tunable White, RGBW, Quad Tech RGBW and Warm Dimming. Whether flood lighting, grazing or wall washing this outdoor linear accent luminaire provides exceptional beam control for precise illumination.
  • Intense Lighting GX Adapt
    Adapts To Your Space The GX Adapt is a modern, compact luminaire that redefines the traditional multiple light fixture. It boasts a sleek, small form factor and combines the architectural refinement of Birchwood extrusions and machined endcaps with the renowned optical performance of Intense Lighting. This makes it an ideal choice for offices, hospitality spaces, and high-end retail environments. The GX Adapt is available in pendant and surface mounted configurations, and its stylish design and superior functionality make it a perfect lighting solution for various commercial applications. - Powerful 2-inch aperture heads provide up to 800 lumens each in 1 to 4-head configurations - Seamless operation with tool-free adjustability - Effortless aiming with 30° vertical tilt and 360° horizontal rotation - 3.25” extruded housing can be surface mounted or cable suspended
  • Lumenwerx EVOQ
    Evoq is an adaptable cove lighting system comprising modular light fixtures, various mounting options, and precision-engineered optics, among other components. Evoq's modular fixtures come in 12", 18", and 48" lengths, delivering powerful illumination of up to 1200 lm/ft and ranging from 3W to 12W. The optic options—Asymmetric Narrow Optic (ANO) or Asymmetric Wide Optic (AWO)—emit clean beams with uniformly distributed indirect light and zero light spill. Evoq ramps serve as prebuilt structures for integrating light fixtures, concealing wiring, and assuming the form of the architectural cove. Available in Mud-in, Direct Mount, and Field-Curvable options, they are quick and easy to install and can be field-cut to fit various designs. Simultaneously ready-made and customizable, Evoq's ramps streamline installation, effectively reducing labor costs and positioning Evoq as a highly cost-effective cove lighting solution.
  • Luminis SYRIOS PRO
    Syrios Pro is a complete family of high performance luminaires for interior/exterior applications. With no visible hardware, this clean-lined redesign combines style with function for a flawless, minimalist look. Available in round and square in two sizes (4.5”and 6”), these luminaires are versatile, allowing for seamless integration within a large variety of projects. Flexibility Reimagined The 355° adjustable module rotation is crucial for optimizing light direction. This allows lighting designers to adjust illumination to suit a specific need or accentuate different areas within a space. In addition, the 30° tilting mechanism is ideal for highlighting masonries, overhang canopies and pathways. More Power Play Available with 6°, 15°, 30° or 55° beam angles lighting designers can meet specific lighting requirements and create illumination that is directed precisely where it needs to be. Whether a project requires soft, diffused illumination for larger areas, pathways, under canopies, or accent lighting on architectural details, Syrios Pro has you covered.
  • Eureka ROOF
    Roof’s colorful felted texture, distinctive geometric features, and large rectilinear frame add visual appeal to any space. Low-glare illumination and sound-absorbing properties combine to create a comfortable and focused environment. With softened lines and a rounded diffuser nestled inside its shade, Roof holds a room in a cushiony embrace. (Where to) raise the Roof The choice of 4’ or 6’ lengths and surface or suspended mounting are available to best fit different application types. Surface mounting is preferred for lower ceiling applications, such as corridors and small office spaces. Suspended mounting fits best in open area environments with higher or unfinished ceilings, where designers can take advantage of the scale of the product. Roof’s large diffuser lens provides low-glare illumination that isn’t harsh on the eyes when underneath it. Meeting the WELL standards for lighting, Roof delivers good quality of light with minimal glare, flicker, and good color rendition. Roof offers a direct Lambertian distributio of up to 566 lm/ft. An acoustic felt frame absorbs reflected sounds in a room. Particularly well-suited for environments with hard surfaces and tall glass windows. Designed for comfort Roof cultivates a focused environment, making it an excellent choice for areas where concentration or collaboration is desired. An optional uplight distribution, independently controlled from the downlight, provides softly diffused ceiling illumination. Intended to add extra light to an environment while reducing contrasting surface shadows, this option can make a space appear larger. Reduced glare indirect illumination of up to 460 lm/ft is gently reflected back into the space. Direct/indirect illumination delivers up to 1,026 lm/ft. Joint venture In environments where more light and sound absorption is needed, multiple Roofs can be installed for end-to-end connectivity. Catch the color craze With 24 felt color finishes to choose from, including the option of different colored end panels, Roof makes it easy to create playful environments. 14 colored cable options are also available to add to the design. From matching tones in a vibrant school setting to a company’s branded color palette, Roof gives designers countless options to add some fun to a space!
    Experience design differently with Tierra IGF Family. Tierra ingrades for distinctive locations. Tierra IGF offers higher delivered lumens, more color temperatures, and more options than the average ingrade - in a compact design. The Tierra IGF Series defines modern lighting design with superior performance and long-lasting finishes. It's time to experience design differently. Features 1. Small Form Factor With only 4.4" and 6.38" diameters, the Tierra series is an ingrade that combines impact and corrosion-resistant materials, optimal beam control and superior performance. 2. Impressive Lighting Output Tierra delivers exceptional uniformity and on-target illumination. Its precision optical system offers excellent controlled beam angles. 3. Smart Modular Design Its modular design allows for easy installation, driver replacement, and light source updates as technology advances. 4. Outlast the Outdoors Tierra incorporates innovative sealing capabilities, superior materials, and long-lasting finishes, promising decades of use with minimal maintenance. Its structural integrity is unmatched. Pushing boundaries of uplighting. Every evening, extraordinary. Tierra offers engineering excellence in lighting design for harsh environments and challenging locations. Designed with the highest level of water ingress protection in its category and rigorously tested, Tierra IGF is a commercial-grade outdoor luminaire that promises decades of use with minimal maintenance. Passion Inspired Committed to lighting performance, Tierra features the most advanced sources and optics to create a wide variety of lighting effects. Combining today’s smaller, more efficient sources with precision optical platforms creating an even light spread for a uniform, noticeably superior illumination. More Innovation The ingrade provides a much higher packing density of LED array than traditional ingrades, resulting in a higher intensity & excellent uniformity of light.
  • Focal Point Seem 1 Shapes
    The Seem 1 Family welcomes two statement-making luminaires: Seem 1 Trio & Seem 1 Quartet. Available in two diameters of 4' and 6'; suspended, surface, and recessed mounting options enable the creation of patterns or artful clusters in addition to stand-alone luminaires. Standard configurations include Lambertian and batwing lensed optics, with stylized lit end caps, point sources, and louvers also available. Follow your inspiration to explore the design possibilities. Design Flexibility The two shapes, Trio and Quartet, are offered in two nominal diameters: 4' and 6', with Recessed, Suspended, and Surface mounting options. They can be used to create a pattern, clustered, or as single luminaires. Visual Statement Eye-catching features: lit end caps, louvers, and point sources add personality to the luminaires and provide a quick and easy alternative to customization. Natural Warmth and Beauty Enliven interior with The Naturals, a coordinate collection of nature-inspired finishes that bring organic beauty to luminaires and acoustic solutions. Multiple Distributions Lambertian, wide direct and indirect batwing, point source downlights and deeply regressed louvers provide comfortable illumination and design flexibility to meet the needs of diverse spaces. Superior Performance Lumen outputs from 750lm to 15,750lm make the luminaires suitable for a variety of applications.
    Obforma is a sleek, obround acoustic fixture that blends superior acoustics and exceptional visual appeal with its curvilinear form and defined axis. Its gracefully uniform and diffused obround lighting selections stand out among the impressive array of lighting options. Whether it's small aperture downlights or expansive diffuse options, Obforma invites a sense of tranquility to your project. EXPANDING FORMS, RHYTHMS, AND LIGHTING SPECIFICATIONS Obforma is designed as a system that expands to accommodate your design expression and simultaneously meets acoustic needs. Obround shapes, which are elongated circles or ovals with straight sides, offer unique possibilities for geometric arrangements and visual rhythms. These can range from simple grids to complex tessellations that play with negative and positive space, all while effectively mitigating noise pollution within various environments. Obforma provides versatile lighting with dynamic illumination suitable for different settings while meeting high standards with a 90CRI. It offers dimmable focused lighting options in 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, and 4000k, ensuring a gentle, evenly distributed illumination across a large panel surface. INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES THAT ENHANCE ACOUSTICS Obforma is a durable acoustic fixture, thanks to its sewn construction and innovative 9mm felt design. Developed with a technique pioneered by Sabin, it eliminates the need for multiple parts, extra processes, and complex assembly typically associated with achieving rounded shapes. This streamlined approach not only enhances durability but also ensures efficient sound management. By seamlessly blending form and function, the Obforma sets a new benchmark for acoustic lighting solutions, offering durability, ease of installation, and exceptional performance.
  • Visa Lighting DUNE
    The softened silhouette of Dune offers an air of comfort, making it perfect for a wide range of markets such as hospitality, corporate, healthcare, and education. As with the other luminaires in the Terra Collection, Dune is available with high quality Optional 90+ CRI (2700K sources are 90+ CRI standard). - Clean vertical form factor with both up and down light - 5 optical control options for downlight - High or low lumen output options - Remote Driver (RMD) or Driver in Canopy (SDC) configurations available - Optional 90+ CRI (2700K sources are 90+ CRI standard) - Remote Driver (RMD) includes round canopy 5-1/4” diameter and 1/2” deep - Driver in canopy (SDC) includes round canopy 6-3/8” diameter and 1-1/2” deep - Suspended by two slim black, white, or grey braided cloth-covered single conductor power cords - Aluminum construction - Outer panel and inner component finishes selected separately - Canopy is painted white - Canopy can be rotated to align pendants and/or oriented within a space - BAA (Buy American Act) and BABA (Build American, Buy America) compliant
  • Visa Lighting SUMMIT
    Elevate your next lighting design to new heights with the long, clean lines of the Summit. Also, add a pop of color to Summit, or any of the luminaires in the Terra Collection, by choosing any of our 21 non-VOC powder coat finishes to create a “custom-like” appearance. - BAA and BABA compliant - Clean vertical form factor with both up and down light - 5 optical control options for downlight - High or low lumen output options - Remote Driver (RMD) or Driver in Canopy (SDC) configurations available - Optional 90+ CRI (2700K sources are 90+ CRI standard) - Remote Driver (RMD) includes round canopy 5-1/4” diameter and 1/2” deep - Driver in canopy (SDC) includes round canopy 6-3/8” diameter and 1-1/2” deep - Suspended by two slim black, white, or grey braided cloth-covered single conductor power cords - Aluminum construction - Outer panel and inner component finishes selected separately - Canopy is painted white - Canopy can be rotated to align pendants and/or oriented within a space
  • Pinnacle Architectural Lighting SORREL
    Sorrel is a family of three distinct products where each serves a different distinct application and purpose; UP (where the majority of light is upwards for indirect lighting benefits); DOWN (where the majority of light is downwards for direct task-oriented work); and NEUTRAL where there is an equal balance of upwards and downward lighting providing balanced illumination in a space. The basis of design for Sorrel is to evoke an open awareness of light. Dual planes of even illumination lay in parallel form. The center space opening yields a spaciousness that consequently minimizes the overall profile. Because of this openness, the utilization of parallel lines of light provides higher lighting performance that is inconspicuous, and disguises the form, yet provides higher levels of illumination. The structure and body of Sorrel is centered around curvature and softness. Deviating from the traditional rigid, rectilinear shapes, Sorrel offers soft curved corners, soft curved rails, and soft curved angles. This combination creates a gentle and elegant lighting series of products. Lastly, in a world of choices, non-illuminated, yet structurally aligned, connector shapes, allow for endless geometries that help redefine the ceiling plane and provide design flexibility to place the light exactly where it is intended.
  • Arancia Lighting IRIS
    Slim drum like fixture, Iris is a ceiling mount luminaire that provides a generous and wide spread general lighting. The beveled conical baffle adds a unique touch to this cylindrical fixture. Available in heights of 3in and 6in this luminaire offers a wide variety of size and color configurations.
  • Insight Lighting Masque 100
    - Housing: Heavy Duty A380 Die-Cast Aluminum - Lens: Tempered Glass - Finish: High Durability Powder Coating - Warranty: 5-Year Limited - Operating Temp: -40° C TO 50° C - Lumen Maintenance: 100,000 Hours - Certification: IP66, IK07, 3G
  • Insight Lighting Medley Argo Pro
    - Housing: Precision Extruded Aluminum - Lens: High Density Tempered Glass - Finish: High Durability Powder Coating - Operating Temp: -20° C To 50° C - Warranty: 5-Year Limited - Lumen Maintenance: 75,000 Hours - Certification: IP67, IK07, 3G Option, Buy American Act Option
  • Insight Lighting Prospot Ingrade
    - Housing: Die-Cast Aluminum - Lens: Clear Tempered Glass - Warranty: 5-Year Limited - Operating Temp: -20° C to 50° C - Lumen Maintenance: 75,000 Hrs L70 - Certification: IP67, IK09, Buy American Act - Walk/Drive-over compliant up to 8000 lbs in concrete pour
  • Targetti HD
    Aesthetic, functional lighting. HD takes suspended luminaries to a whole new level. The union between fashionable and functional offers an architecturally appealing and visually comfortable luminaire that is both recognizable yet discrete.
  • Litecontrol Aira
    SCALE Without Weight Lights overhead provide a false ceiling plane, the perceived weight of which can enclose the space. Aira’s open center construction, especially when used in high ceiling applications, allows this secondary ceiling plane to feel less heavy and therefore, unquestionably more elegant. Aira delivers a semi-direct (25 /75) distribution, designed primarily for open ceilings but appropriate for a range of applications. A complementary wall-mount fixture shares design language and performance with the pendant while meeting ADA requirements. Define your Space Space definition allows one to interpret the environment. Aira’s luminous, open-center system connectors enable this definition without sacrificing the spirit of the luminaire. The flexibility your environment demands, executed with the thoughtfulness Aira demands. Elegant from all Angles Subtle details define the architectural environment, and subtle details define Aira as well. A clean read of brightness at the leading edge of the extruded rail provides definition. A design detail that helps define the fixture, and therefore your space, as exceptional. Viewing life from all angles provides a confidence, an understanding. Viewing Aira from all angles provides the same. Complement your Palette Aira cross bar inserts can be customized to complement your architectural vision. Additionally, Kurt Versen finishes are standard options to allow seamless integration of point source and linear lighting solutions. Performance At comparable spacing, Aira's performance results in a 10% LPD reduction while delivering significant improvement in workplane uniformity vs. a traditional plank luminaire. Additionally, comparable lighting performance can be achieved with a reduction in rows, resulting in reduced installation costs (not shown).
  • Cyclone Lighting LUPA
    Cyclone Lighting, an established leader in the manufacture of outdoor luminaires, today announced that it has released its Lupa luminaire. Lupa offers modern, minimalist styling with optics that create an inviting, glare-free experience. Lupa features a disk shape, no visible hardware, and a seamlessly integrated arm to bring a contemporary feel and refined look to public spaces. It is intended for urban landscapes such as courtyards, university and corporate campuses, urban parks, city squares, transit access, and transitional areas. With nighttime use of public spaces on the rise, there is an emphasis on human-focused lighting that responds to the emotional need for that space to feel safe, warm, and welcoming. Lupa was intentionally designed with lower pole heights to contribute to this feeling of security. Yet, its light engine produces a gentler, more comfortable gradient for a softer look and glare-free environment. Lupa’s light engine also features the latest ink technology in its diffuser to deliver broader, more even light distribution. Luminosity is uniform and unpixellated in appearance. City planners may choose from symmetric distribution for wide open spaces such as courtyards, asymmetric distribution for streets and alleyways, or pathway distribution for illuminating linear pedestrian routes. Cast aluminum housing contributes to a high-quality, robust construction. Performance packages from P10 (3,260 delivered lumens) to P50 (15,880 delivered lumens) may be selected. Lupa is IP66-rated and dark sky friendly.
  • Focal Point Seem Sweep™ 2
    The Seem 2 Family curves, bends, and sways to follow architecture or your design whim! Seem Sweep 2 is a narrow, 2.5" aperture curvilinear luminaire that provides a complete tool kit to easily create soft shapes with rounded corners and curvy to straight lines of light. S shapes, ellipses or hairpin turns can be specified from the cut sheets using standard radii and angles. Seem Sweep 2 Suspended and Surface Mount are available with Lambertian direct and indirect or batwing indirect illumination. Follow your inspiration and explore the design possibilities.
  • Vibia Array
    Array is an exploration of thread and its potential to create lightweight and dynamic sculptures of light. Composed of an array of fine threads pulled taut between two rings, the collection presents a variety of conical and cylindrical silhouettes that can be combined together to form a compelling installation. Marking the first collaboration between Vibia and designer Umut Yamac, Array envelops rather than invades the space it occupies. Experimenting with light, Yamac manipulates layers of technically-processed thread into majestic, three-dimensional volumes that shimmer overhead. Balanced by the weight of the aluminium rings, the threads are held in tension to create a delicate, lightweight form. Solid, yet translucent, the layered lines of cord influence the visitor’s perception of volume, weight and depth to create a new spatial experience. Combining soft downlighting with an alluring upwards glow, a light source concealed within the lower ring washes upwards from below to produce a spectacular gradient effect as it interacts with the tone and texture of the threads. The layering effect creates an interference pattern, or moire, which produces the illusion of movement with the shifting gaze of the viewer, the threads seeming to vibrate as the light passes through. Array makes a striking statement for a variety of commercial and residential spaces. The collection incorporates three different heights in various shapes, the largest of which extends to nearly two metres in height and 124 cm in diameter. The matte black of the aluminium rings is complemented by the soft hue of the threads, which come in a warm terra red, sober green and neutral beige to suit a variety of contemporary palettes.
    ARKUS is ALW's newest innovative Linear and Ring family bringing elegant design and sophisticated performance to your projects. Utilizing InfinityWave™ Light Guide Technology, ARKUS features a sleek form factor with elegantly thin, curved side walls providing comfortable illumination. Light is unencumbered as it pours from the 2" or 3" light chamber, complimented by a curved organic exterior; a fixture that is truly meant to be seen. ARKUS features show stopping form while form while delivering sustainable function. Featuring a Declare Label, ARKUS Suspended offers high efficacy illumination of up to 165lm/W and 750lm/ft with a UGR <15. Choose between various indirect optical distributions adding further versatility to the most unique lighting designs. Striving to enhance the human experience through illumination, ARKUS is intended to be seen and admired, elevating your space beyond routine lighting designs. Combining linear and ring profiles in both modern and organic form factors, ARKUS transforms ordinary spaces into captivating solutions for every application.
  • Targetti CATIRPEL
    CATIRPEL is a flexible modular outdoor system designed for landscape and architectural applications that require great installation flexibility and accurate light control. Designed to enhance nature, CATIRPEL is ideal for irregular curved or undulating surfaces. It can be easily be integrated into any environment and provides individual control of each luminaire module. The ball joint system allows for each luminaire module to be freely aimed and secured to a precise position with a locking screw.
  • Insight Lighting Prospot Square
    A high-performance projector for exterior applications.
  • Peerless PRIM
    Striking a balance between what a luminaire should do and how it should feel, Prim holds sacred the idea that a space should have a continuous flow uninterrupted by intrusive light, and that occupants should benefit from comfortable, glare-free light whose source remains discreet. Prim’s all-around seamless design and array of options maintains the continuity of a space, generating harmony across the entire lighting application. This blend of human-centric illumination and design intentionality elevates Prim to be the peak of linear lighting solutions. Seamless for Harmony With a clean minimalist appeal for recessed and linear pendants, Prim blends a regressed seamless lens with architectural trims creating a pristine aesthetic. Quiet by Design With thoughtful, purposeful intent, the components of a traditional downlight have been designed to minimize top-down flash and high-angle glare, providing a soft, even illumination. Preserve the Flow A choice between ribbed or smooth trim options and a host of colors. That, plus a choice of square or sculpted endcaps simplifies keeping the visual flow consistent throughout the space. Fast Link A hassle-free, patent-pending electromechanical union with integrated electrical connection combines both operations with one quick, secure link. Max Latitude Install-friendly mounting bridges adjust +/-12” to easily work around obstructions, delivering substantial time savings and flexibility. Elevate Your Control Available with integral drives including emergency option for simple, control solutions. For projects that require maximum controllability, Modulus™ technology is available.
  • Lumenwerx The Ecana Family
    Lumenwerx is delighted to launch Ecana, a family of downlights embodying a philosophy that celebrates the simplicity of minimalist design artfully integrated with the most advanced optical system on the market. Ecana fixtures are refined and versatile. Their streamlined, uncomplicated forms allow for their seamless integration into diverse interior environments. At their core, they feature the proprietary XPoint™ Refraction Technology, the sophisticated and state-of-the-art optical system that employs intersecting micro-optical paths to ensure the emission of precise, soft, and visually comfortable illumination with zero light spill. Versatility Ecana downlights are designed with clean lines and a focus on the essential elements of lighting. They are available as round and square fixtures in sizes of 3″, 4″, and 6″, and in fixed, adjustable, and wall wash models. Different accessories, subtle trim styles, and color temperature control options provide for addressing a diverse range of applications with practical and refined lighting solutions. Ecana’s adjustable fixtures, in particular, offer expanded design possibilities by allowing precise control over the direction of light. This flexibility facilitates the creation of layered lighting designs and makes it easier to adapt to changing environments, such as alterations in spatial arrangements or furniture layouts. The 3″ and 4″ models boast an integrated sliding mechanism for tilt and rotation adjustments. Meanwhile, 6″ fixtures feature a fast-thread design enabling quick tilting and locking of the tilt angle in place with a screwdriver. The 6″ fixtures can be rotated by hand to the desired degree using practical angle indicators. Suitability Ecana downlights are available for New Construction and Remodel projects to cover typical installation requirements. The family offers four mounting bar options: standard bar hangers, commercial bar hangers, flush mount bars, and hat channel bars, all adjustable to address a variety of applications. The Ecana family achieves a harmonious balance between form and function, ensuring industry-leading performance and quality that enriches any environment.
  • Lumenwerx Aera Deep
    Lumenwerx proudly introduces the Aera Deep product line, the latest downlight additions to the Aera family renowned for its versatility, sleek design, high-tech features, and outstanding performance across downlights, multi-apertures, and cylinders. Aera Deep comes in two models—Aera Deep Prism and Aera Deep Smooth—that introduce a unique deep baffle feature to the Aera family. This depth allows for an exceptionally low-glare quality of light and a visually quiet ceiling. With a precise coupling of optic and trim, these high-performance luminaires seamlessly install as IC-rated, non-IC-rated, or Chicago Plenum-rated types. The Aera Deep Prism and Aera Deep Smooth integrate XPoint™ Refraction to achieve crisp and exacting beams. Aera Deep Prism further enhances its luminous emission through Diamond Prism Optic™ (DPO™) technology, which contributes to a luxurious and comfortable experience of light. Aera Deep Prism luminaires share a purposeful connection with the Curvia 2 Prism and Via 2 Prism series, forming a unique mini collection of round, square, linear, and curvilinear fixtures. Unified by functional capabilities and a minimalist prism aesthetic, these luminaires can illuminate alone or together, allowing for countless combinations in creating complete and cohesive lighting designs.
  • Chameleon Lighting Illumilight
    Introducing the cutting-edge ILLUMILIGHT from Chameleon Lighting. Illumilight is a revolutionary light fixture that redefines the way we illuminate spaces. With its innovative design, ILLUMILIGHT offers unparalleled flexibility in distribution options, selectable wattage, and various lengths ranging from 2ft to 8ft with the ability for seamless continuous runs. Versatility is key with ILLUMILIGHT, as it can be effortlessly mounted on walls and surfaces, recessed into ceilings, or suspended, adapting seamlessly to any architectural setting. Choose from elegant white, sophisticated silver, or bold black color options to complement your aesthetic preferences. Illuminate your surroundings with ILLUMILIGHT and redefine the way you experience light.
  • Targetti VADER
    VADER is an All-In-One adjustable flood light projector that offers the extreme flexibility in optic, color temperature, and mounting configuration. One product, one code. All environments. VADER is a 5" Dia. aperture flood light projector. Its distinct vaso style shape is designed for maximum heat dissipation with optimal lumen performance. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand for easy of onsite focus aiming. VADER features a variable ZOOM optical system that is adjustable by hand without opening the product from SP 22º to MWFL 42º, with a max of 1114Lm. Degree indicators every 2º and a fix locking screw, allowing easy field focusing and aiming. VADER provides dynamic Tunable White LEDs 1800K–4000K, any color temperature for flexibility in all project installations. Each luminaire has a mechanical aim locking system adjustable from -20° to +90° on the vertical surface with set screw and free rotation of 355° with degree indicators every 15º. VADER offers different installation solutions for any application. This flood light projector has a standard thread 1/2" NPT and can be mounted with a variety of optional mounting accessories supports that are compatible with any installation configuration. Optical accessories are specifically designed to control the light beam and manage optical effects according to different project needs. VADER is a 24V system that can be powered up and controlled in series either in single or multiple configurations. To build your configuration you need just: 1. Remote driver (4/1 smart driver) 2. Control Pod (DALI, 0-10V, and DMX signals) 64 fixtures controlled per pod 3. The Vader Projector(s) 4. Connection box for cabling (optional). This innovative new product has already received three distinguished industry design awards. Architectural Product Innovation Award Winner in the Exterior Lighting. An Honorable Mention placement in the LIT 2023 Lighting Design Awards. The Architect’s Newspaper (AN) awarded as an editor’s pick in the Lighting + Electrical: Outdoor category for VADER, the new “all-in-one” outdoor projector as part of AN’s 2023 Best of Products Awards. Architectural Product Innovation Award Winner in the Exterior Lighting. Finalist in the Light Middle East Awards. VADER is the result of the collaboration and innovation of Targetti and international lighting design studio, Fisher Marantz Studios (FMS).
  • Edison Lighting Group Sonic PIPE +
    Light source: COB LED. High efficiency integral reflector combined with opal lens insert provides excellent lighting distribution. Extruded aluminum body comes with white, black or grey finish. Removable fin shaped Eco-Felt Baffles are attached to the top and face plate. Available in two standard sizes with various baffle shapes. Class1 Fire rated with 0.7 Noise Reduction Coefficient/1” Acoustic. LED Spot is rated for 60,000hrs. L70 with +90 CRI. Suitable for suspended installations. Custom finishes and modifications are available. ED luminaires are certified to CSA and UL Standards
  • Eureka JOLI, ELKE & MARRO
    Eureka, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, today announced the introduction of three new architectural luminaires. Joli, Elke, and Marro pendants feature rich colors, large-scale formats, and simple shapes, all with acoustic properties. Aesthetics for the trio were inspired by the Color Field painting movement of the 1950s, where artists experimented with the power of color in large areas. Available in thirty decorative colors and multiple sizes, each pendant features eight acoustic felt panels that radiate from a central globe diffuser. The luminaires make a statement while helping to reduce ambient noise. Designers can get creative by clustering multiple fixtures, colors, and sizes to produce a bespoke aesthetic in a vast space. An unlit version is also available for additional sound absorption. The luminaires are intended for a variety of open spaces such as lobbies, transition spaces, open work areas, conference rooms, school common areas, libraries, or reception areas. Joli features a soft, rounded design, and is available in three diameters: 18.46”, 27.56”, and 37.20”. Whether stand-alone or clustered, Joli adds an inviting, unique dimension to a space. Elke brings an aesthetic close to the classic shade form. Its vertical profile is well suited to large expanses and high ceiling spaces. The luminaire is offered in three heights: 18.19”, 27.28”, and 36.82”. A broad profile in a shorter height, Marro offers rounded rectangular panels fanning out from the diffusing globe. It is intended for lower ceiling spaces or more intimate areas where maximum sound absorption is desired. It is available in 13.13", 19.69", or 26.57" heights. The luminaire trio is available in 14 standard and 16 premium colors; colored panels can be mixed and matched in the same luminaire. Designers can choose from four color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 4000K. Output ranges from 684 to 1101 delivered lumens, dependent on the size and shape of shade selected. All luminaires may be selected with 0-10V dimming or phase dimming. And they are compatible with the nLight® AIR or nLight® Wired network control system.
  • Luminis JAKI
    Luminis, an established innovator and manufacturer of specification-grade lighting solutions, introduces its Jaki family of interior and exterior luminaires. A versatile range of wall, surface, and ceiling mounts, Jaki creates a cohesive and polished look throughout a project. Jaki luminaires are designed to illuminate building facades, stairwells, corridors, or hallways across a wide range of applications. Jaki is well-suited for schools and university campuses, shopping centers, outdoor malls, sports complexes, and condominium spaces. Designers have the flexibility to adapt Jaki wall, surface, or ceiling mount luminaires to meet a space's lighting and aesthetic needs. Jaki can be installed horizontally or vertically, with or without a shield. Eight standard and 12 faux wood finishes may be selected. A laser-cut customized logo, message, or other imagery can also be added to the faceplate. Jaki luminaires are available in color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 4000K and with up to 2,200 delivered lumens depending on the luminaire and package selected. Jaki brings soft, comfortable illumination enhanced by its subtle curves, whether accentuating a specific area or providing general illumination. Jaki is designed to deliver high performance while meeting the requirements of demanding applications. It features a shatterproof and UV-stable translucent MDPE rotomolded diffuser that is rated IK10 for durability and resistance in high-impact environments. An IP65 rating offers complete protection against water, dust, debris, and other particles. Feature summary - Up to 2,200 delivered lumens - Lambertian distribution - 2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K with 80 CRI - ADA compliant - Graffiti resistant - High impact resistant (IK10) - IP65 rated - Weatherproof-UL certified - UV stable - Simple and seamless installation - Clean conduit option - Available in faux wood finish - Sustainability: composed primarily of aluminum and MDPE, 75% of fixture can be recycled - Lifetime beyond 60,000 hours - 5 year limited warranty
  • Insight Lighting Structure Mini Round
    The Structure Mini Round is a compact LED linear luminaire that offers direct light in a modern design. With its versatile mounting options of suspended or extended arm surface mount, it's the ideal solution for any direct lighting application.
  • Lumenwerx Petite
    Redefining small. From a product line whose smallness is its strength, the Petite family stands tall with features that elevate spaces with exceptional precision and quality. Through 1" lens apertures, these true-to-size, meticulously engineered downlight, multi-aperture and cylinder luminaires discreetly breathe light into spaces with straightforward sophistication and plentiful power. The CircaFlexTM advantage Our CircaFlexTM optic technology enables low glare, soft beam angles, precise distribution with no spill, and a wall wash* that is uniform from wall to ceiling. Petite Downlights FIXED, ADJUSTABLE & WALL WASH OPTIONS Delivering an impressive 1100 lumens, Petite downlights are designed for new construction and can be tailored to meet the needs of any application as single or multi-aperture fixtures. With fixed, adjustable or wall wash configurations, Petite offers vast design versatility. Petite Cylinders The Petite Cylinder combines style and performance. With 900 lumens delivered, the luminaire is available with multiple options to customize your lighting design, from various beam angles to a range of finishes that can seamlessly blend into your décor while providing the lighting you need.
    Suspended luminaire with a spot head or independent heads designed so that no light is wasted in the trim even when pivoted to its maximum of 30° on each side. Choices of interchangeable reflectors, two snoot lengths, and high powered chip-on board LED sources are available.
  • Lumenpulse Lumenblade Small Wall Mount
    Minimalist LED for Outdoor Sites and Areas The Lumenpulse Lumenblade Small Wall Mount Horizontal or Perpendicular is an outdoor LED luminaire that uses a rectilinear version of the Lumencentro light engine to create a continuous line of light. Its seen-but-not-seen, minimalist design is sustainable, blends with contemporary and heritage architectures, provides a high level of security and is sensitive to the natural environment. The Lumenpulse Lumenblade Small Wall Mount Horizontal and Perpendicular have several distributions, outputs, and accessory options. Many accessories such as Motion Detectors, Photocells, Battery Pack, and Louvres have been designed to lower environmental impact. It provides a stellar quality of light that brings the night to life.
  • Louis Poulsen PH 2/2 LUNA TABLE LAMP
    LET LIGHT CREATE MAGIC Crafted with the finest materials, this years Limited Edition from Louis Poulsen, is a small but perfectly formed table lamp. The PH 2/2 Luna Table Lamp features a brushed brass stem and socket holder, with milky, mouthblown opal glass shades. Available only until 31st December 2023. ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Originally introduced in 1939, the PH Luna was known as ‘The Night Stand Lamp’, a name given to the petite table lamp by its designer, Poul Henningsen. The characteristic curved form of the stem makes the PH Luna recognisable and the brushed brass finish is a soft and classic complement to the opal glass shades. Originally, PH Luna was just 230 mm tall, however in this new limited edition, this has been increased to suit the possible applications. The head of the lamp can be adjusted by rotating it to suit your lighting needs.
  • Eureka FRANK
    EUREKA INTRODUCES FRANK SOUND-ABSORBING LUMINAIRE Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of its Frank pendant. Frank’s unique combination of large, faceted shade, clean lines, and high-quality illumination enhances an environment while helping to reduce noise levels. Frank features a thermoformed shade made from sound-absorbing recycled PET felt that increases acoustic comfort in a space. It is intended for areas where noise is a concern, including high or unfinished ceilings, open offices, or corridors with a hard floor finish. Measuring 24.5” in diameter and 16.7” in height, the Frank shade is available in a palette of 22 colors. Designers can experiment with bold or subdued hues to redefine a space. A selection of colorful power cables is also available for an additional accent. A powerful light source projects onto a rounded diffuser, creating elegant and efficient illumination. Two outputs are available for up to 2,939 delivered lumens. Frank is also offered with an optional uplight when the minimum suspension height is 22”. A second light source, independently controlled, offers significant uplight performance for an additional 1,862 delivered lumens. Any combination of outputs for the downlight and uplight is possible, creating multiple design possibilities. Extra attention to design detail ensures that the power cable casts no shadow when the uplight option is specified.
  • Insight Lighting E5X
    The E5X is an ultra-compact indirect asymmetric and wall wash fixture that is now available in an exterior-rated version. It is ideal for any space where a minimal profile, refined design, and powerful performance are desired. The E5X can be mounted in a variety of ways, making it ideal for any indirect asymmetric or wall washing application. IP67 rated, making it suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Arancia Lighting MJ EVO POLY
    Next generation geometric lighting solution available in different shapes and sizes. This elegant luminaire compliments any space by it’s shape and diffuse adjustable lighting. Comes with spot modules in the corners and a choice of standard or regressed lens in the straight sections.
  • Arancia Lighting FRICI EVO
    Modular glowing stick wall LED luminaire, made of machined frosted polymer and aluminum joiners. This simple system allows for modules to be added as desired to form a continuous homogeneously lit line.
    In spaces with exposed ceilings, the StencilFlex® framework creates a suspended, scalable ceiling-like structure that supports layers of light, while maintaining an architectural look with the option of integrating highly appealing acoustic elements.​ StencilFlex lighting projects can include one or multiple frameworks of different shapes and sizes, including all-new Curves. ​Which type of framework fits your vision for the space?
  • Architectural Area Lighting Slide
    The Slide is an updated contemporary luminaire that lends itself to a variety of applications through it's various mounting methods, flexible design elements, and high performing optical distributions. Post Top For a more traditional appeal, the Slide offers a post top mounting option. Combined with the superior optical control the post top mount can even replace less visually appealing area mounting fixtures. Pendant The pendant mount can be integrated onto a variety of decorative arms, giving the luminaire the ability to transform to any setting. The open bottom design also reduces the amount of light lost at nadar, resulting in a higher efficacy product. Catenary Catenary mounting is the perfect solution for tighter spaces that don’t allow for poles. The Slide can utilize a catenary mount in these applications while still adding great performance and a decorative appeal.
  • Lumenpulse Lumenfacade Max
    Our Best Performing Lumenfacade. Ever. The Lumenfacade Max introduces never-before-seen technologies and is the first linear fixture in the world to feature Opticolor™, Lumenpulse's revolutionary, patented mixed-at-source technology. The Lumenfacade Max also plays host to the world debut of Optidrive™, our brand-new, proprietary technology that delivers maximum performance, maximum technology, and maximum quality of light with Lumenpulse's legendary consistency of color. The new Lumenfacade Max. It's Lumenpulse and Lumenfacade, to the max.
  • Coronet NuDrop Wide
    NuDrop is a cylindrical downlight, with a decorative fluted rubber sleeve. It is available in four beam-spread and four finish options. Can be surface mounted individually or suspended by cable.
  • Coronet Petit Fleur
    The latest addition to our STFU acoustic series, Petit Fleur is a cylindrical downlight with colorful 90% recycled PET “petals”. Direct only light distribution or indirect/direct.
  • Axis Lighting Extend
    Bring out the light Axis Lighting is proud to introduce EXTEND™ the Outdoor series, a growing luminaire category designed to brave the elements with elegance and optimally effective illumination. These all-weather commercial lighting tools – including all-new Extend™ – bring the fluid design and minimalist style of interior lighting to the building façade, while maintaining a consistent architectural look. Connecting the inside to the outside. Architectural outdoor luminaires creating graceful lines of light that support visual continuity between interior lighting and outdoor applications. The wide choice of optics allows you to further customize the illuminated environment. Our signature family of Beam luminaires, known for its appealing linear layouts indoors, is now available in a version that can withstand harsh weather conditions: Designed for water-resistant, outdoor applications, Extend™ is also suited for wet indoor environments. From Beam to Extend By definition, Extend luminaires support the creation of stunning exterior LED lighting designs, but they also enable the formation of seamless, style-matched transitions from indoor applications to outdoor spaces, namely from Beam 2 Square to Extend 2, and from Beam 4 to Extend 4. All Weather-resistant lighting design tools Built tough to withstand the most severe weather, Extend™ luminaires are well suited to many outdoor lighting applications as well as certain indoor uses, such as wayfinding in indoor parking areas, subway stations and staircases Mounting types available: Pendant, Recessed, Surface, Wall.
  • Fluxwerx Lines Onwall + Lines Cantilever
    The divergent and diminutive Lines Suspended luminaire system is now joined by two new complimenting wall-attached additions—Onwall and Cantilever. With new discrete and continuous wall mounted sections that add even more design flexibility, the expanded Lines family delivers comfortable, controlled, and effective perimeter illumination, connecting with your creativity. Minimalist and miniscule at only 3” high and less than a finger-width wide, Lines gives you unprecedented design flexibility. Connected to Lines Suspended, Lines Onwall is available in 1’ , 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8 section lengths, allowing for a seamless integration of wall to linear with 1, 2, 3 and 4-way intersecting pivots and 1, 2 and 3-way wall mounts with flexible adjustability from 60 degrees. Whether creating expansive patterns or simplified shapes, this exceptional functionality can be used to solve any site and ceiling conditions. Lines Cantilever, a series of discrete luminaires featuring the same optical and physical dimensions of the Lines Suspended and Lines OnWall, projects from the vertical wall surface and is available in 1’ and 2’ lengths. The expanded Lines luminaire family ties together the lighting needs of your space and adds an entire ecosystem to follow the design inspiration. Available in numerous high performance distributions, Lines lets you plan and design as you have, and have never before. Multiple pivoting luminaire and wall connections, three distinct endcaps, and three powdercoat finishes give way to immeasurable design potential. Control and Sensors To save energy, reduce installation and maintenance costs and maximize occupant comfort, all Fluxwerx products are designed to agnostically integrate with a wide range of sensors, lighting controls and building management systems. Fluxwerx now offers fully integrated sensors and technologies from both Lutron and nLight, adding to our already broad controls integration options.
  • Fluxwerx View Mini
    From horizontal to vertical. From fixture to fenestration. The innovation that started everything. Transparent, vertical optics engineered specifically for LED sources. Integrated with minimalist design and architectural materials. Anidolic Optics Clearly Changes The Paradigm View is the sum of our pursuit to optimize the balance design with superior optical and energy performance. Appearing like a floating fenestration that remains transparent when lit, View's vertical Anidolic extraction optics technology provides precisely controlled optical distributions with no view of the LED point source. The result is exceptionally low glare and wide row spacing up to 15ft on center, delivering 35 fc at 0.4 W/ft2. More Light. More Clarity. More Life. Designed to integrate into the built environment, View blends seamlessly with the architecture. Delivering lower energy consumption and greater lifetime with improved reliability, View provides more freedom of design, controlled optical distribution options and visual comfort. Independent UP And DOWN Light Control Adjust the light to suit the needs of the space and the people in the environment. Ideal for multipurpose rooms and spaces with presentation, projection or video conferencing requirements. Light That Elevates The Environment. Realize your vision for all of your general area illumination needs—without sacrifice. View provides unparalleled architectural performance.
  • Coronet Vasker
    Vasker is a versatile freestanding architectural ambient & task lighting solution that provides indirect and personalized glare-free direct lighting. Perfect for modern spaces.
  • Prudential Lighting Gaze Spool Round & Square
    Gaze Spool, elegantly soft form, subtle regress. Gaze promises smooth, even diffusion of light, and is also available in a clean Hard Edge or a distinctively curved, undeniably refined Soft Edge. Gaze Spool has a 3˝ profile, subtle .75˝ regress. Round and Square. - Three styles: the eclipse-shaped Spool, a clean Hard Edge or our nature-inspired Soft Edge - 12˝– 18˝ – 24˝ – 36˝ — 48˝ Round and Square - Narrow 3˝ profile, ADA compliant when wall mounting - Hidden cable grips, only aircraft cable visible, nearly floating effect - Flush or ½˝ Stand-off Surface/Wall Mount (optional Top Glow) - Stylish cast aluminum canopies - Power over Aircraft Cable (PAC) option eliminates power cord clutter - Mix direct and indirect light levels as desired - Hidden Wattstopper FM-105 Frequency Occupancy Sensor - Integral or Remote Emergency Battery - 18 Premium Colors, no set-up fees - Gaze Acoustics for improved sound absorption – in 35 vibrant colors
    Acoustic body fabricated in 1/2" thick acoustic felt. Lumen range up to 3000lm (80+ and 90+ CRI options). Optional felt dust cover provides added acoustic value.
    Rev family and cluster offering expands with the release of Rev Cluster. This collection of ring pendants utilizes our minimal 1.75″ Rev square profile pre-configured into 5 standard clusters. Scaled to fit a wide range of applications, these two or three ring clusters are designed to create an elegant array that elevates your project. Rev Cluster’s harmonious rings of light give designers the inventiveness and magnetism of a custom designed decorative luminaire, but with the ease and economies of a standard lighting product. “We will have rings and things and fine array” ― William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew Let us take care of the difficult part for you. No need to adjust angles, check for cord conflicts, or deal with the frustration of changing the overall height. The Rev Cluster is pre-configured and ready to install, making the process hassle-free. Elevate your space with the Rev Cluster’s modern twist on the traditional chandelier. It’s perfect for making a statement in high-end healthcare projects, multi-story stairways, vestibules, or lobbies. Or utilize its appeal to create the ideal ambiance for cocktail lounges, restaurants, or hospitality spaces. The Rev Cluster features a distinctive extruded silicone lens that offers a clean, uniform look. This silicone lens can compress slightly to create seamless joints. Unlike acrylic lenses that can expand and contract, this silicone lens ensures zero light leaks in any room conditions. The central canopy has been redesigned from the ground up to offer functional versatility across all options and configurations. Imagine the potential modifications for Rev Cluster! From custom sizes to unique shapes, additional rings, and much more, the possibilities are endless.
  • Led Linear VAULT
    VAULT addresses the need for a plug&play, flexible and easily installed lighting system. Ideal for applications with high level exposed ceilings, the system is highly configurable to create an architectural feature, complimenting the interior design of the space. Configurable The simplicity of the light bar and four-way connection block allow you to build any configuration from linear pendants to wall grids. Plug&Play Ideal for a quick and cost-effective installation. Flexible Easy to rebuild, upgrade and adapt in an already existing lighting system.
  • Structura ASTRA
    Multiple output optoins Available in Type III, IV*, and V distributions Standard 0-10V dimming Optional motion sensor and twist lock receptacle
    The Aera 3" Flex Cylinder is adjustable, tilting upwards to 90 degrees and rotating 355 degrees. Mountable as a recessed, surface, pendant, or wall fixture, it brings to the Aera family added flexibility and more options to customize lighting effects. The Aera 3" and 4" Inflex Cylinders feature adjustable optics that can tilt 35 degrees and rotate 355 degrees, all while their cylindrical housings stay in their fixed position. Mountable as pendant or surface fixtures, they can serve to subtly emphasize certain features of a space or add visual interest to plain lighting design.
  • a Light LINO
    Available in 2.16” and 3” apertures, Lino’s small profile housing and no visible hardware ensure that the fixture subtly integrates into a variety of interior and exterior environments. With an IP66 rating, Lino luminaires are particularly well-suited for outdoor applications with harsher weather conditions such as rain, snow, sand, or excessive dirt or dust. Designers can mix and match from numerous suspended or surface mountings to maintain a consistent design aesthetic. Suspended mountings include catenary or pendant stem. Ceiling, wall, channel or mullion block c­­an be selected for surface mountings. Direct illumination is available with batwing, flat blade louver, HE Tech™, wall grazer or asymmetric distribution types, each meeting specific lighting needs. Designers may choose indirect illumination for the mullion block mounting option. Available in up to 8-foot standard lengths, luminaires can be trimmed to specific sizes in increments of 1/8 inch. Luminaires may be joined with L-,T-, or X-corners for creative patterns. Designers may also collaborate with A-Light’s Design Assist team to create unique configurations and extended length options; the latter is achieved using a small joiner system. Sustainability is a key element of Lino’s design, including fixtures that contain 60% recycled aluminum extrusions. Black, white and titanium finishes are standard for Lino, but custom RAL colors are also available. Lino luminaires are enabled with the nLight® network control system to manage lighting throughout indoor or outdoor spaces, reducing energy costs and improving occupant comfort with dim to warm and white tuning.
    - Shaping architecture beyond the standard with preconfigured or custom user-configured luminaires using our popular and versatile Solo luminaire profile - Use our Solo Shapes modification guide to choose pre-configured shapes or customize your own Solo configuration - Single direction illumination with fully enclosed top surface - Thick walled aluminum extrusion with minimal fixture cross section size - Field replaceable LEDs and drivers - Solo acrylic diffusers uses a lap joint to eliminate any diode views or light leaks
  • Cyclone MOCHI
    Cyclone Lighting Launches Mochi Luminaire Innovative dome design houses exceptional lighting capacity for urban streetscapes Cyclone Lighting, an established leader in the manufacture of outdoor luminaires, today announced that it has released its Mochi luminaire. Mochi’s nature-inspired silhouette departs from traditional dome styling, bringing a softness to urban settings while delivering exceptional lighting performance. Available in side or pendant mount, Mochi’s unique dome profile can be configured to work in a variety of spaces. Its thoughtful design extends to its operating mechanism. A seamlessly integrated cast aluminum push-button latch provides one-handed access to the driver for easy replacement. An innovative hinge also allows the luminaire to remain open for maintenance without needing an additional security system. Mochi’s advanced lighting system offers precise illumination that is well-suited for projects where safety is a priority, including city and residential streets, commercial buildings, transit, urban parks, waterfront pathways, or bike paths. The luminaire is designed using Cyclone’s proprietary high-performance Orion light engine for maximum output capacity. Fully sealed IP66 rated, optically engineered injection molded acrylic lenses are combined with a state-of-the-art thermal management system to deliver durable, consistent, superior illumination. Dark Sky friendly, Mochi luminaires are offered with a 36-LED or 54-LED board, supplying 3,000 to 16,000 delivered lumens. Orion light engines are designed and tested for 100,000+ hours of service. Project designers can choose from more than 14 light distribution types, including backward optics. Additional versatility comes from the Orion light engine’s orientable optics, which can be oriented in 90 degrees. Designers can combine two distribution types within a single light engine. For example, Mochi luminaires can effectively illuminate a road and an adjacent bike path. Standard color temperatures are 3000K and 4000K.
  • Arancia NOVA
    A minimal and compact circular aluminium profile that comes in a variety of lengths and colors. That a look at the playfulness of the NOVA family.
  • Arancia Lighting SARAH
    Rectangular module of 4 spot lights, made of solid machined aluminum. Can also be installed in suspended ceilings. Comes with 24’’ cable.
  • KIM Lighting Cypher
    Cypher is infinitely configurable and will establish a new standard for wall sconce aesthetics and performance. Design The Cypher features a range of different looks in virtually any shape, finish or color. This versatility provides lighting specifiers and designers with a seemingly endless array of options available in a single luminaire. Aesthetics Specifiers can choose from multiple fascia panel options, finishes and form factors for an unprecedented level of design flexibility. Versatility Whether lighting a path, accenting a colonnade, or grazing an expansive wall, Cypher allows designers to mix and match optics for best-in-class aesthetics and performance. With IES, wall grazer, spot/column and pencil beam distributions, Cypher is the ultimate wall sconce luminaire.
  • Barbican Lighting Hamlin UNO & Hamlin DOS
    The Hamlin fixture is a variation of our Drum luminaire, one of the most popular and versatile options from Barbican. The Hamlin Uno comes with a single layer acoustic outer shade to allow for acoustic integration with lighting at the best value. The Hamlin Dos offers a double layer of acoustic felt to allow for additional design options and larger overall fixture sizes. Hamlin helps to add some silence as well as aesthetic warmth, texture, and presence to a space combining the best elements of architectural and decorative lighting into a single luminaire.
  • Eureka ATOLL
    EUREKA INTRODUCES ATOLL CIRCULAR LUMINAIRE Eureka, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of its Atoll circular luminaire. The elegant, minimalist ring luminaire offers direct light and optional batwing uplight to deliver flawless illumination in any direction. Atoll rings, in pendant or surface/ceiling mount, feature high quality construction with sleek aluminum extrusion. Pendants are available in seven sizes, from 24" to 120" in diameter, while surface/ceiling mounts are offered up to 72”. A flexible, UV stable silicone diffuser snaps in place to eliminate any risk of light leaks along the lens' surface. Regardless of the size, the one-piece diffuser creates a single ring of illumination. The pendant's direct illumination provides a 100% downward Lambertian illumination. Atoll’s optional batwing provides outstanding ceiling illumination without a dark spot on the ceiling, even when the pendant is installed close to the ceiling. For example, a 24” ring maybe be installed as close as 5” from the ceiling, and a 72" ring as close as 12". Its narrow 2.93” profile makes Atoll ADA compliant when installed on a wall. Multiple sizes can create a dynamic montage on a large wall. Atoll can also be installed in lower ceiling areas with a ceiling surface mount. Atoll is available in two outputs and delivers up to 45,761 lumens depending on the size and options selected. The luminaire is offered with an acoustic panel for areas where noise is a concern or when a pop of color is needed. The high density felt inserts consist of a rigid sound absorbing synthetic felt easily installed without tools. Recyclable, the panel contains recycled polyethylene (PET) and contributes to sound absorption in a space. Designers can mix and match fixture sizes and choose from an acoustic felt palette of 14 standard or 16 premium colors. All Atoll configurations can be selected with tunable white, ranging from 2700K to 5000K. They are also compatible with the nLight® Air and nLight Wired network control system. These systems manage lighting throughout indoor spaces, helping to reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort.
  • Edison Lighting Group ED VECTOR FL+
    - Light source: 11” LED board (direct) and 22” LED board (indirect) - Direct lighting is distributed by Dark Optic with precise, low glare illumination - 7 cell LEDiL reflector is available in several standard finishes - Offered with regular 50°/16UGR and flood 80°/19UGR internal optic - Controlled by on/off switch or optional Casambi Bluetooth dimming module - Extruded aluminum body comes in black, white or grey color - Comes with standard 8 foot plug-in cord - LEDs are rated for 60,000hrs. L80 with +90CRI - Custom modifications are available - ED luminaires are certified to CSA and UL Standards
  • Edison Lighting Group ED LINE
    - Light source: 11” LED Modular Board - Dark Optic provides superior lighting distribution with precise low glare illumination - 7 cell LEDiL reflector is available in several standard finishes - Offered with regular 50°/16UGR and flood 80°/19UGR internal optic - Low profile steel body housing contains a built-in driver - Suitable for non-insulated recessed installations into T-Bar or drywall - Has a proven record in office, commercial and retail installations - LED’s are rated for 60,000hrs. L80 with +90 CRI - Custom modifications are available - ED luminaires are certified to CSA and UL Standards
  • Lumenwerx MINI PIVOT
    The Mini Pivot Track is low voltage and accommodates the Mini Pivot Track Modules. While offered as a recessed, surface, or pendant-mounted system with all luminaires distributing direct light, the pendant option, in particular, can accommodate modules on both its direct and its indirect sides. The Mini Pivot Track possesses infinite run capabilities in segments of up to 8 feet with smooth transitions at the joint. It can also branch out to create a multitude of shapes, patterns, and effects for various architectural applications.
  • OCL Neo Surface
    Neo Surface is designed to deliver exceptional lighting performance in both indoor, mid-door, and outdoor applications. Equipped with a fully-enclosed molded diffuser and proprietary LED light engine, this fixture provides bright, beautiful, uniform illumination and enhances the overall atmosphere of any space. Neo’s curved, attractive optical design supplies outstanding efficacy (up to 111 lumens per watt) with visual comfort and minimal glare. (Check our our spec sheet for the UGR ratings). Whether you need to create a welcoming glow in an office or highlight architectural features in an outdoor setting, Neo’s exceptional lighting capabilities rise to the occasion. SUITABLE OPTIONS FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR LIGHTING To cater to various lighting needs, Neo offers suitable options for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you are looking for crisp and cool lighting for your office or creating a captivating ambiance for an outdoor area, Neo has you covered. Choose from static white in four different color temperatures at 80+ or 90+ CRI, or our warm dim option to create the desired ambiance, ensuring that the lighting perfectly complements the mood and functionality of your space. And with Neo’s RGBW capabilities, you can introduce dynamic lighting effects that add a touch of creativity and personalization to any indoor or outdoor setting. Neo’s fully wet location version is ETL wet listed to UL1598, IP66-rated, and even IK10 impact rated. Neo checks so many boxes for both indoor and outdoor applications. WARM DIM TECHNOLOGY: CREATING INTIMATE SPACES This Neo expansion introduces warm dim technology to the family, providing an additional layer of versatility to its indoor and outdoor lighting capabilities. This feature allows the fixture to mimic the warm and intimate glow of traditional halogen bulbs when dimmed. Imagine transforming a lobby into a cozy and inviting space or creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere in an outdoor seating area. With warm dim technology, Neo lets you easily adjust the lighting to suit different activities or moods, creating a comfortable and personalized ambiance. RGBW CAPABILITIES: VIBRANT LIGHTING FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SETTINGS Neo’s RGBW capabilities offer a world of possibilities for both indoor and outdoor lighting. With the ability to produce a wide range of colors, this fixture allows you to introduce dynamic lighting effects and vibrant illumination to your spaces. Whether you want to create a captivating atmosphere for a commercial event, highlight architectural details, or simply add a pop of color to your surroundings, Neo’s RGBW capabilities give you the freedom to explore and customize your lighting experience. EASY INSTALLATION AND LOW MAINTENANCE Installing and maintaining lighting fixtures can often be a hassle, but Neo Surface is designed to simplify the process. Its surface mount configuration allows for easy attachment to ceilings and overhead surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The fixture’s durable construction ensures longevity, while its sleek design facilitates effortless cleaning and maintenance, allowing less time worrying about complicated installations or maintenance and more time enjoying the remarkable illumination. Neo is a versatile lighting solution that effortlessly illuminates both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its sleek design, exceptional lighting performance, and long list of options make it an excellent choice for enhancing the ambiance and functionality of any environment. With warm dim technology and RGBW capabilities, Neo provides flexibility in creating intimate and vibrant lighting effects. With easy installation and low maintenance requirements, this fixture allows you to enjoy remarkable illumination without the hassle. Consider Neo for your next project, and experience its transformative power in both your indoor, mid-door, and outdoor spaces, creating captivating lighting experiences for all to enjoy.
  • Arancia Lighting FRICI ONE
    Modular glowing stick pendant LED luminaire, made of machined frosted polymer and 6” aluminum joiners. This simple system allows for modules to be added as desired to form a continuous homogeneously lit line. Simply powered by a suspension cable for a clean look. Available with dimming options.
  • 3G Lighting Acoustic Linia & Zoie
    Acoustic body and edge fabricated in 1/2" thick acoustic felt with 20 color options; 1.5" aperture with one piece extruded aluminum housing; Available in 4', 5', 6', and 8' lengths with 12" or 16" height options.
  • Barbican Lighting Aerie
    With its design aesthetic paying tribute to the large nest of a bird of prey, typically built high in a tree or on a cliff, the Aerie fixture is a variation of our Drum luminaire, one of the most popular and versatile options from Barbican. Aerie helps to add some silence as well as aesthetic warmth, texture, and presence to a space combining the best elements of architectural and decorative lighting into a single luminaire.
  • Axis Lighting Slate 1 for Wood Ceilings
    Featuring seamless integration and simple mounting. Welcome to an assortment of minimalist, stylish luminaires for suspended wood panel ceiling grids. Offering cost effective architectural lighting, hassle-free installation and easy adjustments with the exclusive Axis Universal Wood-ceiling Bracket.
  • Arancia AXL PENDANT
    Suspended luminaire made of machined aluminum, available in 11 or 22’’. Axl offers a high lighting capacity thanks to the louvers and high-intensity LED modules. It also allows for ceiling accent lighting with indirect light. Compatible with Triac dimmers.
  • Mark Architectural MAGELLAN
    The elegant simplicity of the Magellan luminaire delivers the performance and design flexibility you have come to count on from MARK Architectural Lighting. Offered as a pendant in one of three suspension styles, pendant luminaires range in size from 18” to 48” and offer direct, indirect, direct/indirect, and sound absorption solutions, depending on mounting style. Surface and recessed luminaires for wall and ceiling applications range in size from 12 to 72-inches and offer direct illumination and sound absorption solutions.
  • Arancia FRICI POLY
    Glowing stick pendant LED luminaire, made of machined frosted polymer and aluminum joiners. Offered in three different geometric shapes. This suspended multidirectional light forms a continuous homogenous lit line.
  • Arancia AXL SURFACE
    Elegant wall-mounted or ceiling light fixture, available in 11 and 22". It produces a very intense light. The AXL SURFACE model has a swiveling head offering a 90° rotation on the horizontal axis. Compatible with Triac dimmers.
  • Focal Point ID+ 3.5" Pure Cylinders
    A powerful cylinder with a sleek, solid body and slim edge that is highly specifiable for a variety of interiors, ceiling types, and mounting heights. It offers two nominal lengths of 4" and 7", as well as custom lengths, with light outputs of 700lm-2300lm and a variety of mounting options: cord, fixed or swivel stem, or surface. It uses the same powerful optics and light sources as the ID+ 3.5" Downlights family, providing a cohesive light quality and enabling a common design language.
  • Zumtobel CIELUMA
    Like a canopy of light above our heads – in unrivaled dimensions spanning entire areas – the CIELUMA light ceiling imitates outdoor daylight. In line with the Double Dynamic Lighting concept, it brings dynamic, motivating light indoors. With its sound-absorbing properties and host of design options, CIELUMA brings to life a new quality in the connection between light, acoustics and space.
  • Insight Lighting Viga
    Viga is a tool for general lighting applications. It provides omni-directional light that is functional while also decorative. The fixture’s two platforms use linear optics to produce a batwing beam of indirect light, and a reflected lateral/downlight beam.
  • Edison Lighting Group ED ORBIT+ (S)
    Features - Architectural luminaire with direct lighting distribution. - Light source: LED Tape. - Diffused illumination is provided by high efficiency frosted opal lens. - Sleek body of the luminaire is made from curved aluminum profile. - Extruded aluminum body comes with white, black or grey finish. - Remote driver enclosure can be surface mounted or installed in a ceiling cavity. Standard enclosure size: 1.60”H x 3.75”W x 18.5 ”L. - LED tape is rated for 60,000hrs. L80 with 90CRI. - Has a proven record in office, commercial and retail installations. - Custom modifications are available. - ED luminaires are certified to CSA and UL Standards.
  • American Electric Lighting AutoConnect Series
    The AutoConnect portfolio provides customers best-in-class performance with innovative, visually comfortable optics. Customizable options are available for the unique needs of Utility, Municipal, DOT and ESCO customers. This includes trusted DTL® controls, as well as next generation DALI® digital drivers. For smart and connected city applications, a variety of control options provide simple and affordable asset management through modern secure web and mobile applications. Control Solutions Scaled for Every Need AutoConnect combines visually comfortable performance with a wide assortment of embedded and plug-in controls and sensor technologies to improve energy savings, enhance system security and simplify asset management. The illustration below gives a brief look into how the sets of control options offered with AutoConnect can simplify and reduce costs in your lighting infrastructure operations.
    SAF with FLAME FLAME is a unique lighting technique with two beams in one luminaire - a central beam and an outer beam that blends harmoniously. Create impressive accent gradient effects for sophisticated lighting designs and landscapes while enhancing the architectural experience. FLAME combines a patent-pending optical engine construction with engineering excellence to create a new play on RGBW. FLAME is a unique lighting technique with two beams in one luminaire - a central beam and an outer beam that blends harmoniously. FLAME is currently available with the SAF7F, SAF14F and SAF28F Architectural Floodlight Family. The new SAF RGBW Flame combines luxurious performance and the power of quad technology. As the first patent-pending Flame lighting technique for the SAF architectural floodlight family, it sets new design standards.
  • Focal Point Lia
    A decorative acoustic pendant with nominal diameters of 3', 4', and 5' and heights of 12" and 18". Cord or fixed stem mounting option available. Coordinate housing and canopy paint color. Acoustic material is available in a wide color palette, ranging from neutral to bold, to provide design flexibility and personalization for any project.
  • Eureka ODEON
    Eureka, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced several new formats for its Odeon luminaire. Odeon is a circular ring of glowing illumination. A dual-sided curved light engine provides even illumination over the entire surface; its white translucent diffuser is composed of strong, lightweight, and impact resistant MDPE polymer. The pendants are designed to create a statement in large spaces such as lobbies, indoor courtyards, mezzanines, and expansive retail areas. Initially introduced in XL formats of 80" and 118" diameters, the family now includes three smaller sizes of 26.5", 38.5", and 50.8". And while the XL diffusers are each composed of three sections, the new sizes consist of a single diffuser, creating a continuous circle of illumination. All pendants in the family include a selection of canopy options. Each Odeon fixture is suspended with aircraft cables that can be manipulated so the fixture hangs straight or at an angle. With the addition of the smaller pendants, designers can now layer up to three rings of varying sizes to create a bespoke chandelier-like arrangement. Surface mounting is a new feature for the Odeon family and is available for the smaller rings, creating a unique ceiling aesthetic. Low, regular, or high output options may be selected for any of the five sizes of Odeon. Color temperatures range from 2700K to 5000K; tunable white is now available for the smaller pendants. Control options include 0-10V dimming, phase dimming, nLight® AIR, or nLight wired control. For areas where ambient noise is a concern, the 26.5", 38.5", and 50.8" luminaires, in pendant or surface mount, may be enhanced with an acoustic panel. The panel comprises a rigid sound-absorbing synthetic felt easily installed without tools. Recyclable and odorless, it contains at least 40% recycled polyethylene (PET). The felt finish is available in 14 standard colors and 16 premium colors.
  • Lumenwerx Dot, Box, Dot Cylinder
    The Dot, Box, and Dot Cylinder are individual mounting systems that can be used on their own as solo lighting fixtures, or they can act as complements or supplements to Pivot track systems on a larger scale. Designed to be surface mounted on ceilings or walls, they are equipped with flat, conduit feed, or direct mount canopies, which can be round or square.
  • Lithonia Lighting SIX
    A Reimagined LED Lay-In Lithonia Lighting® has redefined the commercial indoor space by reimagining the traditional luminaire and creating a 6” wide linear LED lay-in light that meets modern design trends, is easier to install and is environmentally responsible. Introducing ... Lithonia® SIX. Design Lithonia® SIX was designed to meet modern trends and allow for versatile installation orientations. 3 Sizes – 2ft, 4ft, 8ft; Bezel and Flat Frames; Black, White, and Natural Aluminum Finishes. Lithonia® SIX was specifically designed to tackle today’s unique challenges with environmentally conscious solutions. The vast majority of commercial buildings have been designed with cumbersome lay-in lights that are heavy, take up a lot of space, and use a lot of wasted steel and cardboard. Lithonia® SIX uses 60% less cardboard and 70% less material for less waste and a lower carbon impact.
  • PrentaLux 3D Printed Decorative Pendants
    Cooper Lighting Solutions introduces a new way to manufacture lighting products using 3D printing technology, which allows for beautiful designs, textures, colors, and shapes that are distinctive and adaptive to meet the aesthetic and performance needs of the designer’s vision.
  • Lumenpulse Lumenfacade Pure
    PURE FORM A clean, modern design with incremental lengths and methodical engineering that emphasises ease of installation, elegance, quality, and performance. PURE PERFORMANCE Your search is over. Cutting-edge research and proprietary technology have created a luminaire whose array of precision optics and three available outputs put light exactly where it’s needed no matter the application. PURE QUALITY Top-tier, durable-beyond-their-purpose metals, glass, and electronics. Every component has been machined to perform its purest function. It is our experience that the finest materials give optimum awe. PURE EXPERIENCE Rethink the possibilities. Rethink the force of pure sophistication. Rethink the how, when, and where. Rethink everywhere. And the answer will be, The Lumenfacade Pure.
  • Axis Lighting Slate
    Clean lines and discreet lighting to give the ceiling center stage Introducing SlateTM, a contemporary styled flat luminaire ideally suited for modern-day environments, including open-plan offices and other architectural spaces. - A family of luminaires created with compatibility with different types of wood ceilings - Slim profile - Sleek construction - Seamless integration - Quality visual comfort - Cost-effective architectural solutions
  • Lumenwerx Cluster Pi
    Named after the mathematical constant we all know, Cluster Pi fixtures are graced with our Cluster family’s characteristic quality and mid-century modernist vibe, and, at the same time, embody softer, circular forms, some of which are able to house a secondary light source in an innovative concentric design.
  • Vibia Knit
    The work of German designer Meike Harde, light and materiality collide with Knit. The design consists of a single knitted lycra sleeve stretched out over a seemingly flattened spheres. Light seeps outwards through the fabric and downwards through a translucent diffuser, bathing the surrounding space in an intimate glow. Featuring five large pendants and four oversized floor lamps, the Knit collection reimagines the traditional lampshade, transforming it into a contemporary look. The distinctive geometry and meticulous craftsmanship of each silhouette is complemented by a seamless transition between fabric, diffuser and aluminium ring casing. As alluring switched off as illuminated, Knit creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort through texture and tangibility. Its distinguishing lycra covering is stitched into ribs using a technique called “technical knitting.” Found mostly in sportswear, 3D volumes are knitted in one piece by complex machines. Playing with transparency and opacity, raised ribs of beige taper off into single and then finer rows towards a cap that seals the top of the luminaire. The soft, earth tone of the yarn interacts with the light to produce a warm and cosy ambience, enhanced by the varying levels of density as the ribbed fabric stretches over the diffuser. The perfect solution for professionals looking for indoor lighting with plenty of charisma, Knit is easily installed and adaptable to any space.
  • Luminis INLINE
    Inline is a discreet, sophisticated luminaire with outstanding performance and functionality. Clean, elegant, and contemporary Inline makes an architectural statement, elevating exterior space to interior design standards. Independently adjustable light modules ensure designers have the freedom to capture what’s important in a given landscape arrangement. THE MODERN FAMILY Inline bollards and columns provide impactful illumination for spaces such as parks, plazas, outdoor arena spaces, landscaped gardens, pedestrian areas, and other urban environments. REFINE SPACE Inline bollards establish and refine the tone of outdoor space: contemporary and versatile. Available in a range of heights with up to two light modules per bollard, they respond precisely to landscape lighting needs. Delivering up to 4,191 lumens per module they are suitable for a variety of applications such as parks, staircases, and pathways. POWER PLAY The Inline columns bring an architectural aesthetic to any surroundings including plazas, outdoor arena spaces, and pedestrian areas. Available with up to 4 modules per column, 4,809 lumens per module and up to 20’ in pole height, they are true performers that make a distinctive design statement. READY. AIM. ILLUMIATE. Inline’s light modules rotate 355 degrees individually for controlled illumination and one-of-a-kind lighting flexibility. This unique feature allows for precise directional aiming of the light beam without disturbing the position of the luminaire. Its signature curved sculpted opening and deeply recessed lens directs light beams downward to minimize uplight while enhancing comfort and glare control. VERSATILITY THAT INSPIRES The Inline family gives designers countless options and design freedom to choose the best combination for a space. Let’s count the ways! LIGHTING SHAPED BY IMAGINATION The magic of Inline lies in its modularity. Designers can create endless patterns of illumination by choosing the best combination for an exterior space.
  • Arancia Lighting MJ EVO
    Next generation linear lighting system that can be taken anywhere in the room thanks to its straight and curved modular sections. This powerful and bright direct and indirect luminaire is offered in a variety of lengths and radiuses.
  • Arancia Lighting BUBBLES PENDANT
    Tiny pendant that packs a punch with bubble lenses. Made of machined aluminum with 3 small lenses with beam options.
  • Arancia Lighting VORTEX
    Cone like aluminum shade pendant with two openings showing the inside color. Comes standard with 60” field adjustable suspension cables. Compatible with Triac and 0-10V dimmers.