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Super Comfort Invisible Source
The iWay collection of bollards designed by architect Jean Michel Wilmotte keeps evolving in terms of technology and shape, as well, by keeping an elegant design to be integrated with the architecture.

Invisible source

The optic is optimised to completely hide the light source from view.

Visual Comfort

Invisible source even in compromise situation such as sitting position.

Horizontal Excellence

Illuminate the horizontal plane by eliminating the shadow at the base and perfectly patterning the light, from the points closest to and farthest from the pole uniformly.

High Performance

High luminous uniformity and high interdistance, obtaining a perfect effect with an efficient system, allowing a better and sustainable use of lighting.

Integration with architecture

Compact and elegant design with square/round shaped bollards in relation to different architectural elements. New finishings to harmonize with several outdoor spaces to be integrated into architecture even during the day. Ideal for urban and residential settings.

Extreme reliability Designed to last over time and to resist any atmospheric agents. iWay Super Comfort has internal stainless steel threaded bars used to mount the structure on the base, ensuring considerable sturdiness.

Smart Ready

iWay integrates a BLE-Dali interface capable of communicating directly with a Bluetooth smart device with the iGuzzini Smart Light App (on Google Play and App Store) to easily control and program customised scenarios. The system can be also remotely controlled through the BLE-Wifi interface. In addition the interface also integrates a beacon to activate smart services (e.g. push notifications).

Smart Control integrated in the product

Even in the absence of Dali wiring, iWay with the integrated BLE-Dali interface allows you to manage every single device with a smartphone. The BLE mesh network can extend up to 320 devices.

Smart Control integrated into the system

In case of existing Dali wiring, by inserting the BLE-Dali interface in the system, it is possible to manage up to 32 iWay. The BLE mesh network can extend up to 10 BLE-Dali interfaces, therefore 320 luminaires.

WiFi BLE-Bridge

Thanks to the BLE-Wifi Bridge included in the system, a smart device or PC can be used to view and manage the system remotely and call up the calendar of automatic scenes.

Start your 360° City Experience A three-dimensional exploration to find the right solution for each effect, with a vast array of flux and optics.

2 shapes, 3 heights, 3 finishes. iWay Super Comfort offers an extensive number of combinations. Find the one right for your project.
iGuzzini iWay
iGuzzini iWay
iGuzzini iWay
iGuzzini iWay