Axis Lighting ELLE
Axis Lighting ELLE
Axis Lighting ELLE
Axis Lighting ELLE
Axis Lighting ELLE

ELLE, Axis Lighting

Luminous architecture
Introducing Elle, a streamlined, concave lighting instrument that blends into the space. As the feathered, esthetic glow plays off surfaces, luminaire and architecture work together and become the lighting system.

The noninvasive curved profile softens the surroundings and follows the contours of any space. The luminaire’s sleek appearance is well suited to forming continuous runs throughout a space, whether it be a room, a floor or as the lighting theme for an entire building.

Creating interest from every angle

With Elle, the lens is the light.

Thoughtfully designed, the lens does more than provide lighting… It delivers light source esthetics and helps define architectural elements.

The curved form is easy on the eyes. It follows the contours of an area and dots the walls, expanding the space while supporting design expression.

Elle’s softly lit lens surface distributes uniquely comfortable glare-free luminance with lower perceived brightness that ensures visual interest.

Blending in by design

The Elle story is mainly about luminance, and architectural flexibility is a close second. Its rounded form softens. Its linearity unifies, differentiating levels, surfaces and ceiling heights. Elle can also elevate important design elements, such as doors, alcoves and columns.

- Horizontal & vertical mounting options

- Surface and wall configurations

- Individual segments up to 8’ (6” increments)

- Continuous runs with practically invisible joints

- Choice of flat or step end caps

- Innovative InstaHinge™ mounting track for Elle Ceiling Line and Elle Corner

- Listed for damp locations

Technology ahead of the curve

The compact, minimalist luminaire incorporates a Curved Luminous Surface (CLS Optic™) lens and specially engineered optics, with patents pending on both the lightguide technology and the form itself.

Compared to similar-sized luminaires, Elle can deliver the same light output over a greater surface area owing to the curved form of the lightguide. This results in softly feathered luminance and superior visual comfort.

One look, multiple mounting options

Designed to mimic moldings, Elle is a welcome addition to the architectural lighting toolkit, with lines of light and wall sconces. Given its streamlined look and wide-ranging functionality, Elle is a perfect fit for a wide range of lighting applications.

Innovative InstaHinge™

The InstaHinge is a revolutionary 2-step system for mounting Elle and other Axis luminaires in wall to ceiling and wall to wall configurations. Anchored to a track embedded in the drywall, the InstaHinge secures the luminaire while allowing for easy serviceability.

1. Deactivate the lock spring by prying down the lip at the top of the luminaire.

2. Hinge the fixture down to access the driver cavity at the back. Voilà! It’s that easy.

A portfolio of complementary forms

Elle is part of a growing collection of Axis linear luminaires boasting a variety of luminous profiles, all visually appealing in their own way. These include the rectilinear luminous form of Edge 2 and the distinct luminous planar shape of Pose™.