Full Circle LED Recessed Arc
Full Circle LED Recessed Arc




  • Mark Architectural MARKLINE 101 & MARKCOVE 102
    KEEP A LOW PROFILE Gain superior design flexibility from a low profile. With cutting-edge optical performance that precisely places static or dynamic light, Markline 101 and Markcove 102 linear accent and cove lighting solutions create bold statements from minimal aperture. Complete with multiple mounting options and lengths at 12 inches and more. Greater design options come from less luminaire. UNMATCHED OPTICS Make a bold statement. A multi-diode emitter for tunable white and dynamic color enhances the blending of light, critical in near-field and tight beam applications. Choose from 7 precise distribution options ranging from 9° x 9° to 120° x 120° and asymmetric wall wash. DELIBERATELY DESIGNED FOR SMALL SPACES With horizontal surface, vertical surface, cove and cable-suspended mounting options, Markline 101 and Markcove 102 enable lighting designers to push the limits of lighting design. 12-inch lengths allow for curved configurations, while the 18-inch cove option allows for 6-inch increments. MORE ELEMENTS - 250 to 1000 lumens per foot - 120-277 onboard driver - Honeycomb and louver baffle options - Glare shield - Clear lens standard with frosted and partially frosted lens options
  • Gotham Incito™ 4" Direct-Indirect Cylinders
    Our new direct-indirect wall mount cylinder not only emits light in both direction, it lets you specify downlight and uplight optics independently. Whether it is grazing, creating contrast, or bringing depth to vertical surfaces, you can achieve your desired lighting effect. Incito™ high-center beam distributions produce a sharp contrast with crisp highlights and deep shadows. With twelve different optical distributions available, ranging from 10-degree beam angle to a 65-degree beam angle, allow designers to achieve a unique specifications for their project. Additionally, four accessory options are available to expand the illumination offering even further for a customizable finish. Wet location and IP66 options are available, ensuring the cylinders are suitable for outdoor applications within harsh climate conditions. Cylinders are also offered in over 19 vivid colors to give designers the freedom to maintain the design aesthetic.
  • Focal Point Lights Eave
    DESIGN A decorative acoustic pendant with a nominal 11" height and lengths from 3' to 6' in 1-foot increments. Real wood end caps and matching canopies made of rift sawn oak available in three colorations, black and white painted canopies also available. Uses AirCore™: patent pending, eco-friendly technology to maximize sound absorption and reduce ecological impact. Acoustic material is available in a wide color palette, ranging from neutral to bold, to provide design flexibility and personalization for any project. PERFORMANCE Lambertian or wide batwing indirect distribution, Lambertian direct distribution. Acoustic housing material is made of 100% polyester containing up to 50% of recycled plastic bottles (PET). Declare certified, LBC Red List Free. ASTM E-84 Class A / CAN ULC S102 fire rating and moisture resistant. APPLICATION Ideal for commercial offices: reception, teamwork and hospitality areas, conference rooms, as well as educational facilities. Companion to the Seem 1 Acoustic and Seem 1 Acoustic Trio products with a matching nominal baffle width and shared PET felt color palette.
  • Axis Lighting Spatial SoftZone Pendant
    All-new Spatial SoftZone® provides unparalleled design flexibility for creating architectural pendant lighting with effective sound attenuation properties. Choose from an assortment of unique 3D elements, including linear solutions, squares, zigzags, open shapes and custom forms.
  • Cariboni Group Poli-Sun
    Cariboni Group are proud to introduce Poli-Sun, a solar powered luminaire developed thanks to a design cooperation between us and Suncil® Technology. Poli-Sun is a sustainable 4 in 1 solar driven luminaire (solar, light, battery and grid tie) which combines the product design of our new post top, launched in 2020, with solar technology from Suncil®. Poli in Greek means “city” and it is for the cities that we have created it. Poli-Sun is for a city where people are more important than things: a city where people walk, stop and meet each other. A city designed not only with respect for regulations, but also for environment and citizens. A city where services are more important than buildings, quality matters as much as efficiency and community well-being is worth more than individual convenience. It contributes to transforming urban spaces into sustainable, comfortable, recognizable and identifiable places. Thanks to the slight recessing of the optical surface, the product offers elevated visual comfort. The application of a decorative upper cover, with customizable colours, allows to further hide the light source from the view of the observer. The reduced contrast of luminance guarantees a high visual well-being without altering the performance and the photometry of the product. “At Cariboni sustainability has always been one of the principles on which we base our beliefs and organize our industrial activities. We evaluate every design and production choice with respect for the environment to create sustainable and high-performance solutions. We are very proud to present Poli-Sun and offer the market a fully sustainable lighting solution with a Made in Italy product design” declared Marco Raffaelli, International Business Developer Cariboni Group. “A dream has come true. From Sunlight to Streetlight, 365 nights in Denmark. Over the last 3 years Suncil developed a technology that stores the summer energy and release it during winter in a cost-efficient way, enabling us to make light-365 wherever you are in the world” said Lars Bjør, CEO Suncil.
  • Fluxwerx Profile Mini Frame
    Three forms. Three sizes. Infinite opportunities. A suspended geometric pendant luminaire synthesized with the modern minimalism of Profile Mini. Frame offers maximum design flexibility, delivering quality light with a comfortable visual experience for a myriad of architectural applications. The Balance Of Performance And Design—From Every Angle. The convergence of Anidolic-extraction optics with an open aesthetic and pure architectural form creates the opportunity for a broad range of applications. Delivering the performance of Profile Mini, Frame optics are unique to, and optimized for, the closed form. The result is maximum design flexibility, delivering quality light with a comfortable visual experience. Optical Precision + Control Proprietary optics optimize performance and comfort for discrete closed Frame form. Exceptional performance. Architectural design. With an aperture of 1.5″ and no horizontal lenses or diffusers, Frame delivers design options to suit all ceiling conditions. Up to 15ft o.c. spacing with over 42 fc at 0.4 W/ft2 and work plane uniformity of 1.6:1. Cut The Cord Powered by low voltage stainless steel conductive aircraft cables with no visible power cords, Frame delivers minimalist architectural design with exceptional performance. Match Your Vision A wide variety of lighting distributions, finishes, suspension distances, and control options make it easy to choose elements specific to each space. Independent UP And DOWN Light Control Adjust the light to suit the needs of the space and people in the environment. Design without compromise Choose from a variety of aesthetic and performance options to match your design vision. Use Profile Mini Frame on its own and together with any of the Fluxwerx families it complements—open yourself up to new opportunities.
  • Fluxwerx Notch 1
    Design reveals the confluence of mass and void with light and space. Notch 1 Narrows Two Simple Lines To Three. The Notch 2 and Notch 4 series are now joined by an even further differentiated, reduced scale version. Define an uninterrupted, high performance and comfortable fully luminous linear void with an aperture now under 1.5”. Anidolic Optics Transcend Convention A linear LED recessed luminaire with unique hollow aperture design, Notch 1 adds subtle punctuation of the ceiling plane with very low brightness, color accuracy, high optical and energy performance. Transparent, vertical Anidolic optical structures with linear light extraction elements deliver optical precision and control, balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value. Trimless Dado End Create a unique finish with a continuous line of light. Perfect for drywall ceilings with exposed vertical fasciae, Notch 1’s optional trimless Dado endcap adds texture, depth and detail to the ceiling plane, extruding the hollow architecture to the edge of drywall soffit. Intersections Design your own layout using the trim and corner options or choose from one of our pre-existing patterns for simpler specification. Integration Notch 1 delivers a wide variety of trim and endcap options, adding subtle punctuation of the ceiling plane. Extruded aluminum trim designs provide an easy installation with precise fit and finish in drywall or grid ceiling systems. Continuous Rows. Standalone Fixtures. Continuous lines of light, patterns and transitions deliver design flexibility. Reinvent the Category Contractor friendly design ensures simple installation with easy fixture alignment features, lift and shift optics with quick connects, and a magnetic install of the upper reflector with no tools. Two simple lines. Narrowed to three. Choose from a variety of aesthetic and performance options to match your vision—all with no difference in price. Use Notch family of recessed linear luminaires and open yourself up to new opportunities.
    Spring has sprung and Petals are in full bloom! Introducing Petals and Petals Acoustic. Inspired by the natural beauty and elegance of a flower in full bloom, Petals intentionally mimics the subtle nuance of real flower petals in sunlight with the way the light softly glows and gradates across the petals. This fixture is equipped with arced petals that are sleek and curved, sparking organic inspiration for composition of the space. The sweeping curve of the petals joins the central hub, pulling the viewer in visually and creating an almost mesmerizing, calming focal point. Soft, comfortable materials and nature-inspired forms combine to soften some of the harsh industrial materials and finishes common in commercial interiors. Petals works outstandingly as a single statement piece. It can be a central statement fixture over tables or grouped together in clusters to define seating and meeting areas in communal spaces. But where it really shines is in clusters of multiples, invoking the look of a sculptural garden or a field of blooming flowers in the spring. Petals truly can create a span of art. The fixture is beautifully refined from above and below so any open space where there is visibility from multiple levels – stairwells, atriums, lobbies – is the perfect flower bed for Petals. Every small detail of Petals was painstakingly refined in the design process to have proportion and balance across sizes. The Petals are scaled not just by size, but also in quantity – adding additional petals as the scale increases. Even the central hub scales with the fixture size. Each petal slips into a minimal clear holding clip on the top of the fixture body to assure proper assembly, alignment, and lasting aesthetics. The unique diffuser utilizes silicone extrusion, and the fixture body is fully welded, for a seamless look all around with added quality and durability. Additional attention to diffuser surface brightness helps us achieve visual comfort. Petals was painstakingly field-tested by an independent electrical contractor to ensure the installation could be quick and painless. And it’s flat-packaged for efficient shipping and minimal packaging material usage. PETALS Petals features acrylic decorative petals that are well suited to healthcare and education settings where cleanability and sanitization is of high importance. Numerous materials were tested for the acrylic petals until the perfect combination of opacity and color achieved the perfect look. When lit the frosted acrylic petals appear ethereal, almost weightless, floating in space. PETALS ACOUSTIC With its floral-like arrangement, Petals Acoustic is effervescent and natural. Acoustic materials can provide a juxtaposition to cold industrial materials. Light cascades like fallen rose petals, aptly giving the fixture its name for both form and function. Colorfully conjure a field of blooming wildflowers. Or utilize neutral tones and focus on the beauty of light and shadow. A palette of 25 acoustic colors allows the imagination to flourish with an artful approach to acoustic lighting solutions.
  • Zumtobel CRAFT II
    Created for challenging environments CRAFT II is not just two powerful new high-bay luminaires. CRAFT II is more than that: it's the first generation of Zumtobel high-bay luminaires based on the platform principle. Not a fixed stand-alone solution, but a tailor-made system. Maximum performance. And perfectly adapted to the requirements of the relevant operation.
  • Prudential Lighting BoltPro
    Side mounting now available for even more creative applications. Oversized rectangles with light aimed In or Out (like Zenith) or zig-zags down corridors or whatever you can dream up (within reason). Next generation LED platform & revised reflector system creates much higher lumen output (up to 1400 lumens per foot) and flawless illumination. Looking good was never this simple! Shapes and individual fixtures install without opening the fixture, while rows and patterns have been simplified to make even complex patterns look easy. Linear, yes. But Bolt is so much more. Basic but not boring, it’s an infinitely flexible, sleek architectural wrap – available in any row length (1/16˝ increments) and a multitude of lit corners. Extruded aluminum housing and seamless 3-sided lens give it a sophisticated vibe. Triangles, squares, pentagons and hexagons — or create your own fully lit graphic patterns.
  • Visa Lighting Riff
    The Riff drum pendant takes a popular shape and creates a fresh modern interpretation. Like the Hellen pendant, the Riff drum adds depth with the contoured inner reflector while acting as a canvas for a pop of color on the outer fixture housing. With myriad options for powder coat in both standard and custom colors and eco-friendly alternative metal finishes these direct pendants will add atmosphere to many applications such as educational, office workplace, hospitality, retail spaces, and more.
  • Luminii STENOS
    STENOS Micro Linear products are Luminii’s smallest, slimline product family. Featuring both a track and downlight solution, these small giants create discreet architectural lighting accents supporting a wide variety of applications. Engineered with an all-new and proprietary micro-optics engine, STENOS light sources push more light forward in a compact package delivering superior uniform light output, color consistency, and high CRI. A wide array of track joiners and Stenos Easy Snap lenses provide more opportunities to customize spaces effortlessly. MINIATURIZATION STENOS Track and Downlight models are some of the smallest in the industry. Elevate spaces with their streamlined micro linear profiles, a proprietary micro-lens, and intricate architectural details. FIELD CONFIGURABILITY STENOS Track is field cuttable and features an array of joiners that are easy to install. Effortlessly switch modules between circuits with the track’s 2 circuit design to reposition and re-aim modules at any time. STENOS Downlights feature a Constant Voltage design, enabling multiple fixtures to operate from a single power supply. SUPERIOR OPTIC DESIGN STENOS Optics can push even more light forward than competing products. The result is unvarying light output, beautiful color uniformity, high CRI and high R9. TOTAL CONTROL Customize both STENOS Track and Downlight models with STENOS Easy Snap beam shaping accessories and louvers.
  • Performance iN Lighting TYK
    Shape the nocturnal soul of architecture The TYK+ is the quintessence of the structural development in the outdoor architectural field of PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING. Beauty and essential design, where the proportions remain consistent in the series's different sizes, enrich the luminaire's technical soul. The core of TYK+ is an elegant mix of how to harness the latest technology available to light architecture professionally. Each custom-designed optics has its required effect to ensure an exceptionally sharp, homogenous and supremely comfortable light beam. This series is a "universal" architectural lighting tool: it allows the designer to illuminate horizontal and vertical planes with absolute precision, to dose light and shadow in a targeted way, to alternate light and dark areas by composing them successfully. Colour change options in RGBW and DALI DT8 tunable white (TW) complete the offer.
  • Arancia Lighting Pola Box Trio
    Ceiling surface mounted luminaire with independent heads designed so that no light is wasted in the trim even when pivoted to its maximum of 30° on each side. The optics can be adjusted separately; interchangeable reflectors, two snoot lengths, and high powered chip-on board LED sources are available. Compatible with Triac dimmers.
  • iGuzzini Agorà
    Agorà embodies its dual function in its very name. An architectural spotlight created for installation not necessarily in squares as such but in all urban places, or meeting places, in our cities, towns or neighbourhoods. The Greek word "agorà" means to gather, to summon so that Agorà becomes a tool bringing life to cities, offering citizens and people light for meeting and living well while feeling safe in the streets and squares of our cities. The simple yet highly detailed design by architect J.M. Wilmotte integrates perfectly into architecture and the urban context, almost blending into material thanks to its extremely reduced depth. Two versions, Agorà Slim with remote power supply and Agorà Compact with built-in power supply, 6 light distributions, from super spot to wide fl ood and the possibility of adapting the luminous flux through a wide range of professional accessories. 5 sizes, 5 powers, colour temperatures of 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, RGBW, Tunable White, with luminous fl uxes from 3500 lumens to 50,000 lumens.
  • Intra Lighting Black Hole S
    Its perfection absorbs you. This is a story of how the light found the way out of the black hole to enlighten your space. Black Hole is a perfect luminaire for all your galaxies – home, office, hospitality. Because of its size and distinct look it has absolutely no chance to stay invisible. It is multifunctional. It offers different possibilities of illumination. The acoustic surface reduces noise and improves speech audibility and its sophisticated design brings a touch of luxury to your space. Its perfection simply absorbs you. A touch of luxury The appearance of softness and roundness perceived by the eye without the help of touch is immediately felt as reassuring. Make a statement Not all the spaces can handle the majesty of Black Hole. But in those that can, it will definitely make a difference. It will give them character and the right atmosphere. The best couple The table is always the centre of happenings. Be it a table in a meeting room, a restaurant or a home dining room, the best stories, debates, and meetings happen there. Therefore, it is logical that the most beautiful luminaires hang right over the table. Choose the colour you prefer Match it with the furniture. Or not. If you decide for a complete contrast, Black Hole will stand out even more. Clean design Every detail has been taken into consideration when making Black Hole. From no visible screws to a completely empty interior and the beauty of the faux leather acoustic fabric details. Simply outstanding In large spaces with high ceilings, small things get lost. Black Hole attracts attention wherever it appears. Changing needs. Changing light A direct and indirect component can be switched or dimmed separately which makes this luminaire a perfect fit for your changing needs. No noise pollution The noise level in a space has an impact on the well-being and performance of people. The big acoustic surface of Black Hole reduces the noise pollution in the space. Design: Lorenzo Truant
  • Flos Skygarden Small
    The Flos iconic lamp that brings to any home the magic of a decorated ceiling now in a new, smaller version After the international success that Skygarden has been enjoying throughout the years, Flos now enriches its collection with a compact version that makes it suitable for smaller interiors or prestigious locations with limited spaces or low ceilings. The new version features a reduced internal plaster decoration with its ornamental loop. Despite the difference in size, Skygarden small leaves the magic intact: a fantasy of flowers, berries and leaves to admire on the ceiling, that special feature that makes it a timeless creation. The finishes are white, black, matt back, gold and rusty brown. Conceived as a suspension luminaire providing diffused lighting, Skygarden is the result of Wanders’ happy intuition to translate a moment of private life into design. When the Dutch designer had to move out of his home, where he could enjoy a ceiling with a beautiful plaster decor, he decided to detach it with its beautiful floral motifs and take it to the new home. Skygarden becomes, through design, the tale of this story. The result is a cast plaster dome, mechanically worked and painted white in the inside, with refined external chromatic finishes. An iconic lamp that skilfully mixes industrial approach and artistic vocation, minimalism and decoration. Hanging lamp with diffuse light. White plaster internal dome. Exterior finishes in rusty brown, black, matt black, white, or gold colours. Dome support in aluminium alloy. Diffuser in blown milk glass. Decoration in photoengraved and deep drawn stainless steel. Polycarbonate rose in the same colour as the dome. “This smaller version gives the Skygarden a new home, opening up a world of possibilities. Bringing the joy and enlightenment of its secret garden to new exciting places and for more eyes to see”. –Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director Marcel Wanders studio. Designer: Marcel Wanders studio Photography: Piero Fasanotto, Federico Torra
  • Axis Lighting ELLE
    Introducing Elle, a streamlined, concave lighting instrument that blends into the space. As the feathered, esthetic glow plays off surfaces, luminaire and architecture work together and become the lighting system. The noninvasive curved profile softens the surroundings and follows the contours of any space. The luminaire’s sleek appearance is well suited to forming continuous runs throughout a space, whether it be a room, a floor or as the lighting theme for an entire building. Creating interest from every angle With Elle, the lens is the light. Thoughtfully designed, the lens does more than provide lighting… It delivers light source esthetics and helps define architectural elements. The curved form is easy on the eyes. It follows the contours of an area and dots the walls, expanding the space while supporting design expression. Elle’s softly lit lens surface distributes uniquely comfortable glare-free luminance with lower perceived brightness that ensures visual interest. Blending in by design The Elle story is mainly about luminance, and architectural flexibility is a close second. Its rounded form softens. Its linearity unifies, differentiating levels, surfaces and ceiling heights. Elle can also elevate important design elements, such as doors, alcoves and columns. - Horizontal & vertical mounting options - Surface and wall configurations - Individual segments up to 8’ (6” increments) - Continuous runs with practically invisible joints - Choice of flat or step end caps - Innovative InstaHinge™ mounting track for Elle Ceiling Line and Elle Corner - Listed for damp locations Technology ahead of the curve The compact, minimalist luminaire incorporates a Curved Luminous Surface (CLS Optic™) lens and specially engineered optics, with patents pending on both the lightguide technology and the form itself. Compared to similar-sized luminaires, Elle can deliver the same light output over a greater surface area owing to the curved form of the lightguide. This results in softly feathered luminance and superior visual comfort. One look, multiple mounting options Designed to mimic moldings, Elle is a welcome addition to the architectural lighting toolkit, with lines of light and wall sconces. Given its streamlined look and wide-ranging functionality, Elle is a perfect fit for a wide range of lighting applications. Innovative InstaHinge™ The InstaHinge is a revolutionary 2-step system for mounting Elle and other Axis luminaires in wall to ceiling and wall to wall configurations. Anchored to a track embedded in the drywall, the InstaHinge secures the luminaire while allowing for easy serviceability. 1. Deactivate the lock spring by prying down the lip at the top of the luminaire. 2. Hinge the fixture down to access the driver cavity at the back. Voilà! It’s that easy. A portfolio of complementary forms Elle is part of a growing collection of Axis linear luminaires boasting a variety of luminous profiles, all visually appealing in their own way. These include the rectilinear luminous form of Edge 2 and the distinct luminous planar shape of Pose™.
  • Intra Lighting Dawn F
    Something completely unique Dawn is a perfect example of how to transform a typical decorative product in a unique lighting experience. It gives attention to details. Its interior is 100% clean: the light source is hidden under the edge and only reveals the soft uniform light, comparable to the morning dawn. No screws and suspensions are visible either. The frame is done from a single piece, its edge is delicate and elegant, and a power cable turns into an eye-catching feature. Flexible to follow your needs Nowadays more than ever lobbies should accommodate various conditions, so the illumination should be flexible enough to adapt to new situations easily. Freestanding luminaires are easy to move and to adjust. Soft light you're gonna love Unlike other luminaires that have their light source in the middle of the body Dawn hides it under the edge and reveals soft uniform diffused light, close to the natural spectrum, with no hard shadows and contrasts. Made from a single piece One of the most important features of its design is also the fact that Dawn is made out of a single piece of material which gives it a sophisticated finishing touch. Design: Lorenzo Truant
  • Meteor Lighting BOLT
    High Performing and Compact Luminaire for Greater Heights All Bolt luminaires are IP 65 Wet location listed, and are available in both Outdoor and Natatorium rated options. All of which are salt spray tested to ANSI B117. The Bolt luminaire is highly flexible, and comes with a 120-degree range of motion at both the bracket and lighthead level. Allowing you to adjust the luminaire for any project application. A variety of optics are also available ranging from 15-degrees to 100-degrees. Features - Better Performance, Technology and Optics The expanded, and upgraded Bolt series has a new light engine capable of delivering a lumen package range of 6,930 lm to 68,000 lm with DLC and DLC Premium listings. - Extensive Mounting A wide range of mounting hardware is available to be specified, to effortlessly fulfill different architectural and area requirements. - Dynamic Colorflip Color Changing Technology The Bolt series can bring a whole new level of complexity and sophistication with it’s W+RGB and Tunable White configurations.
  • Performance iN Lighting LASER+
    Highlight the performance This series is an innovative LED pitch-lighting solution that supports the latest TV broadcasting standards based on the multi decennial experience of PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING in the professional lighting field and the knowledge of national and international standards and features professional and sports application. The new LASER+ is, in fact, broadcast-ready and finds its best expression in such demanding lighting. International sports competitions and airports, ports, maritime terminals, logistics areas, and in large general areas are its natural context of use. This range of PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING professional high-power floodlights stands out immediately for its performance, lightness, limited wind exposure and multi-tilting modules. Furthermore, if resistance to an aggressive ambient temperature is required, LASER+ guarantees optimised performance without resorting to dimming thanks to the EXTREME options. Design by Giorgio Lodi
  • Insight Lighting Structure Mini
    Light Source: High Performance LEDs Output: 7.0 W/FT, 10.0W/FT, 12.5W/FT, 18.0 W/FT Distribution: Direct, Direct/Indirect CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K CRI: 82 CRI (Optional 90 CRI) Performance: Up to 120 LM/W Voltage: 120-277V Power Supply: Remote Power Supply Lengths: 48", 72", 96", Continuous Weight: 0.75 LBS/FT Housing: Precision Extruded Aluminum Mounting: Suspension and Surface Finish: High Durability Powder Coating Warranty: 5-Year Limited Certification: ETL and cETL Dry Location
  • Solid State Luminaires ColourLine Lazer Flood
    The ColourLine Lazer Flood (CLZF) is part of our Lazer Series that uses our super optics to cast lighting extreme distances. It harnesses the latest standards in advanced RDM-DMX technology. That combined with it’s unique optical system offers one of the most impressive long-casting RGBW lighting solutions in the market. The Lazer Flood is a modular fixture, In that, you can stack or mount up to 3 individual modules on one yoke. It comes standard as a single module. One major advantage when using two or more modules is the increased ability to evenly wall wash very large surfaces by using different optics for each module. If the Lazer Flood were mounted at ground level, each module can be aimed up on the wall at different heights, using wider optics toward the bottom (closer to wall), and more narrow longer-casting optics toward the top (further from wall). This will evenly wall wash massive building surfaces, arenas, towers, bridges, and more. Just as well, our 3-module unit, using it’s native 3° optic, can impressively reach distances well over 1,000 feet. ColourLine Series RGBW fixtures fully comply with the latest ESTA RDM and ACN standards. Our SSL ColourSelect Console offers 64 programmable preset values for quick and easy control of color and light pattern display. ColourLine RGBW technology produces up to 4.6 billion color possibilities and is scalable to enterprise size projects using the Pharoas controller. We can assist you with integrator capabilities on larger projects.
    Bold Beams - SAF With powerful beam spreads delivered in a minimalist design, the SAF family by Hydrel illuminates more from less luminaire. Features: - IP67 Rated - Clear Watershed Lens - Standard 0-10V dimming to 1% - 3G Vibration per ANSI C136.31 - Tapered-sure locking Knuckle & Yoke Designs
  • Cariboni Group Grapho
    Grapho can design the urban scenery by adding luminous lines or patterns, which can be combined with each other, to the vertical surfaces of the cities. Silent design The simple, linear and essential shapes respect the aesthetic value of the illuminated architecture. The depth of the product is extremely small, only 53 mm. Mimetic design Grapho, thanks to the cover, can blend into the background assuming the same finish as the installation surface. On request, indeed, the cover can be pre-treated with a special primer that makes it suitable for painting without altering its degree of corrosion resistance. Optical configurations The emission is grazing and illuminates the wall or façade on which the product is installed. Three different beam angles are available: blade, spot and wide beam. Ultra dry system Grapho has been designed for outdoor installation thanks to its IP66 degree of protection. Its elegant shape and compact dimensions also make it suitable for indoor applications. Grapho is equipped with an ultra dry system: the external cover is independent of the sealing system, which is guaranteed directly on the body, in order to avoid the risk of infiltrations due to an installation on uneven surfaces.
  • Delta Light Soliscape
    UNStudio and Delta Light have joined forces to endeavour to improve the wellbeing of people in our rapidly changing work environments, where human health and the war on talent have become a primary focus for employers. Soliscape is an extremely versatile and flexible system, specifically designed to create human-centric environments. In a given location and from focused work to group presentations, the Soliscape (sound and light-scape) system makes possible activity-based illumination, alongside acoustic qualities. The intention of Soliscape is to create flexible lightscapes that are responsive to the user’s ever-changing needs and activities, where design is no longer imposed by the designers, but guided by the user, resulting in responsive and adaptive design. The Soliscape system combines miniaturisation and personalisation, in a unique design language. The Soliscape system is a toolbox of flexible components and modules for architects and designers that will enable them to create workable and liveable solutions for their projects; a system that combines lighting with acoustics and connected sensoring, into an aesthetically appealing solution that can easily connect to any building management system. The system is also flexible and future-proof, as it allows for new materials and functions to be added in the future. The Soliscape system is not limited to work spaces alone. Due to its adaptable configuration possibilities, the system has a broad range of applications and can also be used in hotels, hospitality, retail and public spaces. The system can be configured to best suit the daily needs and programming of each location. In addition, more than ever before, today’s spaces are evolving to operate with hybrid functions; the home and office are blending, hospitality spaces are becoming meeting places. The possibility to adapt lighting and acoustic landscapes for dual or multi-purpose use is thus an added quality for many of these spaces. Soliscape combines individual functions into one all-encompassing system, offering a more affordable and efficient tool to work with. Aside from the affordability of the single component, affordability is created through the scalability of the system, where products couple with services. Both the UNStudio and Delta Light teams collaborated on the design details, such as placing the module connection on the top of the profile to maintain a smooth appearance from below, the way the acoustic panels can move, or keeping it adaptive to position the different modules on either side of the profile. Soliscape has basic framing elements, but allows for a variety of complementary sustainable materials to expand its look and feel. More than 60% of the material in the acoustic panels comes from recycled PET bottles, however different materials can be used within the system to facilitate specific functionalities, from acoustic to decorative to atmospheric. Furthermore, controlled and smart lighting contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the building.
  • Arancia Lighting Sol Wall
    SOL is an elegant and modern thin ring of radiant bright light. Its integral lens, a perfectly diffused satin acrylic piece, is held between fine rims of aluminum. This innovative layered assembly enables mix and match finishes, making a two tone light fixture possible as a standard.
  • Linea Light Straight
    Minimal linear lamp: in the version with one or three ultra slim light lines, freely combinable in suspension, or suitable for lighting walls, mirrors and paintings in the applique version. All entirely minimal in its simplicity.MaterialsSuspension: knurled white or black painted aluminium frame, polycarbonate diffuser. Applique: white, chrome, black or bronze finish ABS frame. Polycarbonate diffuser.
  • Linea Light Antille_S
    An archipelago of islands with graceful but distinct shapes, LED lamp enhanced with precious finishes. The Antille appliques graciously furnish residential environments, mutually combining for a charming effect.Glass diffuser with non-symmetric sandblasted edge, central element made of metal with embossed copper, gold, chrome or white finishes; white metal frame.
  • Linea Light Lira
    Diffuser in white polyurethane resin, lamp body in aluminium painted black or dark brown.
  • Linea Light Birba
    Body in white painted aluminium, in polished aluminium or in genuine brass. Available with GU10 or E27 connection, in various models.
  • Lithonia Lighting ESX1 LED
    Two ALO Packages – 8,000 and 14,000 Lumens or 21,000 and 25,000 Lumens When your project calls for low initial cost and high energy savings, the Lithonia Lighting® ESX1 LED area luminaire delivers. ESX1 is ideal for one-for-one replacement of HID area lighting and provides up to 76% energy savings, long service life and fast payback. The ESX1 delivers 8,000 to 25,000 lumens allowing it to replace 150W to 400W HID luminaires. All ESX luminaires feature adjustable light output, providing two light levels from one product, allowing greater flexibility while helping reduce inventory costs. All luminaires feature a reversible arm that allows for mounting on both round and square poles. Eight configurations of ESX1 luminaires are stocked in Acuity Brands distribution centers. The ESX1 offers a complete area lighting package and provides the combination of best product value, best price, and best delivery.
  • Luminaire LED VCM8
    The IP65-rated corner mount VCM8 complements the vandal-resistant Vision (VPF) family. For strength, an IK10 rating, an all-aluminum, ligature-resistant construction, and a polycarbonate lens. For longevity, a highly durable finish that withstands a 4,000-hour salt spray test. Complete with a lifetime warranty against vandalism, VCM8 withstands physical impact and environmental abuse. DURABILITY WITH DESIGN VCM8 has soft edges combined with a robust construction that allows designers to complement industrial settings. COMBAT CORROSION With its IP65 rating and highly durable powdercoat finish, VCM8 withstands corrosion in high abuse environments such as natatoriums.
  • Lumenwerx UBIK PERIMETER
    Sleek square form meets superb function in Ubik, a lighting family designed to provide a multitude of creative options. Designed with a 2.5" aperture, Ubik Perimeter offers subtle, low-glare illumination in level, shallow, and deep recessed arrangements with HLO (High-Efficiency Lambertian Optic) or parabolic louver options for direct illumination.
  • Lumenwerx UBIK CUBE
    Ubik is one of the most commanding 2" aperture luminaires on the market, packing a powerful punch of up to 1600 lumens per foot. With five standard lumen packages, Ubik also has the flexibility to illuminate many types of spaces. And if that weren’t enough, optics are interchangeable within the same linear run, allowing for even more creative options. - Up to 1600 lm/ft - Low glare with a UGR of 6 - 145 lm/W (HLO) - Optical flexibility with parabolic louvers, HLO, wall wash or blanks
  • Lumenwerx UBIK TROFFER
    Sleek square form meets superb function in Ubik, a lighting family designed to provide a multitude of creative options. Ubik Troffer creates visual comfort with its low-glare dual optical chamber performance. The center channel features parabolic louvers, available in matte white or matte silver, that deliver a soft conical distribution. Side lenses provide indirect, reflected, soft diffused distribution using Tri-Flect technology. Both 1x1 and 2x2 fixtures offer 60/40 and 40/60 light distribution options and meet the WELL Building Standard™ guidelines for UGR values. Available with two-circuit control option that allows you to independantly control the side lenses and center parabolic louvers.
  • Paolo Castelli Labilis Lamp
    A new graphic alphabet consisting of essential geometric elements that create contemporary light forms in the space. Three rings in different diameters can be installed separately or as composition (4, 7, 10 rings). The metal ring is in satin black finish, with light diffuser in white opal polycarbonate along the perimeter. Each ring carries a LED spot in mat brass bronze finish. Each ring has three suspension cables, one of which is a power supply one. Electric cables are two meters long. Optionals available on request: dimmable rings; metal cylindrical roses holding local drivers,suitable for ceiling installation.
  • Paolo Castelli Astra
    A lamp with a rigorous shape and light appearance, it consists of a central core made of discarded eco-friendly ash, available in three versions: with an acetic, bleached or walnut-stained open-pore finish. This process deliberately leaves the pores of the wood open, allowing it to retain its natural appearance. There are two champagne-coloured orbital satin-finished metal bands at the ends of the wood. Champagne-coloured metal cable guide. The LED lighting is harmonised by an opal diffuser that distributes the light evenly.
  • ERCO Jilly Linear
    Standard-compliant office workplace lighting for high co-working spaces – with the track as a flexible base. In keeping with modern, dynamic working environments in which office layouts are constantly changing and adapting, Jilly linear luminaires for track provide efficient lighting for workstations in compliance with standards. The especially flat housing and a striking anti-dazzle louvre characterise the elegant appearance. The lighting technology of Jilly linear combines a highly efficient lens system with an anti-dazzle louvre for visual comfort and luminous efficacy at the same high level. In offices characterized by flexible use, Jilly linear can be rearranged on the track at any time. The luminaire is the ideal solution for standard-compliant, economical lighting concepts in modern co-working spaces with heights to 5m.
  • Lumenwerx Via Seal
    Via Weather Series, including new Via Seal luminaire, proposes complete portfolio of robust luminaires capable of handling the elements Lumenwerx is pleased to launch the Via Weather Series, a new subgrouping composed of existing Via Wet (IP54), and Via Splash (IP66) lines, along with the all-new Via Seal (IP44 & IP54) fixture, which maintains the elegant architectural esthetic and flexible control options of our classic Via luminaires, while offering added protection against the elements of nature. With our Environmentally Protected Optics (EPDO, EPIO), Via Seal blocks dust and moisture, resists UV distortion, and withstands moderate impact. Via Seal complements and furthers our existing Via offering of luminaires suitable for wet environments, namely, Via Wet (IP54), which can be used in demanding environments, and the IP66-Rated Via Splash, engineered for harsh environments. Both Via Wet and Via Splash feature a double-lens design as well as the intelligently crafted Smart-Lock Module, which encloses the lensing and electrical components as a discrete unit that can be taken out for maintenance without having to remove the luminaire.
  • iGuzzini Easy Space
    Easy Space expands the Easy family of recessed luminaires with metallic reflectors with the launch of a new Opti Diamond optic ensuring more and better perception of space by balancing contrasts to improve overall visual well-being. And much more. Opti Diamond is the outcome of a detailed study into materials, engineering and processing to ensure optimum brilliance and unique splendour - just like diamonds. This effect is heightened by the slightly luminous external frame that emphasises its attractive impact in ceilings. Optical innovation also helps ensure energy efficiency levels of over 130 lm/W and Easy Pendants / Ceiling- mounted Luminaires high luminous fluxes. Available with three diameters and heights always less than 10 cm to facilitate installation in false ceilings of any thickness. Versions for general lighting and UGR <19 with two possible finishes. Very high colour rendering with CRI > 80 and 90 and MacAdam step 1.5. A diffusing screen completely protects the product, guaranteeing IP54 rating. Ideal in retail, infrastructure, office, hospitality & living settings.
  • iGuzzini Robin
    Freestyle Design is good when it manages to overcome the physical dimension to take on an evocative value. Robin, by architect and designer Matteo Thun, takes its inspiration from the image of birds sitting on the wires of light that invite us to look up at the sky while they scrutinise our world from above. Similarly, the small yet powerful Robin spotlights, from the top of a truly slim track, provide downwards light by rotating the optical compartment by up to 160°, as well as rotating 360° on the horizontal plane. The appeal and uniqueness of this spotlight is further enhanced by a final customisable accessory. Designed to accompany light beyond the track, it is inspired by the reticular structures spanning the dome designed by Nervi: the interwoven ribs are a perspective reference for measuring space and filtering light. Highly innovative technology made it possible to reproduce exactly the subtle and elegant texture of the accessory, thereby becoming a distinctive and identifying element. Ideal in museum, hospitality & living and retail settings.
  • Preciosa Lighting Inspiral
    Experimenting with script and light Image drawing a swirl of crystal across a space. Now imagine your inspired sweep can be transformed into a light. Meet Inspiral, a Preciosa Signature Design. Why Inspiral? Inspiral brings personalized crystal artistry to your project. Be creative and design your own swirl of light. Crystal Curve Like a calligraphic drawing, Inspiral curves can have different orientation and depth, creating optically stronger and weaker lines. This gives the installation 3D dynamics. Flexible Design Solution Each Inspiral light is created from a specially formed stainless-steel ribbon that can be bent and shaped as desired. Contemporary Crystal Inspiral is composed of crystal cut prisms which capture light and reflect it in the colours of the rainbow. This gives the luminaire a luxurious and sparkling effect. Infinite Design Possibilities Popular crystal and metal colour combinations include crystal, crystal frosted, smoky crystal or smoky frosted prisms and stainless steel, copper, gold or black matte finishes. Because of the numerous customization options available, Inspiral is always personalized for you.
  • Insight Lighting SCOPE Sconce
    Scope is a series of contemporary point source sconces, a companion to the Scope Pendant, that utilize state-of-the-art LED technology to deliver a narrow spot of focused illumination. The aluminum housing measures only 1.25 inches in diameter and is available in standard powder paint finishes with different trim pieces that offer accents of brass, brushed aluminum, or luminous crystal.
  • Arancia Lighting MJ Circle Surface
    This impressive ring is ideal for large spaces. This ceiling luminaire comes in a variety of extra large diameters and is a great source of bright and diffuse light. Its satin lens and its aluminum frame come in segments and can be easily assembled on location.
  • Focal Point AirCore Bridge
    Bridging sound management and architectural lighting, AirCore Bridge is an integrated acoustic ceiling system that offers unmatched possibilities to control noise and provide optimal lighting in commercial environments. It marries the superior acoustic performance of AirCore Blade and the many options offered to lighting professionals by Seem® 1 Suspended with direct illumination. By combining a specification grade architectural luminaire and a high-performing baffle system, AirCore Bridge offers specifiers countless options to design unique ceiling arrays that enhance architecture and human comfort. AirCore Bridge can be specified as an entirely new array or used to retrofit existing installations using Seem 1 Suspended Direct luminaires.
  • kreon kagi
    kagi means "key" in Japanese referring to the shape of a keyhole, which equals the shape of the profile, and mimics the key to a 3-dimensional world. kreon kagi is an innovative and extremely versatile profile system combining linear and accent lighting. The basic 24V profile can be either recessed or surface mounted and can optionally be equiped with 16mm or 26mm diameter satinated continuous light tubes for a sustained soft light distribution. An engenious junction allows a perpendicular, 90° tilted second level connection of the 24V profile. Additionally, round or square shaped spotlights and wallwashers can be added by clamping them on the main profiles. It is possible to change the position of the spotlights over the track. For a more decorative touch, we also offer 2 alabaster discs in round and in square form that can be clamped to the kagi profile. This way kreon kagi will become an even bigger eye-catcher in your interior. kreon kagi is an essential tool for architects and lighting designers that can be used as a graphic play of light or guide light.
  • Lithonia Lighting Compact Pro™ High Bay
    The world of high bay lighting just got smaller, brighter, and BETTER!! The Compact Pro™ High Bay by Lithonia Lighting® is the budget-oriented high bay designed for contractors from the ground up. It’s the most compact high bay on the market, making it easier and quicker to install. Built with quality to last and performance to get the job done. All at the price you need to WIN! All stock configurations are part of the Contractor Select™ program, giving you the confidence the product is in stock when you need it. Key Features include: Ultra-Compact - Up to 50% smaller than the typical high bay Contractor friendly design – up to 30% faster installation and cleanup Glare reduction optics featuring WhiteOptics® Technology allowing for maximum light output while reducing glare 6kV ANSI Surge, 55°C ambient operation >135 Lumens Per Watt
  • Arancia Lighting Mini Max
    A minimal and compact square aluminum profile that comes in a variety of length and colors. Our new extruded white acrylic lens has been developed to provide a diffused even glow.
  • Buzzi Space BuzziTrom
    Don’t be fooled by its lightweight appearance and straightforward design. BuzziTrom’s drum-shaped body creates a symphony of light in any working-space, and its dual layer of felt provides an exceptional acoustic performance that you wouldn’t expect. Perform a duet is the first functional acoustic lighting solution created with felt to join our family and performs equally on lighting as it does on an acoustics level. Along with an integrated LED disk, this acoustic lighting pendant houses an enclosed air cavity that ensures maximum acoustic performance. All in the details BuzziTrom features sturdy glossy bronze push buttons instead of our signature lacing details, giving the lighting option a modern twist. The LED disk is also covered in a felt layer to complement the full outfit. Play with colors Created with two layers of felt, you can dress BuzziTrom in a monotone outfit, or even be creative and opt for a bicolor variation; the possibilities are endless! Choose your size To create the perfect melody, BuzziTrom comes in three different sizes to suit your atmosphere. Choose from S to L. Tone it down Despite its thin appearance, BuzziTrom’s dual layer of felt provides adequate acoustic performance and a fuller body, which works well in soaking up sound emitted from speech and high-pitch frequencies. The pendant light’s cylindrical design additionally traps sound waves within the radius of the frame; meanwhile, the exterior helps to diffuse sound energy.
  • Tobias Grau TEAM
    A Holistic Series Groups of lamps should integrate into the architecture harmoniously. With TEAM, we developed five lamp typologies in one unified design language, as one interconnected system. The consistent, minimalist aesthetic empowers planners to create and scale up lighting systems. From individual hot-desking schemes to large co-working stations, or in the home office, you can now illuminate every office set-up with the same formal elegance. Outstanding Light Quality Light quality defines your wellbeing and focus at work. To deliver the most even and efficient illumination, TEAM features hundreds of LEDs behind angled lenses to distribute light precisely across the entire desk surface. This BEAM LENS technology also provides outstanding de-glaring and a colour accuracy of CRI 90 - setting a brilliant new standard for the quality of workplace lighting. Sustainable Performance To maximise performance, we took a radical approach to miniaturization. Designed and manufactured in Germany, all components were engineered and optimised to create the most effective light system yet. The slim aluminum body functions as an airflow cooling system to deliver exceptional light output, while being 2⁄3 slimmer than any high performance lamp we’ve ever designed before. Smart Sensor System Full-automatic lighting creates a comfortable and energy efficient workplace. Brightness sensors adjust light settings for consistent illumination - as if by magic. Advanced motion sensors switch the lamp on when you're nearby and off when you're away. Additional single desk recognition allows for desk bookings and statistics - ideal for coworking schemes. All this within a revolutionary flat sensor design which maintains the series’ streamlined aesthetic. A Synchronised Network True to its name, TEAM is designed as an interconnected network. To enable smart light management and grouping, pioneering sensor technology pairs with full Swarm-function. As a synchronised cloud-network, TEAM lamps actually work together. All lamps react dynamically to each other, delivering perfect light, not only in their specific location, but across the entire workplace. Plug and Play To allow easy installation and intuitive configuration, we developed a user-friendly WIFI control system. By scanning the lamp’s QR-code, you automaticall access a 'plug and play' web platform. Choose between various preset configurations and define groups of lamps. 'Over the air' updates make TEAM even smarter over time. Remote maintenance and an analysis dashboard finally make workplace management enjoyable and efficient. TEAM HOME TEAM HOME is the first sophisticated office lamp for the home. An innovative light for the home office that can be attached to any surface in seconds with its clamp. With the integrated Tunable White technology, light colours can be easily adjusted. TEAM 1 The pioneering TEAM 1 desk lamp is designed for individual and flexible single workstations. The luminaire for modern office spaces flexibly adapts to height-adjustable desks, hot-desking and partition wall systems. TEAM 2 TEAM 2 transforms the illumination of double workstations with adaptive, high-efficiency light in one minimal and integrated design. Fully synchronised to ambient brightness, occupancy and usage, the lamp beams even and glare-free light across the entire work surface and surrounding area. TEAM 4 TEAM 4 provides luminous, high-efficiency light for four-person workstations and is a highly efficient light solution for co-working spaces and open space illumination. Advanced motion, light, and sound sensors are seamlessly integrated into the lamp body, delivering outstanding consistency and efficiency of illumination while maintaining a smooth, streamlined aesthetic. TEAM 2S TEAM 2S illuminates corridors, co-working areas, studios and meeting rooms as an architectural unit. Its clear and consistent design allows designers to create and scale lighting systems. With their linear and minimalist design, all TEAM 2S can be easily and elegantly combined with other luminaires in the TEAM series and integrated into different workstation situations. TEAM 4S TEAM 4S is ideal for large co-working spaces, meeting rooms, foyers and breakout areas. The elegant lamp beams even and glare-free light over the entire desk surface. Fully synchronised to ambient brightness, occupancy, and usage, the lamp beams even and glare-free light across the entire work surface and surrounding area.
  • Peerless VENUE
    Suspended luminaire family delivers uniform illumination within curved aesthetic Peerless®, an Acuity Brands company, has announced the release of its Peerless® Venue™ suspended luminaires. The new family of luminaires has been designed specifically for open ceilings. Offering both visual comfort and uniform illumination in spaces with deconstructed ceilings, Peerless Venue luminaires bring a unique look and feel to environments. The luminaires are available in rectangular and square shapes, each in either a convex or concave curvature. As direct/indirect luminaires, Peerless Venue delivers direct light distribution through a dual optical system that creates uniformity across the lens. Indirect optics are recessed along the top of the fixture, distributing light evenly across a ceiling plane. Additionally, Peerless Venue is available with direct-only distribution. Optional dual dimming with an eldoLED® driver provides independent control for uplight and downlight for smooth, flicker-free dimming performance. Networked lighting control is available when Peerless Venue luminaires are specified with nLight® wired controls, which use standard CAT-5e cables, an occupancy sensor, and wall stations. Made from a one-piece, thermoformed automotive-grade polymer housing, Peerless Venue luminaires are available in black, white, painted aluminum or a range of custom colors. “Peerless Venue evokes a feeling of clouds floating across a ceiling,” said Jamal Smith, business unit leader at Peerless. “This unique aesthetic, combined with high-quality uniform illumination, enables a designer to define spaces where people gather and collaborate."
  • Mark Architectural PILLAR & PLANAR
    Simply designed, Pillar and Planar linear solutions synergize subtle polish and substantial performance. Classic form factors, core to design statements. Pillar is available at 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures and in silver, white or custom color finishes. Planar is available at 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures and in black, silver, white and custom color finish options.
  • Lumenwerx Shell
    Lumenwerx is proud to announce that its Shell line has grown into a larger and more diverse family of sophisticated luminaires. Formerly composed of round fixtures only, the new Shell family now includes square and linear members, each in multiple sizes to better address a broad range of designs. The complete Shell lineup also includes a subtle uplight glow option, multiple mounting choices, and nine standard finish colors. The Shell family is among the best when it comes to offering visual comfort. Inviting but not overbearing, classic but not cliché, Shell lighting is the result of its quality optic. Made of thermoformed diffusing acrylic, our HLO (High-Efficiency Lambertian Optic) provides excellent light source obscuration while offering an impressive 0.1 inch of shielding. Plus, every Shell fixture, regardless of shape, emits identical luminous intensity values, precisely measured down to the square inch with UP (Unity Pointed) technology. With Shell design simplicity meets refined details of the highest caliber, resulting in a lighting family that is elegant, exceptionally versatile, and timeless.
  • Eureka MILL
    Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of its Mill luminaire. Mill is a range of acoustic luminaires designed to absorb sound and reduce ambient noise in modern spaces with high ceilings or hard surfaces. Fifteen felt blades create a cylindrical shape, which traps and absorbs sound within the luminaire’s hollow column. When sound waves encounter the felt fibers, the fibers’ slight movement absorbs a portion of the waves. The PET material, which is composed of at least 40% recycled content and is 100% recyclable, has a tested Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.75 (NRC). In addition to four standard acoustic material colors of charcoal, silver gray, navy blue, and red, Mill is offered in 26 premium options. Designers can add bursts of bright color to bring life to a space. The palette also contains a variety of neutral beige, brown, and gray tones for a more conservative or subtle look. With a common diameter of 14.45”, the luminaires are available in heights of 14”, 25” and 35”. Fixtures can be suspended or ceiling surface-mounted, depending on space needs. Specifiers can choose mounting, size and color options, to create a soft, original aesthetic that enhances a room’s functionality. Mill offers powerful and evenly diffused downlight in three available outputs, and a frosted acrylic lens contributes to superior light transmission. Suspended luminaires are available with an optional second light source for excellent uplight performance. Both light sources in a fixture can be dimmed independently. “The idea of this product was to create a cylindrical acoustic family of fixtures,” said Louis Thomas-Bérubé, director of design at Eureka. “With the repetition of the panels, we were able to create rhythm and animate the whole shape.”
  • Fluxwerx Portal
    When technology transforms and design transcends. Portal reimagines directional and general area illumination in a single fixture family. Proprietary optics define a minimalist aesthetic and deliver exceptional comfort and control across multiple environments. Modern Minimalism Meets Discreet Design In all its forms, Portal provides clear continuity—for any architectural condition. Preference Meets Performance Choose Portal in 5.5” or 9” diameter, or both. Inside Out Breakthrough optics technology distributes light, transforming point source into pure architectural geometry while delivering an unrivalled visual experience. Performance, Measured In Degrees Of Comfort And Control Portal has been designed for maximum versatility. Multiple diameters, forms, and connection options to integrate into architecture. Minimal and quiet, or singular and bold, Portal is perfectly suited to many applications.
  • FAGERHULT Twister
    Recipes for creative patterns A rotating tube light and a postmodern spotlight – both a part of the architectural universe created by Design Campus for an upcoming project in London. Meet Jani Kristoffersen, architect and designer, that has brought the swirling Twister into the arty venues. Spotlight Twister and her sibling Twister Line, designed by architect Jani Kristoffersen, is a sophisticated homage to the geometric lines of the 1980’s and to light itself. Originally bespoke for Fotografiska London, a project unfortunately delayed due to the situation in the world, the Twister family sprung from a flirt with the industrial romance. A romance, that soon turned in to a love affair. ”The Fotografiska house has been a joy to work with. It is a 1980’s office building with all the qualities of the postmodern era. It has strong, geometrical primary forms that we’ve pushed further, building our own universe based on squares and circles”, explains Jani. In this project, the devil is truly in the details. Merging the disciplines of architecture and product design, Design Campus had the opportunity to take a holistic approach on the interior design. ”We wanted to make sure that this world we’ve created was a perfect one, down to the floor mats. We’ve designed our own products, integrating the building’s geometric shapes into the design.” Spotlight Twister and her sibling Twister Line, designed by architect Jani Kristoffersen, is a sophisticated homage to the geometric lines of the 1980’s and to light itself. Originally bespoke for Fotografiska London, a project unfortunately delayed due to the situation in the world, the Twister family sprung from a flirt with the industrial romance. A romance, that soon turned in to a love affair. ”The Fotografiska house has been a joy to work with. It is a 1980’s office building with all the qualities of the postmodern era. It has strong, geometrical primary forms that we’ve pushed further, building our own universe based on squares and circles”, explains Jani. In this project, the devil is truly in the details. Merging the disciplines of architecture and product design, Design Campus had the opportunity to take a holistic approach on the interior design. ”We wanted to make sure that this world we’ve created was a perfect one, down to the floor mats. We’ve designed our own products, integrating the building’s geometric shapes into the design.” PRIMARY LIGHT FORM The result of the collaboration is called Twister, a sleek spotlight for focused accent lighting, and her sibling Twister Line, a generic tube of light that creates patterns and directions. With a design that communicates its area of use and architectural residence, the Twister family has the qualities of a future post-postmodern classic. ”When it comes to lighting, working with geometrical forms comes naturally. Going back in history the circular form has been the primary choice when letting daylight in to a building”, says Jani. ”We’ve played with the primary forms, with the ambition to reduce the design as far as possible. I think the shape of the handle, for Twister, has a strong symbolism, which corresponds with the postmodern expression. The same goes for her sister, Twister Line, that is a generic luminaire – a product that, when it is used creatively, can enhance and transform a venue and its impression. With simple adjustments you can easily create multiple patterns, or recipes, with these glowing tubes. I find it to be a an amazing tool for me as a designer.” TEXT: AMELIE BERGMAN/MARIA VÅRENIUS PHOTO: PATRIK SVEDBERG, MARTIN ELMGREN, JANI KRISTOFFERSEN
  • Arancia Lighting Oto, Oyo, Avo
    Minimal and modern sound absorbing luminaires. The lens is made from a perfectly diffused satin acrylic piece for a bright and radiant light. The light source is off centered in the acoustic felt panel which makes the product original yet refined.
  • a Light Atlas
    A-LIGHT ANNOUNCES UPDATES TO ITS AWARD-WINNING ATLAS FAMILY A-Light, an established best-in-class manufacturer of specification grade interior lighting solutions, is pleased to announce that its Atlas family has expanded to include acoustic panel options and surface wall mounting . The updates offer new design possibilities and widen the functional capabilities and scalability of the high-performance family of fixtures. Atlas is now offered with a sound absorbing acoustic panel option to assist with reducing ambient noise modern open spaces with high ceilings. The Atlas series of lit and acoustic fixtures enables designers to combine light with sound absorption, within a space, to achieve a scalable, consistent design aesthetic. The sound absorbing panel is made of high-density PET (polyethylene/polyester) felt and is sourced from recycled bottles, a material that is also recyclable. When sound encounters the felt fibers, the fibers move slightly to absorb a portion of the sound. The technology contributes to the acoustic comfort of a space. This acoustic panel can be added while providing an indirect light source or no light source at all. In addition to A-Light’s four standard acoustic material colors (silver gray, red, navy, and charcoal), 26 premium colors are introduced. Designers can experiment with room-defining bursts of color across a ceiling or wall. New mounting options include wall surface and suspended with centered aircraft cables, in addition to the existing pendant, ceiling surface and recessed variations. Surface and suspended versions are available with direct, indirect, or direct/indirect distribution. Designers can mix these large-scale circular luminaires to create an impact in an open space. Specifiers can choose from three sizes (20", 32" and 48" diameter) and a black, white, or titanium finish.
  • Louis Poulsen LP Slim Box
    In 2020, Louis Poulsen adds the LP Slim Box to the LP Slim Round family, expanding the series of distinct fixtures suitable for open plan offices, reception areas, and meeting rooms etc. With the Slim series, Louis Poulsen has designed modern, yet classic looking lamps that accommodate the need for great working light as well as an overall soft illumination, creating both a comfortable and aesthetic pleasing milieu. The light egress emphasize design details in the housing and the fixture can be connected lengthwise into a double length unit creating further possibilities for splendid illumination in a vast range of environments. LP Slim Box is available in white or black, powder coated or clear lacquered, pickled aluminium.
  • iGuzzini iWay
    The iWay collection of bollards designed by architect Jean Michel Wilmotte keeps evolving in terms of technology and shape, as well, by keeping an elegant design to be integrated with the architecture. Invisible source The optic is optimised to completely hide the light source from view. Visual Comfort Invisible source even in compromise situation such as sitting position. Horizontal Excellence Illuminate the horizontal plane by eliminating the shadow at the base and perfectly patterning the light, from the points closest to and farthest from the pole uniformly. High Performance High luminous uniformity and high interdistance, obtaining a perfect effect with an efficient system, allowing a better and sustainable use of lighting. Integration with architecture Compact and elegant design with square/round shaped bollards in relation to different architectural elements. New finishings to harmonize with several outdoor spaces to be integrated into architecture even during the day. Ideal for urban and residential settings. Extreme reliability Designed to last over time and to resist any atmospheric agents. iWay Super Comfort has internal stainless steel threaded bars used to mount the structure on the base, ensuring considerable sturdiness. Smart Ready iWay integrates a BLE-Dali interface capable of communicating directly with a Bluetooth smart device with the iGuzzini Smart Light App (on Google Play and App Store) to easily control and program customised scenarios. The system can be also remotely controlled through the BLE-Wifi interface. In addition the interface also integrates a beacon to activate smart services (e.g. push notifications). Smart Control integrated in the product Even in the absence of Dali wiring, iWay with the integrated BLE-Dali interface allows you to manage every single device with a smartphone. The BLE mesh network can extend up to 320 devices. Smart Control integrated into the system In case of existing Dali wiring, by inserting the BLE-Dali interface in the system, it is possible to manage up to 32 iWay. The BLE mesh network can extend up to 10 BLE-Dali interfaces, therefore 320 luminaires. WiFi BLE-Bridge Thanks to the BLE-Wifi Bridge included in the system, a smart device or PC can be used to view and manage the system remotely and call up the calendar of automatic scenes. Start your 360° City Experience A three-dimensional exploration to find the right solution for each effect, with a vast array of flux and optics. 2 shapes, 3 heights, 3 finishes. iWay Super Comfort offers an extensive number of combinations. Find the one right for your project.
  • Platek SUN Collection
    A family of floodlights designed by the Lundbergdesign Studio, in various sizes and wattages, with white or dynamic light, suitable for meeting any outdoor lighting design requirement. The design is strictly technical in feel, with decidedly captivating aspects. Form and function are clearly identified and come together perfectly in the defined changes of surface finish and materials. Of particular note: the technological equipment is designed to show off the optics to best effect.
  • Eureka QUADRANT
    Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of its Quadrant pendant. Quadrant’s rounded, interlocking felted fins absorb sound while providing a vibrant look to the lighting. The Quadrant pendant is designed to be used in open areas or in rooms where the surface material of the floor, walls, and ceiling reflect sound. In such spaces, Quadrant helps reduce ambient noise and absorb background chatter. Small clusters produce soft ambient light while creating an obstacle for the sound waves trapped within. Quadrant is offered lit and unlit, and in heights of 23”, 35” or 47”. Standard colors are charcoal or silver gray, and the shade is also available in a wide array of premium colors. With multiple sizes and colors, and the choice between lit or unlit, designers can mix and match to create dynamic arrangements for various applications. The shade is composed of two interlocked polyester felt panels, manufactured with recycled plastic bottles (PET), and 100% recyclable. When sound waves encounter the felt fibers, the fibers’ slight movement absorbs a portion of the waves. PET material has a tested Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.75 (NRC). Made of impact resistant rotomolded MDPE, the translucent white diffuser creates a soft ambient light. Quadrant is offered with standard dimming options 0-10V (DV) or phase (DP). “Offices and commercial spaces often have straight lines, sharp edges and square corners,” said Louis Thomas-Bérubé, director of design at Eureka. “Adding just a few rounded elements like Quadrant softens a room and ties the interior together. And the sound absorption reduces the din, enhancing the work environment of an open concept office.”
    DUNE, THE AMORPHOUS LIGHT An unexpected light, Dune (like sand) has no clearly definable shape: it might be described as intriguingly amorphous. Enveloping wood veneer in glass, Dune is an innovative lighting concept created by Madrid-based Mayice Studio. The lamp is formed from a cylindrical glass vessel, with two symmetric ends and an irregular bulb-shaped centre. The glass surrounds a horizontal wood veneer tube, that houses the lamp’s LED light source. In Dune, the sculptural glass refracts light in a manner that captivates the eye, its amorphous form both appealing and rousing curiosity.
    ERIS, THE ETHEREAL LIGHT Similar to the planet of the same name, Eris has an ethereal beauty. Designed by Mayice Studio, the lamp is made using several components: a glass orb, a wood veneer tube (housing an LED light source), and a solid turned aluminium base. Designed as a table lamp and suspension lamp, Eris is truly sublime. Radiant when the light is on and ornamental when off, Eris has an ethereality that captures the perfect symbiosis of glass and wood.
  • Arancia Lighting Bow
    Slick looking arc shaped luminaire made of aluminum frame and satin lens. This fixture comes in a variety of extra large radiuses and is a great source of bright and diffuse light.
    Flexible and almost invisible. The innovative MINIMAL TRACK lighting system combines pure minimalism with the latest technology. Thanks to the various corner connectors and even individually available curve elements, MINIMAL TRACK makes it easy to realize creative living dreams. ULTRA SLIM DESIGN The ultra-compact design makes the sophisticated technology almost invisible, leaving only elegant lines that integrate perfectly into the interior design. DALI CONTROL PROFILE Despite their minimalistic form, the available light modules can be individually controlled by DALI. PROLICHT COLORS The IMAGINE MICRO spotlights are available in 25 PROLICHT colors. On request, also the track can be adapted in different colors to fit the design and atmosphere of the room. EASY INSTALLATION The surface-mounted system is particularly easy to install on any wall or ceiling, while its ultra-slim design gives it the appearance of an embedded system.
  • Landscape Forms LEO Area Light
    LEO area lights are at home in more places. LEO's multiple distributions and outputs address both visual comfort and performance, with configurable options that let landscape architects, lighting designers, and electrical engineers focus on what's important for their project, whether it is an improved visual experience for intimate pedestrian-scale settings or lumen outputs and pole spacing for cost-driven goals. LEO's simple, understated design fits a variety of site designs and architectural styles, and its 19"-diameter housing strikes an aesthetic balance for varying pole heights and spacing. LEO is available with single, dual, and staggered configurations, 12', 16', 20' and 25' pole heights, and a clear or diffused lens. Select from Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4 distributions, four outputs, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K color temperatures, and an occupancy sensor option. The cast aluminum light is available in a full color palette and finished with Landscape Forms' proprietary Pangard II® HAPS, VOC, and lead-free polyester powdercoat.
  • Arancia Lighting Ball
    Spherical suspension luminaire made of acrylic and aluminum. This direct and indirect bright luminaire is available in three different sizes and offers many configuration and color choices.
  • Arancia Lighting MJ Poly
    Minimal geometric lighting solution available in different shapes and sizes. This elegant luminaire compliments any space by it’s shape and diffuse adjustable lighting.
  • Lumenwerx Ubik
    Lumenwerx is pleased to announce the launch of Ubik, a new family of luminaires engineered to offer a multitude of sleek and sophisticated options for interior spaces. From linear downlighting to long linear runs to elaborate light patterns to striking corner illumination, Ubik’s potential is immense. Ubik is one of the most commanding 2″ square formed luminaires on the market, and can pack a powerful punch of up to 1600 lm/ft. When installed with a parabolic louver optic, the luminaires have an exceptional performance of 137 lm/W. Ubik is a strong industry leader in glare reduction with an exceptional Unified Glare Rating (UGR) as low as 6, and with regard to optics, Ubik features the second generation of Wide Indirect Optic (WIO) offering impeccably smooth performance. When it comes to design, Ubik provides a wide variety of possibilities. Balance lit and unlit areas to create contrast and drama with a chiaroscuro effect. Mix and match optics to add interest and functional diversity to spaces. Use cubes of three, six, or nine cells for anything from simple accent lighting to a powerful wall wash. Ubik is offered in five standard lumen packages to cater to a diversity of needs.
  • Peerless Renna
    For 125 years, Peerless® Lighting has been there for you – advancing the understanding of light and its impact on you. The rectilinear luminaire Renna™ continues the Peerless legacy. Now available with more twists and turns, create a one-of-a kind look with Renna or keep it simple with a linear run. And with the addition of the vertex sensor and Sensorview, Modulus™ gives you even more configurability than before. Renna is easy to configure and quick to install, reducing labor hours and your projects’ overall costs. Explore the yellow icons below to learn how Renna is easy to incorporate in your design.
  • Luminis BELLEVUE
    LUMINIS INTRODUCES BELLEVUE FAMILY OF MULTI-TASKING RECTILINEAR EXTERIOR LIGHTING Luminis, an established innovator and manufacturer of specification-grade, interior and exterior lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, retail, recreational, and urban environments, today released its Bellevue family of luminaires. Bellevue is an exterior space and landscape lighting multitasker. A versatile family of luminaires with a single, modern rectilinear design, Bellevue has been designed for projects requiring any combination of directional lighting, glare control in high traffic pedestrian areas, and street lighting. Bellevue’s sleek, robust design features a 6” x 6” column size, with a range of column heights from 10 to 20 feet. Standard mounts include single mount, twin mount at 90° or 180°, a triple mount at 90°, and quadruple mount. Custom mounting configurations are also available. While all Bellevue luminaires offer high optical performance, specifiers can choose between three unique optic types to address targeted lighting needs. The BVS series, for direct illumination, features a unique integral tilting mechanism and adjustable rotation for maximum flexibility and precise directional aiming. The advanced optical system in the BVA series creates a uniformly illuminated surface for powerful area and street lighting. And the glare-free ambient illumination in the BVG series is intended for pedestrian areas where visual comfort is required. Lighting designers have the option to configure a unique lighting centerpiece with a custom design by selecting up to four arms per pole installed at varying heights. These configurations can also help tackle multiple lighting tasks on one pole by selecting optics, arm position, and pole height. “With the possibility of three optics, Bellevue truly offers the triple play for exterior space and landscape projects,” said Francois Renaud, Luminis vice president general manager. “Lighting designers can create a strong, consistent design statement while offering all the functionality the space dictates.” All luminaires in the Bellevue family feature a 7-pin receptacle, easy driver access, motion sensor, and GFI and CGF options. Bellevue is intended for street and area lighting, including parks and buildings, public squares, pedestrian pathways, alleys, parking lots, dealerships, shopping centers, and school campuses. Feature summary – all models: - Sleek design with minimal visible hardware - 6” x 6” column size - Column heights up to 20’ - Single mount, twin mount installed at 180°, twin mount at 90°, triple mount at 90° or quadruple mount - Custom mounting configurations available - Arm mount at 15° tilt option available - 7-pin receptacle option - Motion sensor option - GFI and CGF options - Easy driver access - Life beyond 60,000 hrs - Rated IP65​ - 5-year warranty Optics summary – BVA Series (area/street/roadway lighting): - Up to 14,400 delivered lumens per head - Available in Type II, III, IV, and V - 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and amber CCT options - 80CRI available for certain CCTs Optics summary – BVG Series (pedestrian lighting): - Up to 6,000 delivered lumens per head - Micro baffle optics - Glare-free ambient lighting - Compact optical system to carefully control & channel the light source - High cut-off offering visual comfort - 22° narrow optic or 55° flood optic - 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT options - 80CRI Optics summary – BVS Series (directional lighting): - Up to 8,600 delivered lumens per head - 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and amber CCT options - 9°, 15°, 30° or 52° beam options - Hexcell, solite and linear spread lens options - Integral 30° tilting and 358° rotation mechanism.
  • Platek FLAMINGO
    Flamingo is a family of products from minimal design in the emblem of the maximum flexibility. Sinuous but rigorous lines generate high performance of light distribution: wall, ceiling and floor lamps are available in the version with long adjustable arms that reach and illuminate large portions of space. Flamingo thus creates scenographic effects that are always different both indoor and outdoor.
  • Preciosa Lighting FRACTAL
  • Eureka KNIT
    Eureka® has announced the release of its Knit pendant. Knit provides high-quality lighting while helping to reduce noise levels. Knit features a thermoformed shade made from sound-absorbing recycled PET felt that increases acoustic comfort in a space. It is intended for areas where noise is a concern, including high or unfinished ceilings, open offices or corridors with a hard floor finish. Offered in charcoal or silver gray, the Knit shade is 13.39” high and 20.45” in diameter. The lip of the shade is an aesthetic and structural detail, giving it additional strength to ensure it keeps its shape over time. Suspended by three aircraft cables for easy installation and on-site adjustment, the luminaire’s design also integrates a distinctive power cord that extends from the fixture's upper side for a truly unique look. The cord is black for the charcoal shade and white for the silver gray. The pendant’s delivers generous, diffused light. Specifiers can choose regular output (2228 delivered lumens) or high output (3414 delivered lumens) for direct illumination. The luminaire is also offered with an optional uplight. A second COB LED that can be controlled independently for dual dimming, offers excellent uplight performance through the top plate opening. With the additional uplight, total output increases up to 5299 delivered lumens. Any combination of outputs for the downlight and uplight is possible, creating multiple design possibilities. Extra attention to design detail ensures that the power cable casts no shadow when the uplight option is specified. “With its curvy lines and textured shade, Knit conveys warmth and softness with a unique contemporary feel,” said Louis Thomas-Bérubé, director of design at Eureka. “There is an organic vibe to it.” Knit's sound-absorbing quality, shape, material, and lighting options make this pendant a comfort factor in a space.
    LZF’s latest lamp is Maruja, an original self-assembly pendant designed by the freshfaced Gazpacho Studio. Working with LZF, Gazpacho has created an imaginative, contemporary, and decorative pendant. It is also LZF’s first fully flat-pack fixture. Maruja, a name whose origins lie in Galicia (in north-western Spain), signifies both femininity and strength. Gazpacho Studio’s work is visual and sensitive, drawing upon long-established and contemporary techniques. Of particular importance, is the desire to attain recognition for traditional Spanish products and local production. The do-it-yourself Maruja is packaged in kit form. It contains: wood veneer strips, in several sizes, a circular frame, and pins. The lamp is easily assembled, without the need for any tools or adhesives. Using a pin, each wooden strip is clipped onto the circular frame. Simply insert a light bulb and you will have created an elegant, handmade lamp. Maruja’s classic chandelier-like silhouette is reminiscent of those found in Spanish palaces of old. The wood veneer strips hang and move freely—ruffled by a sea breeze, the effect is especially charming. And when illuminated, the lamp’s natural wood grain is beautifully accentuated across each and every strip. Gazpacho Studio was set up in 2018 by Kar Durán and Concha Rodrigo, with the collaboration of Miguel López, whose creative approach combines an experimentation with tradition and the present. Taking its name from gazpacho, the classic and vibrant Spanish dish, Gazpacho Studio encapsulates the essence of a fresh and healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, one that prizes local produce and knowhow. Moving away from prevailing fashions, the studio aims to capture and create long-lasting, emotional design. In Maruja, Gazpacho Studio has designed a simple, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally-friendly lamp. Once assembled from its initial flat-pack state, Maruja positively sparkles with life.
  • Linea Light Optus_EX Mini
    A track-mounted projector, Optus_T stands out for its clear-cut shapes and small dimensions. In addition, it offers a clean and precise lighting. Optus_T allows combining various types of optical interchangeable LEDs and comes with emission and glare control accessories.
  • Platek TARGET
    TARGET, literally means Point the lens and hit the TARGET. Engineered with LED technology, TARGET represents a harmonious combination of simple use and elegant design, a sculptural and flexible complement of versatile lighting, a solution for projects of architectural light that underline shapes, volumes and colours. Four cuts at the corners of the fitting allow the outflow of any water stagnation, while the extension to the base of optical assembly hide the articulation of rotation from the sight: devices which highlights the essential and refined design of this projector.
    Modern decorative luminaire, intended for mounting inside offices, apartments and lofts, for LED light sources. - High efficacy to 156 lm/W - Perfect combination of aesthetics and ergonomics - Fast and easy mounting - Modern design - Reliability
  • Intra Lighting Cut
    Ceilings love it. And Cut loves the ceilings. Especially those of large classy stores where you really want your products to stand out and, at the same time hide everything else. Cut provides a clear and elegant solution with a possibility to integrate everything into it. From flexible spots and linear luminaires to cameras and loudspeakers. It gives maximum modularity, leaves your ceiling clean and your customer’s attention focused. Design: ALPP Studio
  • Nimbus Group Q FOUR TT
    Nimbus is now presenting the Q FOUR family – an evolution of Modul Q ceiling luminaires featuring a spot. The focused light enables the realisation of defined lighting zones and the accentuation of surfaces and spaces. The clear-cut, geometric basic shape of the proven Nimbus Modul Q family continues to constitute a characteristic design feature. Q FOUR is available from november 2018 onwards. Nimbus has placed special focus on optimised and harmonious glare suppression. As light sources, the modules retreat completely into the background, the light shines "from behind the scenes". The compact modules integrate Bartenbach lenses with four high-performance LEDs. The luminaires blend in with the surrounding interior and are kept in timelessly elegant black or white.
  • Linea Light Optus_Ww
    Optus is a complete range of spotlights designed for the retail sector. Downlights, projectors and wall systems have been designed with the common characteristics of minimal shapes and small dimensions, as well as for clean and precise light emission. A range that allows maximum versatility, with interchangeable optics and accessories for controlling emission and glare.
  • Masiero HORO
  • Flos Coordinates
    A dramatic lighting collection originally designed by Michael Anastassiades for New York’s legendary Four Seasons restaurant, Coordinates features a series of interlocking linear LED luminaires that take their formal inspiration from the mathematical precision of the Cartesian grid, illuminated and expanded to three brilliant dimensions. Coordinates comes in a broad array of set configurations, including four suspended chandeliers of different sizes and three ceiling-mounted luminaires, available in two lengths to suit both standard and high ceilings. The collection also features a repeatable module that can be suspended or ceiling-mounted, ideally suited to impressive, large-scale installations as often featured in contract projects. Coordinates is made from extruded aluminium with a sophisticated anodised champagne finish, and an opal-white platinic silicone diffuser. Exact, elegant, and easily adaptable, this collection offers a flexible yet formally rigorous solution for a diverse range of indoor environments, providing maximum impact with a minimal touch. “Coordinates is a lighting system consisting of horizontal and vertical strip lights that form illuminated grid-like structures of various complexities. The system can be easily adapted for different environments of varying scale. This design evolved from a commission for the feature lighting of the main dining area at New York City’s historic Four Seasons restaurant, which relocated and reopened in 2018 with the interiors designed by Säo Paolo-based architect Isay Weinfeld. In addition to the bespoke solutions, the Coordinates standard collection includes a series of pared-down configurations of chandeliers that can be used in any setting.” – Michael Anastassiades The range is completed by a vertical floor lamp model featuring a simple round base and two lighting bars, which can be set at the preferred beam angle during assembly. Photography: Santi Caleca, Tommaso Sartori
  • Cariboni Group Dual
    Dual is a post top lighting unit designed for urban spaces and routes. It comes in two different configurations: with a central post top fastening and rotosymmetric optics, or with an off-centre post top fastening and both asymmetrical and street asymmetrical optics. Two different colour temperatures are available: neutral white (4000K) and warm white (3000K). The new post top is a solid and reliable product that respects environmental sustainability requirements imposed by ecodesign. Components, materials and finishes have been chosen to be long-lasting and resistant to corrosion, overloading and knocks. The optical compartment, light source and power unit can be substituted for maintenance and updates in order to further prolong the lifespan of the product. Dual is supplied with cable and plug-socket connector in order to facilitate installation and connection to the mains electricity supply. The standard versions are supplied with a light flux adjustment system that provides for a 30% reduction in flux at Virtual Midnight. Remote management systems, available on request, allow for the optimisation of maintenance works and a further reduction in system costs. The product is also set up for the integration of sensors and communication devices that enable the Internet of Things and smart services for residents and tourists. Sensors and antennae can be added either during installation or later, as a system update. The mechanical interface used is that defined by the Zhaga Consortium’s Book 18, which guarantees administrations interoperability between the various products chosen for their area of jurisdiction.
  • Schreder FLEXIA
    Flexible Lighting for Evolving Cities: the Thinking behind FLEXIA Various designs, many configurations, one single DNA. FLEXIA is the ultimate flexible solution to create your unique urban lighting solution. With no technical limitations, more design consistency and the guarantee of the latest innovations, FLEXIA offers a versatile technological platform with refined aesthetics. Focus on creating a unique ambiance for people living and visiting your spaces instead of dealing with non-stop constraints. This new range offers the opportunity to create aesthetic designs to enhance all of your urban spaces, including large squares or streets, avenues, pedestrian areas and residential zones. FLEXIA is a game-changer for cities and architects willing to raise urban and outdoor activities to a higher level. With FLEXIA, design is experience.
  • Arancia Lighting Shell
    Wide pendant luminaire made from an acrylic shade and a cylindrical light engine at the center. This floating luminaire provides a diffuse yet powerful direct light and emits a soft indirect glow. Available in three different sizes.
  • Ecosense Lighting TROV Flex
    Unlock the true value of science and engineering with an ultra-discreet, durable, flexible luminaire. The IP67-rated TROV Flex packs top-shelf performance into a discreet design that fits nearly anywhere and, with silicone lenses and housing, is impervious to nearly anything. Value. Engineering. TROV Flex packs an unprecedented punch, delivering over 8100cd CBCP, along with the versatility of optics and consistency of 2-step binning in a spoolable, flexible system. Small Is Huge Measuring less than ½” high and ¾” wide, the powerful and field-cuttable TROV Flex is the smallest exterior graze on the market, able to fit into nooks and coves other luminaires simply cannot.
    Like a constellation of three planets, Versa opens up horizons, yet dissolves into an atmosphere of light. The three-piece is a built-in module for plaster surfaces. Organically shaped, it is equipped with changeable LED illuminants. This technical novelty revolutionises the replacement of the luminary through simplicity.
    Working with the Austrian architectural lighting specialists to launch a new lighting range: CODE We are joining forces with PROLICHT on a global scale, starting with a common approach to lighting project business worldwide. The goal is clear – we are completing each other by merging the technical lighting knowledge of PROLICHT with the unique design vision of Tom Dixon.
  • Platek CHIODO
    A family of bollards in three heights. Very simple design, the products Chiodo can be used both hidden inside the bushes, or in view. In the first case it highlights the lighting capacity, generating an intense light particularly suitable for scenic lighting of gardens or large vases with flowers and greenery. In the second case it can create magical compositions by using elements of different heights, such as small forests of pure light. Chiodo can be fixed in the ground by its spike, or on the floor through a small base. The product is available also in the applique version, which radiates the wall with a soft light and creates a unique and suggestive atmosphere. Chiodo applique can be used in different combinations, that give life to original lighting effects.
  • Eureka MATRIX
    With two fresh new looks and improved output, the new Matrix OLED modules enable designers to play with shapes, light and sound. Matrix is an impressive wall mosaic system featuring configurable acoustical panels punctuated with OLED light sources. The luminous modules can playfully be rearranged on-the-spot with a simple and intuitive magnetic connection/power system.
  • Vibia TOP
    The TOP ceiling light is a re-imagining of the timeless ceiling rose. A pair of simple circles create a focal point with LED lighting source. Generating a uniform halo type effect with even indirect lighting and relaxing illumination. The ceiling light is made from aluminium and available in medium and large scale sizes, the latter is equipped with a glass diffuser that gives off a general direct style lighting.
  • a Light Align
    A-LIGHT INTRODUCES MAGNETIC ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING SYSTEM A-Light, an established best-in-class manufacturer of specification grade interior lighting solutions, announced the launch of its Align module-based architectural lighting system. Align is an easily specifiable and highly configurable system designed to accommodate the changing needs of any space before and after installation. The magnetic Align system can be recessed, surface mounted or suspended. Mounting types can be combined for complex lighting designs across ceilings, walls and around corners. Its sleek, clean design seamlessly integrates into any architecture. Align can host numerous modules, including: linear 1 ft regressed optics with Baffled Optics available in 22 degrees and 55 degrees, or HE Tech™ lens; two sizes of Alta projector, each in two light distribution angles that rotate 355 degrees and pivot 90 degrees; and two types of linear Edge modules, one with a rounded lens and one with a square – flush or drop lens. The multiple magnetic modules and mounting options combine with tool-free installation and removal capabilities, to provide the opportunity to create endless mix and match direct and indirect configurations. Feature Summary: • Mounting options offered in surface, recessed, and suspended • Magnetic modules designed to enable tool-less installation and reconfiguration • Baffled optics with choice of 22 degree, 55 degree or HE Tech™ lens • Two Alta projectors, 45mm diameter and 55mm diameter produces 1100 to 1600 delivered lumens. Alta projectors rotate 355 degrees and pivot 90 degrees • Linear Edge modules available with rounded drop lens or flush, and square drop lens and flush in 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft or 4 ft lengths • Individually addressable indirect segments • Low voltage magnetic lighting system with an emergency capability • Offers both remote and integral power sources that remain accessible after installation for inspections and maintenance • High quality heat treated N48H magnets to ensure strong module hold while still being easy to reconfigure as needed • Reversible DC to DC driver for market-leading efficacy and enables the safe installation of modules in any direction • Supports a selection of control options from 0-10V dimming, Wireless Casambi-ready, nLight® Air and nLight® Wired compatible
  • Eureka EXPO
    Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, announced the release of its Expo tube luminaire. Expo is a decorative lighting tube offering an impressive light output in a slender profile. Expo is designed for flexible installation in a wall or ceiling surface mount, in any orientation, or in suspension. Its simple minimalist shape opens the door to a variety of standard applications, such as bathrooms, corridors or transitional spaces. As a single pendant, Expo can provide light above a desk or a table in a conference room. Taking tube lighting beyond the basics, Expo empowers designers to be creative. Because it can be suspended at angles up to 45 degrees, lines of light can be crisscrossed or zigzagged through a ceiling space. Or multiple luminaires can be clustered to create a more elaborate lighting arrangement. Available in three lengths (24", 36" and 48") and two finishes (black and white) Expo offers a range of essential options with its simple form factor. Specifiers also have the choice of four different lighting outputs. With its miniature Ø1⅜" profile, Expo impresses with exceptional efficacy up to 148 lm/W in some configurations and output up to 1263 lm/ft. Expo’s extruded PMMA diffuser is lit evenly over 235°, creating a Lambertian light distribution. Expo is configured with careful attention to detail. Its aluminum endcaps feature a delicate concave curvature. And they are linked by a robust, yet subtle, extruded aluminum heatsink, giving strength and structure to the thin luminaire. For wall and ceiling-mounted applications, the super-slim mounting frame has no visible hardware and makes the fixture less than 2" deep. Expo is, therefore, suitable for ADA compliant environments. “This is not your average, ubiquitous tube lighting,” said Louis Thomas-Bérubé, director of design at Eureka. “Expo’s slender profile makes all the difference in the visual effect, whether surface mounted or suspended. When you merge such a fine wand of a fixture with impressive light output, it's a compelling tube offering for lighting designers.”
  • Modular Lighting Instruments Tulip
    A new architectural pendant light is the star, or flower, of the moment. Tulip: complementary, accessible and playful. Pure and basic shapes. Tulip’s long stem gives it an air of elegance and adds grandeur. Its two shapes, Blossom and Bloom, boast a complementary design, and display both cosy mood light and general light. One, two, or a bouquet of Tulips. It will be difficult to choose. Designed for each other Elegant, balanced, made to fit together, Blossom and Bloom are not to miss. Look closely at the clever design, and you’ll notice that the top part of the body is identical in both. From the center line and down, the angles of the cups are complementary. A parallel line emerges between the shapes and enhances the architectural quality of Tulip’s design. These pure forms will earn their place in any setting. A bouquet of playful The playfulness of Tulip can’t be ignored. If you can resist, place just one in your lighting expression and enjoy the single, architectural beauty. Play with a pair, a relationship begins, showing the reserved opening and the growing desire. Experiment with many, and you have a bouquet of light. It’s a soiree happening on the ceiling and you can’t stop watching. Black, white, golden inside Tulip invites you to play with its colours. A couple in black or white structure. Or one of each colour. Experiment with many in one colour or mix them with both. Designers can add a third colour, a stunning gold finish on the inside. An irresistible glow will create a soft, warm ambience with each Tulip. Flowers easy to handle Tulip was designed with a E27 socket and can be paired with LED retrofit bulbs. Go a step further and opt for connected-ready Hue bulbs that enable tunable white, coloured lights, warm dim and lots more. Tunable white technology gives the power to control mood with the colour of the light and its intensity in real-time. Bright and cool, warmer and ambient. Hue’s a natural match to Tulip, as it reflects the rhythms of a flower’s reaction to sunlight: open by day, closing at night.
  • Artemide Gople System
    The latest addition to the Gople family is Gople Spot, which offers highly professional performance within the soft geometries of its reduced-scale diffuser. The spotlight comes in two sizes, corresponding to different power and flux levels, each with multiple beam aperture angles. A dedicated track allows the use of Gople Spot for the projection of both direct and indirect light. It can also house diffused light modules within it. Gople Track modules can be combined in line or allow the freedom to define any corner of the space with an electrical connection unconstrained by any mechanical joint. Thanks to Artemide's experience in developing systems that are increasingly unhindered by the limitations of electrical connections, Gople track can extend for long sections with just a single point of electrical connection. Gople Track combines with the Alphabet of Light system, creating a universal lighting system able to meet the requirements of any space, but above all to define a new approach to lighting projects. This is an increasingly universal language that diversifies its performance and expands the freedom to illuminate every angle.
  • Artemide Flexia
    “Flexia is a play on perceptions, between the visible which is material and colour, and the invisible which becomes light”. Inspired by papiroflexia, the art of papyrus-folding, Flexia is reminiscent of the Japanese art of origami. Flexia stems from the combination of the technical lighting know-how of Artemide and the experience in sustainable design of Mario Cucinella, whose work pursues a constant focus on sustainable, conceived according to a holistic approach and laid out on all design scales. The acoustic panel section controls reverberation, absorbing the sound waves reflected in the environment, whilst the patented Discovery technology, the result of research by Ernesto Gismondi into the quality of the light that animates the transparent emitting surface, generates a diffused emission of light that is both even and comfortable that also respects UGR standards for use in work spaces in any installation position. Flexia’s flexible wings are equipped with a rotation mechanism that goes from 0 to 15° and 30° meaning that the many possible inclinations and positions can help calibrate interaction with the environment; shape, materials and density are selected to work mainly on the frequencies of human speech; the result is beauty that derives from a parametric and functional intelligence. This goes hand-in-hand with a careful choice of materials; in particular, the sound-absorbent part is developed using recycled fibres: the external fabric comes 100% from PET bottles, whilst the internal panel is obtained from waste materials. Flexia has been designed to improve the quality of the environments, generating an efficient combination for all lighting needs; the juxtaposition of multiple modules can shape environments based on the principles of perfectly balanced light and sound.
  • Flos Walkstick & Wallstick
    A complete program of professional outdoor luminaires with an accent lighting effect and a rigorous and minimal design, ideal for residential and landscape projects. « If we were to identify inspiration from nature in my work, it lies precisely in this lamp, where we find the typical way a branch is connected to its trunk. It is an organic, natural connection; it does not look for mediation in planes or corners, recalling the idea of a trunk grafted with LEDs. It is an unpretentious design. I like this sort of anonymity. It is an attitude that favours the illumination of nature rather than ‘designing’ what illuminates nature. » – Antonio Citterio Walkstick The essential style of Walkstick plays with cutting-edge optic technology integrating up to two lighting heads in one single bollard. The result is an organic, natural connection that plays with a subtle design letting Nature take centre stage. Walkstick’s versatility is best expressed in the two-light version, which can be oriented over a 350° range on the horizontal axis and the two lights can be combined with different angles as needed. Wallstick A pure compact shape designed to be recessed into walls. Thanks to its unique adjustable lighting head Wallstick allows to create dramatic lighting effects gaining an incredible flexibility and fully integrating into the architecture. The head of the light can be adjusted vertically 350º, allowing for maximum flexibility of use and reaching even the most hidden corners of a footpath. «I prefer giving light to nature rather than emphasizing the shape of the object that gives light.» – Antonio Citterio Walkstick Pipe The design rigour of the Walkstick collection is minimised in the Pipe version. The technological innovation of the LED light source allows the maximum reduction of the head of the bollard. Minimal, mimetic object, almost disappearing into the nature and the architecture of the outdoor spaces, enhances the effect of a diffuse lighting beam. Outdoor luminaire consisting of a tubular light emitting head orientable up to 350° on the horizontal axis, ±5º on the vertical axis, suitable for floor installations (ground or buried) and with integrated power supply. The Pipe version offers a head with minimal design, coherent with the style of the Walkstick collection, pure and elegant in its function of an orientable light diffuser. Photography: Tommaso Sartori, Piero Fasanotto