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A Holistic Series

Groups of lamps should integrate into the architecture harmoniously. With TEAM, we developed five lamp typologies in one unified design language, as one interconnected system. The consistent, minimalist aesthetic empowers planners to create and scale up lighting systems. From individual hot-desking schemes to large co-working stations, or in the home office, you can now illuminate every office set-up with the same formal elegance.

Outstanding Light Quality

Light quality defines your wellbeing and focus at work. To deliver the most even and efficient illumination, TEAM features hundreds of LEDs behind angled lenses to distribute light precisely across the entire desk surface. This BEAM LENS technology also provides outstanding de-glaring and a colour accuracy of CRI 90 - setting a brilliant new standard for the quality of workplace lighting.

Sustainable Performance

To maximise performance, we took a radical approach to miniaturization. Designed and manufactured in Germany, all components were engineered and optimised to create the most effective light system yet. The slim aluminum body functions as an airflow cooling system to deliver exceptional light output, while being 2⁄3 slimmer than any high performance lamp we’ve ever designed before.

Smart Sensor System

Full-automatic lighting creates a comfortable and energy efficient workplace. Brightness sensors adjust light settings for consistent illumination - as if by magic. Advanced motion sensors switch the lamp on when you're nearby and off when you're away. Additional single desk recognition allows for desk bookings and statistics - ideal for coworking schemes. All this within a revolutionary flat sensor design which maintains the series’ streamlined aesthetic.

A Synchronised Network

True to its name, TEAM is designed as an interconnected network. To enable smart light management and grouping, pioneering sensor technology pairs with full Swarm-function. As a synchronised cloud-network, TEAM lamps actually work together. All lamps react dynamically to each other, delivering perfect light, not only in their specific location, but across the entire workplace.

Plug and Play

To allow easy installation and intuitive configuration, we developed a user-friendly WIFI control system. By scanning the lamp’s QR-code, you automaticall access a 'plug and play' web platform. Choose between various preset configurations and define groups of lamps. 'Over the air' updates make TEAM even smarter over time. Remote maintenance and an analysis dashboard finally make workplace management enjoyable and efficient.


TEAM HOME is the first sophisticated office lamp for the home. An innovative light for the home office that can be attached to any surface in seconds with its clamp. With the integrated Tunable White technology, light colours can be easily adjusted.


The pioneering TEAM 1 desk lamp is designed for individual and flexible single workstations. The luminaire for modern office spaces flexibly adapts to height-adjustable desks, hot-desking and partition wall systems.


TEAM 2 transforms the illumination of double workstations with adaptive, high-efficiency light in one minimal and integrated design. Fully synchronised to ambient brightness, occupancy and usage, the lamp beams even and glare-free light across the entire work surface and surrounding area.


TEAM 4 provides luminous, high-efficiency light for four-person workstations and is a highly efficient light solution for co-working spaces and open space illumination. Advanced motion, light, and sound sensors are seamlessly integrated into the lamp body, delivering outstanding consistency and efficiency of illumination while maintaining a smooth, streamlined aesthetic.


TEAM 2S illuminates corridors, co-working areas, studios and meeting rooms as an architectural unit. Its clear and consistent design allows designers to create and scale lighting systems. With their linear and minimalist design, all TEAM 2S can be easily and elegantly combined with other luminaires in the TEAM series and integrated into different workstation situations.


TEAM 4S is ideal for large co-working spaces, meeting rooms, foyers and breakout areas. The elegant lamp beams even and glare-free light over the entire desk surface. Fully synchronised to ambient brightness, occupancy, and usage, the lamp beams even and glare-free light across the entire work surface and surrounding area.
Tobias Grau TEAM
Tobias Grau TEAM
Tobias Grau TEAM
Tobias Grau TEAM