Axis Lighting StencilFlex
Axis Lighting StencilFlex
Axis Lighting StencilFlex
Axis Lighting StencilFlex
Axis Lighting StencilFlex

StencilFlex, Axis Lighting

Layers of Light Reinvented
A framework for limitless lighting design

Based on the Stencil® form factor, StencilFlex is a simple, cost-effective pendant delivery system for the layers of light – and sound attenuation – you want, where you want them. StencilFlex incorporates all the benefits of F.L.E.X™ Technology, including cost-effective line-voltage lighting solutions at scale and trouble-free energy code compliance.

A framework you build on

The beauty of StencilFlex is in its design simplicity and freedom. Building-block design enables a true building-scale solution, as it allows several professionals to work on the project concurrently. And, unlike with low‑voltage lighting, F.L.E.X™ lighting systems are very energy‑efficient regardless of the layout, with low lighting power densities that ensure compliance with local energy codes based on ASHRAE/IESNA standards.

Creating neighborhoods of light

The StencilFlex design process begins with the framework, a cost-effective line‑voltage structure featuring patent‑pending IMW™ (Integral Modular Wiring) technology. Frameworks are built using prewired segment extrusions and Hubs to create different linear grids and repeatable patterns. Depending on lighting requirements and design intent, a StencilFlex layout can include several frameworks, each one a neighborhood light, or it can form a single, large-scale framework with multiple neighborhoods of light.

Standard 0-10V zoning

In its most basic form, StencilFlex™ lets you control lighting using a prewired framework with pre zoned inserts. StencilFlex is also compatible with all circuit-based wireless control systems. With a 0-10V wired system, lighting control is circuit-based. So you can control groupings of light in a specific area. Direct and Indirect Nomadic™ inserts are on different circuits.

- Control area groupings of lighting inserts

- Integral mini line-voltage driver in every Nomadic insert

- Integral wiring throughout StencilFlex framework

- Supports multiple fixed circuits with separate D/I control

- Conceals cables for power drops with Stem Mount.

Featuring Empower

Developed by Axis, Empower is a worry‑free wireless platform that is easy to use. It leverages open‑standard design flexibility and individually controlled inserts, ensuring more freedom to create visually engaging lighting that is smart and connected.

- Every insert features a mini driver and an Empower mini control module compatible with leading lighting control manufacturers.

- Open protocols facilitate wireless programming through application software provided by qualified Empower partners.

- Built-in intelligence means that wireless control is available in every insert, at all times… Move the insert, the control moves with it.

Orchestrating layers of light

Lighting inserts snap into framework segments and connect with IMW™ wiring harnesses. Inserts feature Nomadic™ technology to facilitate interchangeability (assistance of certified electrician required). Each insert is equipped with an IMW wire-in terminal and a hassle-free mini line‑voltage driver, eliminating the need to install remote drivers.

- Linear Lighting Inserts (direct, indirect, direct-indirect, including MikroLite® downlighting and wall washing elements).

- AxisTrak™ Inserts allowing for the integration of AxisTrak™ track lighting elements, Axis decorative pendants and third-party pendants anywhere along the rail.

- Mini Power Inserts (MPIs) accepting Axis decorative pendants and third-party pendants.

AxisTrak™ at a glance

Newly developed by Axis, AxisTrak technology is a cost‑effective alternative to standard track lighting. AxisTrak Inserts combine the engineering value of StencilFlex line-voltage frameworks with the precise aiming and flexibility of low-voltage track lighting. This innovation translates into a price tag and installed cost that is far lower than for standard track systems.

- AxisTrak lighting elements come prewired with AxisTrak on-track adaptors

- Lightweight minimalist design with no remote drivers

- AxisTrak inserts from 3’ to 8’ (to fit segments)

- IMW™ connectability with StencilFlex segments

- Integral constant-voltage driver (48V)

- Multiple power levels (15 W/ft to 7.5 W/ft) to ensure code compliance.

Expanding lighting design possibilities

Axis has developed a new line of decorative pendants to coincide with the launch of StencilFlex. These prewired luminaires feature three mounting options:

- In AxisTrak Inserts, with full adjustability along the low-voltage rail.

- Directly in segments using cost-effective MPIs (Mini Power Inserts).

- Standalone mounting directly on standard junction box (canopy provided; no need for remote drivers).

The SoftZone® difference

SoftZone provides unparalleled design flexibility for integrating acoustics in your StencilFlex layout. With SoftZone, you can create neighborhoods of intimacy where needed. SoftZone horizontal panels improve acoustics by trapping sound. The more sound absorption you need, the more SoftZone panels you use in the space. Features include a modular approach to meet evolving needs and 40 colors to choose from.

Easy-to-clean SoftZone panels

Made from polyester fill with natural anti-microbial properties

- Periodic dusting with vacuum or dry cloth recommended.

- For stain removal, use a small amount of soap or detergent on a wet cloth.

- For added disinfection, use bleach solution (5 tablespoons per gallon of water), spray onto surface and gently wipe to spread all over.